What if the birth does not begin on time?

birth does not begin on timeIf the woman is already 40 weeks pregnant, and the birth does not occur, you need to go to the doctor. Only an expert can determine all the risk factors, assess the condition of the baby and the level of readiness of the female body for childbirth.

If there are unfavorable factors (placental insufficiency, gestosis, obesity) or the willingness of birth canals is insufficient, a woman prepares for the birth process in the obstetric hospital. Preparation of the female body for childbirth consists of one week. During this time, the diagnosis is made: determine the condition of the baby, identify the presence of complications, confirm the perenashivanie, conduct physical therapy to cause the onset of the birth process, inject spasmolytic drugs, calcium preparations, estrogens, a complex of vitamins. All this is done to increase the contractile capacity of the uterus during labor. "Maturation" of the cervix can be accelerated with the help of medicinal and biologically active drugs.

If belated births with complications - do the operation.

Overpopulation of pregnancy is a very serious complication that affects the health of the baby. Therefore, the women who want to do without intervention in the generic process and wait for the child to "want to be born on their own", it must be remembered that in case of delayed childbirth, the risk of losing a baby is very high. Today, medical assistance helps the baby, will be born in the most gentle way.