Second childbirth

second birthEach "normal" pregnancy ends with childbirth. Unfortunately, life is not so simple: babies are born sick and healthy; births are complicated and prosperous; the desire to have children sometimes end in abortion.

Some families plan to give birth to only one baby, and there are also such women who are ready to give birth to two, three and ...

As it were not, but many know that the birth should be prepared both psychologically and physically, regardless of what they are the second, the fifth in a row. Therefore, unequivocally preparation for pregnancy is needed, and especially for planning a second pregnancy. But is it necessary to prepare for the second birth?

The psychological moment of the second birth

Immediately it may seem that there are no nuances. The second conception is conscious, and this indicates that the woman is psychologically ready for childbirth. But this is not always the case. Even the second pregnancy, like the first one, can be "accidental" or planned. In any case, a woman needs to "relive" the process of childbirth, which, as a rule, is quite painful. Sometimes a second baby is not ready to give birth to a woman because of the fear of the process of childbirth. This happens if the first birth was difficult. Women, who gave birth to the first child quickly and easily, are afraid of follow-up.

The statistics says that the woman to the second kind is more psychologically ready, and behaves calmly and confidently in the process of labor activity under any circumstances.

But how can you overcome the fear of the first birth? First, it is necessary to "destroy" all bad thoughts from the head and the first childbirth, erase all "unnecessary" information from memory and not negotiate the heavy birth of friends. A woman with a second pregnancy can easily switch to other thoughts, because she has many worries with the first baby. But in fact, indeed, you do not need to fear birth, and prepare the first baby for the appearance of a sister or brother. Well, then, you also know perfectly well that no one will give birth to you except you, and certainly remember how, during the first birth, you were prevented from pushing and it was just ignorance that breathed correctly. You are no longer a beginner, so you know how to behave yourself.

The physical moment of the second birth

The physical moment of the second birthAt this stage, nothing new will happen. The first and second generic activities have three important points: contractions, the period of expulsion of the baby and the birth of the placenta. Experts say that the second birth is easier and faster.

The birth of the firstborn takes about 12 hours, the second - about 8 hours.

At second births, the cervix is ​​more easily stretched, elastic, soft, and therefore, it will open earlier, because at the second birth it opens and contracts simultaneously. Attempts are much more vigorous, as the female body "remembers" the first birth and with great ease enters into the exile of the baby. At second birth, a woman is more competently tuzhitsya and breathes, and can give birth to a child in a couple of minutes.

At the same time, experts say that each birth is individual and unique, regardless of how they are first or second. Many women agree with this opinion. Therefore, childbirth should be treated with great responsibility, so they prepare and experience.

Already twice gave birth. What do you need to remember?

  • Generic training. Things in the hospital, "dowry" for the child, children's room - all this is prepared before the date of delivery. In addition, before the birth activity, specify the list of necessary things for the hospital. It is important to choose a hospital and a doctor if for the first time there are problems with it. If you are the first time giving birth on your own, think about partner births. It can also be the other way round - at the first birth there is a husband, and the second time you want to refuse such an idea. Such a question must be solved in advance.
  • When to go to the hospital? At the first birth, it is not uncommon that at the first labor the mother gives birth to a hospital and is sent back home. Repeated woman does not hurry to the hospital, but it is necessary! Given that the second generic activity is much faster than the first, do not lead to giving birth on the way to the hospital.
  • Skirmishes. At the first fights the female organism itself will recollect, how it is excruciatingly and painfully. In this condition, the mother can ask for anesthesia for labor, but it's best to just calm down and switch to positive emotions in order to experience the pains correctly. It is necessary to recall the "favorable" poses, it is in this situation that a spouse with a massage can be useful. During the bout, you need to relax, making deep exhalations and breathing.
  • Fat. First of all, listen to the advice of midwives and trust them completely. To make attempts effective, you need to be able to hold your breathing properly and let out air. Doctors say that during the period of second births, many women in labor are tightened efficiently and correctly, so do not worry.
  • Birth of the placenta. If during the first delivery the mother gave birth to some discomfort at the birth of the placenta, the second does not pay any attention to this. All the women's emotions are aimed at the child who searches for the breast with sponges, while the woman, tired and joyful, mentally prepares for the postpartum period.

All these moments are waiting for you at the normal passage of labor. Unfortunately, unpredictable moments can arise, which can be prepared in advance. Therefore, you need to calm down and rely entirely on doctors. Only in this way will you help the baby and yourself.

Sometimes the course of the second birth can be easily predicted with the help of previous births, focusing on the state of the maternity's health.

  • The gap between the second and the first birth. Childbirth is a stress for the female body, which needs adaptation and recovery. Many years ago, our great-grandmothers gave birth to babies almost every year. And for today, the intergenerational period has increased dramatically. To the female body had the ability to fully recover after the first "normal" birth will take about 2 years. After the expiration of the period, you can plan a second pregnancy. If there is 10 years or even more between births, there is a high probability of a complicated pregnancy and, of course, the birth itself. Although in life is not always so.
  • Age of the woman with the second pregnancy. Today, the facts are known that women give birth and at 45 years old first babies without anomalies. Therefore, it is not necessary to raise the issue of the age of a woman. However, experts recommend all babies to give birth up to 35 years. With age, a woman may experience complications or illnesses.
  • Health status. For a favorable outcome for the second birth, of course, the parturient should be healthy. If there are chronic diseases, then repeated labor can be with some complications. To protect this process, you must prepare in advance for pregnancy and childbirth, be under the supervision of a specialist and follow all his instructions. Complications can be observed if a woman has previously had abortions. Inflammatory female diseases of the genital organs also affect the course of labor.
  • Cesarean section. They say that if the first birth took place by cesarean, then the second baby can not be born by birth. But, it all depends on the reason for the first time the operation. Myopia of a strong degree, chronic diseases of a woman, a narrow pelvis - these are the indications in which an operation is performed. If the first birth is treated with caesarean section because of pelvic presentation or a large fetus, and now these indicators are favorable, the specialist can allow the child to give birth naturally. But maybe the other way around, the first ones passed independently, but the latter with the help of an operation.

Postpartum complications after the second pregnancy can also be expected and unpredictable.

  1. Breaks. The "right" second labor can prevent scars, which did not have time to heal after the first pregnancy. This increases the risk of repeated ruptures. If the first birth was without scars, then with the second a small chance of scars. After all, after the previous birth, the muscles become much more elastic.
  2. Postpartum blood discharge. The probability of such a state at second birth increases. It may happen that the uterus does not contract, and special postpartum discharges are delayed in its cavity. Bleeding can occur because of scars on the uterus. However, postpartum blood can be prevented before delivery. To do this, train the muscles of the uterus.

Video review of the second birth

Preparation for the second birth

  1. Even before planning a second pregnancy, you need to undergo a thorough examination, and if necessary, undergo a course of treatment.
  2. Strengthen the muscles of the pelvis. Special exercises will restore the tone of the uterus immediately after the first labor, therefore the second generic activity will be faster and easier.
  3. If the first birth was premature, then the second will be the same. To protect yourself from this, give up physical exertion. Also, doctors recommend in the last months of pregnancy to refrain from sex.

The second pregnancy

Well, the most important factor of successful delivery is the positive attitude of the woman in labor. Becoming a mother twice is double happiness!

Successful and favorable to you second birth! Believe in your own strength!

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