Healthy food for children

healthy baby foodThe origins of many adult diseases occur from early childhood. Scientists have proved that coronary heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and many others are the cause of inefficient nutrition. Fat deposits in the coronary arteries are observed already in toddlers of three years of age. By adolescence, this deviation is typical for 80%. At the age of 21, there is virtually no healthy person. Every day in the world, the number of children and adolescents suffering from obesity increases. Preferences and taste principles in food are formed, from an early age. A big role in this is the choice of diet in the family. After all, what constantly eats a child, by a natural way of habituation and forms a taste. If the child is accustomed only to healthy food, rich in fiber and vitamins, then in the future he will strive to consume only it. However, when parents, vegetables and fruits prefer fatty or sweet dishes, they will become favorites for children. It is difficult to form a habit of keeping a healthy lifestyle, active propaganda and advertising of not very useful products. For example, chips, chewing gum, carbonated drinks and much more. Television advertising, even while watching cartoons, literally abounds in such videos. The smallest kids, ask their parents to buy chips or chocolate bars, which they saw on TV. It is very difficult to accustom them to vegetables and fruits. The influence of nutrition on the health of children is of great importance. In this regard, you must constantly observe the correct diet. Avoid the accumulation of cholesterol and animal fats in the child's body, you need to use vegetable diets. The most useful are leafy vegetables, legumes, fruits, nuts, cereals. Inclusion of these products in the daily menu of adolescents is an important step to taking care of their health. It is also very necessary to consume cow's milk, which is rich in calcium.
According to some experts, nutrition without meat, contributes to the development of stronger bones. Especially it is necessary during puberty. Of the fats are recommended vegetable oils olive, corn and sesame. It is very common in recent times to say how harmful sugar is to human health. There are many different substitutes, but less caloric.
Disputes about nutrition, the younger generation have not ceased for many decades. The use of dangerous and strange products as food, of course, does not promote health. But most children are attracted to such food. Restrictions on the part of parents in this case will only play a positive role. Even despite the categorical protests of adolescents, proper nutrition will go only for their benefit. But disagreements about healthy food between parents and children should not go into protracted conflicts.
Dangerous diseases such as anorexia and bulimia are most common during adolescence. The big loss in weight, first of all depends, first of all, on a wrong delivery. The incomprehensible fear of completeness, the dreams of a beautiful figure, make girls adhere to rigid diets. Similar difficulties with health happen in boys and girls. Natural changes in their body, many teenagers perceive inadequately. Discontent with his appearance causes a desire to reduce weight.
In order to prevent the number of cases of serious emotional disorders and diseases, anorexia and bulimia, specialists recommend that parents consult doctors. Restoring adolescent health is a very long process, requiring special attention. In this regard, with the first signs or doubts, adults urgently need to deal with this issue closely. The formation of basic skills of proper nutrition in adolescence is the real basis for adherence to the skills of a healthy lifestyle in the future.