And you try mandarin

Think about how to usefully expand the diet of crumbs? When it comes to the smallest, the choice of options is not that great. But the output is a New Year's fragrant tangerine!

What is the use?

The first of the citrus fruits in the diet of the baby appears namely mandarin: there is less vitamin C in it than in all other representatives of the fragrant family, therefore it causes allergic reactions rarely. In addition, only one slice of the baby's body receives a sufficient amount of provitamin A, vitamin B1 and vitamin K. But that's not all. In mandarin, many vitamins B6, D, E, PP, calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, phosphorus and iron. Among other things, they increase immunity, and this property is especially valuable during the winter season. And if the cold does catch the baby, the tangerine juice will help fight it: it removes inflammation and facilitates the phlegm. Decoction of the peel is used for constipation.

How to choose?

Since juice is the most valuable in the mandarin, juicy specimens should be chosen. Weigh a few pieces on the palm of your hand and choose those that are heavier. The rind must be fragrant, elastic and smooth. Toddlers prefer sweet varieties, which are easy to "recognize" on rounded forms: more acidic look flattened.

How much to add?

Some manufacturers of baby food add mandarin juice to vegetable and fruit purees, and dried pieces of fruit - in therapeutic teas designed for kids over 6 months. Fresh fruit can be entered into the crumbs menu not earlier than 7 months. First, moisten the juice only the lips of the baby. If after 2-3 days no allergic reaction, no gastric disorder is followed, at breakfast, give the baby one teaspoon of mandarin juice, diluted with water in a 1: 1 ratio. In a couple of days, repeat the experiment.

The kid, who has mastered the novelty, is recommended to give tangerine juice along with apple or pear not more often 2-3 times a week. At 11 months, ask the child to suck a fresh slice. By the year, increase the portion of mandarin (juice, pulp) in the weekly diet of the baby to 80-100 g.

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