Goals in education, duty or necessity?

child upbringing - the main goalsChanges in the consciousness of modern society, of course, frighten many of us. Moral norms and life principles undergo serious changes and nothing can be done about it. We are lost in guessing what the character traits our children should have, for a successful life in society. The surrounding reality is changing almost daily, at every step of our children lies in danger. It would Seem, only have taught him to cope and behave accordingly with one danger, as there are all new and new. Instability in the world pushes us to the need to educate the younger generation, to develop clear goals and objectives. Do we want the child to be an excellent student and how important is it? Are we planning to grow up a sensitive and kind person who is capable of sacrificing himself for others? Or maybe it is necessary to form in your child, the quality of strength and rivalry? Should he in the adult life be useful to society, and maybe, first of all, want to be happy? What qualities to form and the foundation, what relation to the world around us, to adjust in education, to decide, of course, only parents. Throughout the whole process of upbringing, you will always have the opportunity to choose, and at any time you can rethink the priorities used. Sometimes the importance of something is lost in everyday life, but you just need to try to identify what is more important and necessary. Times change, morals change, basic stereotypes of behavior in society change. Several centuries ago, the primary consideration was service to God and that parents taught their children. Time passes and the person's highest destiny is service to the Motherland. The formation and development of certain personality traits, and the education of children, boiled down to these goals. A sense of collectivism, obedience to the fundamental principles for a happy life. But after years, people begin to change their perception of the meaning of life, the fundamentals of upbringing are changing. Parents try to teach children to be happy, not to sacrifice themselves for the common good. As far as it is correct or not, judge everyone for yourself. Correlation of correctness and decency, for a modern person have such a fine line that it can be adequately assessed by each individually.
The task of parents to help their child, no matter what, become worthy of their parents and grow up to be a worthy citizen of their country. Even changes in the unshakable laws of morality should not lead you astray from the path of upbringing of the positive moral qualities of the individual. Only parents know what and how much better for their child. However, still consider sometimes the need to look around, and there may be something to change in their ideas.
Bringing up our kids, we intuitively strive to make them not only harmonious personalities, but, first of all, happy. Depending on what goals and objectives the parent sets himself, the process of upbringing will continue. You should try at least sometimes to reflect on whether your daily relationships with children, your life goals and dreams of the future are appropriate. How confident in everyday morals do you advance towards the achievement of true principles and guidelines.