There is a way out ("the period of disclosure")

Where does the birth begin? Let's talk about the most important event of the first stage: how it happens, why sometimes there are difficulties and what the doctor does to overcome them.

"For the first time the birth of the cervix opens, so it is called - the period of disclosure. This important stage begins with the onset of labor, and ends when the cervix opens completely (10-12 cm) to release the baby. In order for this to happen, the uterus must contract properly. Normally contractions begin with the upper part of the uterus (most often from its right angle) and gradually descend down to the cervix. And if they start at the bottom, the cervix does not receive enough momentum and does not open or does it too slowly. In this case, the future mother is too rare, weak fights. Another common scenario of the development of events looks like this: the fights stop "halfway", and the cervix has time to unfold only half. But in both cases, doctors speak of a weak labor activity.

What is fraught with problems with the cervix? First of all, they delay the process of the baby's appearance: sometimes because of this it lasts more than 12 hours. And besides, these difficulties can "knock down" the correct course of labor. After all, the cervix of the uterus is first opened, and then the waters leave; First a child is born, and only then the placenta exfoliates and leaves. If the neck can not open, then, without waiting for this, the future mother may prematurely withdraw water or secrete the placenta. And then, perhaps, doctors will have to do her cesarean section.

Determine, in what condition the cervix, you can long before delivery, on examination with a doctor.

On what does it depend, will the woman have problems with the cervix or not? First of all from her age and "experience". If a woman gives birth to the first baby after 35 years of age, the probability that the cervix will not open up is higher for her than for other mothers. After all, many of this age accumulate a variety of health problems. They often affect the course of birth, because in this important "case" all the body systems participate. For example, more often than others, problems with the opening of the cervix occur in fat women with metabolic disorders and the endocrine system. The risk also increases if a woman has gynecological problems - uterine tumors (for example, myoma) or damage to her neck (for example, cicatricial changes).

Unfortunately, to prevent problems with the opening of the cervix can not always, but in time to detect them and be ready for them - in our power. The doctor of a woman's consultation will help to find out the possible difficulties for a future mother. If a woman has any health problems, the specialists will send her to the maternity home early, so that she and the baby are under supervision at the most critical period.

But even those women who are "at risk" should not lose their presence of mind. If the future mother is confident of success and feels calm, this mood will necessarily be transmitted to her body, and everything will go well. "

"What is the cause of problems with opening the cervix? First, the fact that at the time of delivery she did not have time to mature properly. In order to open in time, the cervix should begin to shorten beforehand and soften under the action of "generic" hormones. And if they are too few, the tissues of the cervix will not soften and will not be ready for childbirth. In this case, the missing hormones will be introduced to the future mother by the doctors.

Secondly, the baby itself can prevent normal childbirth. If he grew too large or wrongly placed himself in the mother's abdomen, his head can not properly press on the cervix and open it. Then the births that started normally can suddenly stop, and doctors will have to solve the problem with the help of Caesarean section.

During childbirth the cervix is ​​pressed not only by the baby himself, but also by the water that surrounds him in the fetal bladder. "Sticking" down, they push the tissues of the cervix, like a wedge. But if the bubble does not take a wedge shape, it can not properly press on the neck. In this situation, the doctors make a hole in the fetal bladder, and then he moves along with the baby more easily.

Another problem can arise from the fact that there are too many or too few amniotic fluid in the child's bladder. In the first case, the uterus stretches, and in the second, on the contrary, it strains too much - but in both situations it becomes difficult to contract and the neck does not open.

Problems with the cervix arise for various reasons, from the lack of "generic" hormones to too much excitement in the future mother.

The third source of difficulty with the neck may be hidden in the depth of the uterus. If it is irregularly shaped or if there are tumors (for example, myoma), there is a high probability that during the delivery the cervix will open slowly. Then, if necessary, a woman will undergo a caesarean section.

Well, the fourth reason can "suddenly and unexpectedly" arise, even when everything is going right. Pain during labor can cause a spasm in the muscles. Then the contractions will stop, and the cervix, instead of opening, will shrink even more. Sometimes this happens because the expectant mother is too worried. Then her body also "panics" and tries to stop the process of childbirth. Doctors in this case introduce an anesthetic to a woman, it becomes easier, and normal contractions are often restored by themselves. "

How does this happen?

"Home" for the future baby - the womb - consists of three parts: the body in which the child grows (the widest part), the neck (the narrow lower portion) and the cervical canal connecting them. The neck is a tube of muscle tissue, about 3 cm long. Its ends are narrowed, and one of them comes out into the uterus and the other into the vagina. During pregnancy, the cervix performs 2 important tasks: it closes the baby until the "exit" outwards and blocks access to it to microbes from the vagina. Approximately at the 37-38th week of pregnancy in the body begin to develop "hormones of childbirth", and under their influence, the cervix gradually prepares for the birth of the baby. When the "moment X" comes, under the action of fights, the neck softens, shortens and opens slightly. For clarity, imagine a balloon (uterus), the leg (cervical canal) of which is tied with two strings (inner and outer narrowing of the cervix). With the beginning of fights, the upper rope is loosened (that is, the inner constriction is stretched), and then the lower one (external). These holes are increasing - and they open the road to the world!

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