What are all the moms wondering about newborn babies?

Returning from the hospital, the young mother finally gets the opportunity to carefully examine and study her baby. Of the many questions that arise in her at first, most concern the appearance of the baby. Pose of the embryo Most of all young moms

What and how to develop from one year to two?

Your baby has already celebrated his first birthday. At this age, he becomes an active pioneer, and parents only need to help the baby by engaging in the cognitive process. The psychologist Larisa Zakharova tells about what and how to develop the

What to do with a hemangioma in a child?

According to the latest data, today about 3% of children with vascular birthmarks are born, called nevi. At 10% of one-year-old children there is a disease, which is called hemangioma. This term denotes various vascular defects that are formed from

Emotional development of your child

Emotional development of the child is a very important part of education. Understanding your feelings and emotions, as well as other people's experiences is a significant moment in the compilation of the child's personality. Emotions are the

Hush, baby

Even if all the physiological needs of the baby are satisfied, the reasons for discontent in the baby still appear. How to figure out what's wrong and calm the crumbs? Often one can observe such a picture: the baby does not fall asleep after feeding,

When a child learns to walk

"Well, when will he go?" - this question appears in young parents, as soon as their little ones begin to stand on their feet. Although in fact there are no reasons for impatience, even if the child has already turned a year old. To begin to walk

Circumcision in boys: do or not?

Circumcision is one of those operations that are discussed not only in the medical, but in the religious and ethical aspects. Circumcision (Latin circumcisio - circular incision), and this is how doctors call the cutting off of the foreskin, has been

Lordosis. what to do to correct the posture?

About such a problem with the spine as a scoliosis, parents have heard and therefore are in a hurry to take preventive measures: to teach the child to watch for himself and not to slouch. Meanwhile, there is another misfortune: lordosis. This disease

Baby milk porridge: demolition of the composition

Milk porridge is not only useful, but, and equally important, is loved by the kids. The secret of their success is the taste, which today can be diversified to infinity. What is the use of milk porridge for kids, what you need to know about their

How good to be able to read!

With this thesis from all the familiar poem can not argue. But only at this cost does the skill become important at a certain point. Which one? Once Russia was considered the most reading country in the world. Today we occupy an odd 7th place, even
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