Baby cot

The kid needs a huge amount of dowry. But the choice of a crib should be approached particularly seriously. The child should be comfortable in it. However, when choosing a model, do not forget about yourself, because you will have to look after the baby at night and in the daytime. In all diversity

There are several types of baby cots, among which are:

Classic baby cots. Most models have a height-adjustable bottom, as well as a built-in drawer, where you can clean baby bedding or toys. In addition, many manufacturers supply the side parts of the beds with silicone and plastic pads, which helps protect the baby's gums from injury when the teeth begin to be cut. Classic beds are designed for children under 3 years.

The cot is the cradle. Only children up to 6-7 months old can sleep in it. The main advantage of this model is the availability of handles for carrying. That is, whatever you do, your little one will always be near you and under supervision. Cradles have removable coatings that withstand machine washing.

Cot-transformers. Your child will be able to use this crib from birth and up to 6 years. When the baby grows up, you just need to remove the walls - and before you have a comfortable bed-bunk or a comfortable sofa, as well as a stand-alone chest of drawers, a children's table or shelf - it all depends on the model you choose. Another important detail: in some models, as the child grows, the sleeper can lengthen, which is very useful.

Children's playgrounds. Most models are easy to fold and unfold. When folded, the cot is a compact and convenient travel bag, and in the unfolded it is both a playground and a comfortable sleeping place that will ensure your baby a quiet sleep.

Where to put?

Before you go to the store, decide where the crib will stand. The side of the room opposite from the window is best for her. Then the sun will not wake the baby ahead of time, and it will not be bothered by too warm and dry air coming from the battery that is next to the window. If you can not hide the crumbs from sunburns, take a closer look at the canopy model. Pay attention also to how comfortable it will be for you to approach the baby.

Case in size

It is also necessary to determine in advance the size of the crib. The most important dimensions are the length and width (the standard dimensions are 120 X 60 cm), and the height can vary depending on the model. Such a cot will serve a baby up to 3 years.

Important details

What should you pay attention to when choosing a crib?

Material. At all times, the best material was a natural tree. It is environmentally friendly, "breathing" material that will be absolutely harmless to the child. It is also possible to use plastic or wood boards. To understand how safe the model you like, ask the seller for a hygienic certificate and a certificate of compliance - they clearly indicate the materials from which the products are made and how harmless it is to the child.

Canopy. Like any other decorative details, it should be easy to wear off.

Height of the edge. Until the baby begins to creep and get up, just a distance of 50 cm from the surface of the mattress. Well, if the bottom of the crib is lowered, then the height of the rim will "grow" along with the crumb.

Mattress. Not all beds are equipped with a mattress, so when choosing a model, do not forget to take care of this important detail. The bottom of the crib. Can be integral or consist of individual racks. The second option is considered more practical: the air passes better through the rails, besides, in case of breakdown, they can easily be replaced.

Soft walls, or, as they say, "bumper", protect the baby from hitting the edge of the crib, and the silicone overlay on the edge of the bead will become especially relevant during teething.

Wheels. Choose a model where they will be clearly fixed. If you need arcs that allow you to rock the baby, pay attention to the fact that because of them the crib could not roll over.


Krovatka Erbesi BON BON, Erbesi

  • Country of origin: Italy.
  • It is produced in two colors: lime (Mint) and mandarin (Mandarin).
  • Built-in box for bed linen, rocking chair and transparent windows made of unbreakable plastic.
  • Dimensions: 138 x 79 x 119 cm. L 22 500 rubles. (without a mattress and linen), a network of salons "Kangaroo"
Growing up together!

Crib "Butterfly", VIBEL

  • Country of origin: France.
  • Material: beech or pine.
  • Transparent sides.
  • Two positions of the base: high and low.
  • Freed from the front panel, the cot is transformed into a mini sofa.
  • From 25 000 rubles.
Comfort from the cradle

Cradle Victoria

  • Country of origin: England.
  • Dimensions: 94 x 53 x 100 cm.
  • Material: light metal alloy.
  • White color.
  • The mattress is included.
  • 163 588 rubles., Design-studio of children's exclusive furniture "MiniMi".
Magical dream

Cot "Snow White", Haba.

  • Country of origin: Germany.
  • Overall dimensions: 226 x 180 x 105 cm.
  • Sleeper: 90 x 200 cm.
  • Material: birch veneer.
  • 85 634 rubles., A network of shops "Yes to children".
Sweet home

Cot Pali Capriccio, PALI

  • Country of origin: Italy.
  • Dimensions: 77 x 135 x 112 cm
  • Material: aged beech.
  • The sides of the bed drop by 20-25 cm. The bed is transformed into a sofa. The wheels are equipped with a blocking brake. The mattress consists of wooden slats.
  • Built-in drawer for bed linen. The peculiarity of the model is the swinging.
  • Built-in music box.
  • 19 599 rub. (without a mattress and linen), a network of salons "Kangaroo"