Breast and summer heat

It is worth the sun to look out from behind the clouds, the parents of the babe immediately have many questions to the pediatrician. Why does the baby sweat much? Do I need to bathe him more often? How to dress a little in the heat?

The first "summer" change, noticed by parents, is that the little one now sweats much more.

Up to one year, the sweat glands of babies are not yet fully developed, and the babies begin to perspire strongly at a temperature of 27-28 ° C. Together with sweat, the baby loses a lot of fluids: for example, a 3-month-old baby weighs 5 kg a day a glass of water can evaporate from the skin!

From hypothermia the baby is protected by a thin layer of subcutaneous fat. Thin little children, who can not boast of its large reserves, easily cool when sweating. And chubby little kids, on the contrary, quickly overheat.

Sultry days

What if the baby sweats badly? First, drink it more often. In the heat to give water, even children who are breastfed. Secondly, properly wear crumbs - just wear it, because the undressed baby will not become cooler, but it will be stronger to sweat.

It is best for the child to feel in the swing, sliders or body and thin bonnet. Natural fabrics (cotton, linen, cotton knitwear) retain heat and at the same time are well "ventilated".

Oh, it's hot!

To the baby was comfortable, the temperature in the apartment should not exceed 26 ° C. Otherwise, there is a risk that the child, without leaving home, will receive a heat stroke. If this trouble happened to the baby, it becomes restless, and then unexpectedly sluggish. His skin reddens, temperature rises, convulsions, vomiting, or diarrhea may occur. A crumb can even lose consciousness.

In this situation, it is better to immediately call an ambulance, and before the doctors arrive to take the baby to a cool place, wrap in a wet sheet and put a wet towel on the forehead. Reduce the temperature will help and wiping with medical alcohol, half diluted with water. After these procedures, the baby needs to be wiped and wrapped in a dry diaper so that it does not cool down.

Sun, air and water

In the middle of the day so want to crumb longer was in the air! But even here moderation is important. From 10 to 14 hours, babies should not be taken out into the street, even in the shade. Walking and taking air and sunbathing to a child is better to 10 and after 17 hours. Leave it naked for no more than 20 minutes twice a day.

Even in the heat of the baby, it is enough to bathe, as usual, once a day, but to watch the purity of the "delicate" areas of his body need to be especially careful. In summer, babies often develop diaper rash, so at this time it is better to alternate disposable diapers with gauze.