Clever designers. learning how to play

What is the child most interested in? A game! In the editorial office of "Happy Parents" they played in the most modern children's games, having tried themselves in robotics.

How can a child study with interest the laws of physics and engineering mechanics and can apply this knowledge in practice? With the help of an entertaining toy that meets the needs of the time.

Designers of the Italian company Clementoni combined the game, knowledge and modern trends and, taking into account the needs of the new generation - interest in technology and interactive learning, created an innovative children's game - educational robotics. During the game, a young technician can naturally develop logical and computational thinking, attention, visual memory and imagination. And, since all technologies are built on the laws of physics, mathematics and mechanics, they will have to be studied. Only in this case the robot will not only be assembled, but also correctly programmed for the desired actions. Let's get acquainted with the sets of this series.

It turns out that the first coding skills can be learned through the game. An exciting and interesting way to do programming is educational robotics! Children in a game form will be able to program their M & E on a specific route, which they will do, avoiding obstacles! ENGINEERING MECHANICS

Engineer - this is the true profession of the future! This set will tell you everything about modeling of engineering structures, typical machines and mechanisms. From 250 parts you can collect 50 models. The kit includes a motor that will run on batteries!


Already at an early age the child will begin to understand how, for example, the mechanics of internal combustion engines are arranged. Gather a reducer of 120 parts - gears, disks, tires, rods, pins, which are included in the kit. It is possible to assemble two models of a vehicle - two- and four-wheel. KVADROCIKL AND BAGGI

Just imagine the reaction of the child when he has his own ATV, and assembled with his own hands! In the kit he will find 130 interchangeable parts (gears, disks, reducer, tires and many other elements), as well as a detailed manual describing the principles of the operation of the mechanical transmission.


The set will open the child to the exciting world of aerodynamics and hydrodynamics! Thanks to a large number of details, the child will be able to build two models and learn all about rotating mechanisms, and illustrated scientific guides will help the young engineer at all stages of installation. FARM MACHINERY

The child learns all about the operation of the gearbox, the secrets of using gears and levers in the heavy workings of large machines. Includes 200 interchangeable parts, from which you can assemble 20 different models! AEROPLAN AND HELICOPTER

You will fly into the world of mechanics with Clementoni! On the example of this designer, a young technician will learn in practice the principle of aerodynamics and learn the secrets of the operation of aircraft.

Open the secrets of engineering mechanics will help an illustrated instruction that describes the stages of assembly of each model, explaining the principles of the action of physical phenomena in real life. What is a lever? What is the principle of aerodynamics? Where can we face this in ordinary life? Clementoni responds to all these questions by developing a real mechanics lab, a series of "Science and Game", in a word, a toy of the future.

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