Partner birth: options are possible

Partner birth: options are possible 1 4.7

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Partner birth: options are possible

Preparation for childbirth

Now more and more expectant mothers are interested in partner births. But it is not easy for every couple to make a decision about the presence in the babyblock of the baby's father. What should be taken into account when weighing all the pros and cons of joint births?

Vera Pihtina Obstetrician-gynecologist, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, St. Petersburg State University, St. Petersburg

Concerning the presence of the husband at birth, there are many different opinions - from the categorical denial of the future pope's participation in this process to the claims that the presence of the husband at birth is absolutely necessary. Some believe that partner births are an unnecessary "fashion" that came from the West, while others, on the contrary, think that this is one of the means to strengthen the family, to become closer and closer to each other.

As a rule, the last weeks before childbirth are filled with many experiences, worries and fears, and sometimes it happens that future parents do not know until the last moment whether they need partner birth or a woman "in the old way" will give birth alone, and her husband will anxiously wait her in the waiting room.

In order to understand whether it is worthwhile for the future father to go on childbirth, it is necessary to understand some of the nuances necessary for making a decision.

Preparation for childbirth: nuances

First of all, it should be remembered that partner births are acceptable only if both future parents aspire to it. In different families, the degree of trust and frankness between spouses may be different. In no case should not insist on partner births, if one of the future parents is against it. Sometimes women resent their husbands because they do not want to be present at the birth of their child. At the same time, future mothers are afraid that their partners are not ready for another family member and do not pay proper attention to this event. In fact, men are very worried and worried during the birth of their wives and do not want to be present at birth, not because they are not sufficiently interested in it. It is likely that the future dad is simply afraid that his excessive feelings will only annoy both the wife and the staff.

Some men believe that giving birth is "not a masculine affair," and you can not blame them for that, because most men in our country are brought up with this stereotype, and partner births are not so common to become commonplace. In addition, not all men are well aware of the course of the generic process. And in the minds of many, genera are associated exclusively with the tense period when the fetus is born directly. In the minds of most men, this process is associated with the unthinkable sufferings of the childbirth, cries and moans, bleeding and similar hypertrophied images. Few of the representatives of the stronger sex are ready to observe such a picture. Therefore, before discussing with the future pope the question of his presence at birth, it is advisable to tell him how this process is going on, or even better - to attend special classes for future parents.

If your husband categorically refuses to take part in partner births, you should not insist, because for such an event a strong desire and positive attitude of both parents is required.

Sometimes, on the contrary, the pregnant woman herself does not want her husband to participate in childbirth. Most often this is due to the fact that the future mother does not know how she will behave in childbirth and how she will look during fights and attempts. It happens that a woman wants to be in front of a beloved man who is always beautiful, well-groomed and attractive and worries that during childbirth she can not "be in shape". Some are afraid that during childbirth they will shout or swear, and do not want their husbands to watch it. In most cases, the expectant mother does not want the presence of the husband at birth because of excessive shyness or because of insufficient awareness of the course of the birth process. Before you make a final decision to give birth with a partner, you should learn as much as possible about how the child is born, from what periods they consist, and find out what help the husband can give during each of these periods. It is best to attend classes on joint births, at which both future parents can receive answers to all their questions.

Childbirth: Husband's help

First of all, we are talking, of course, about psychological support and support. It is very important that a woman in a difficult moment is not alone, but with the closest and loving person who cares about her and supports her. Moreover, in addition to psychological support, in each stage of childbirth the future father can help alleviate the physical suffering of the mother in childbirth.

1st stage of childbirth is also called the period of disclosure. In primiparous women, it can last 12-14 hours, and for women who give birth not for the first time - 6-8 hours. During this period, the cervix is ​​opened when a woman experiences contractions - severe painful contractions of the uterus. And the pain intensifies as the disclosure increases.

To facilitate painful bouts, there are a number of techniques, and the participation of the husband will make them even more effective.

First of all, it is correct breath. During the bout, you should take a deep breath with your nose, and then breathe out with your mouth. In severe battles, the mother can get confused and forget how to breathe. If this happens, the husband can help to establish the right rhythm of breathing and "breathe" the fight together with his wife.

Another effective way to facilitate contractions is special analgesic massage during childbirth. And in this mother-in-law the husband can also help. The most commonly used massage is the sacral region, since it is there that the nerve endings innervating the pelvic organs. By acting on these nerve endings, it is possible to reduce painful sensations during fights. Massage can be done by hand or a special massager, having previously smeared the skin of the sacrum with massage oil.

An excellent analgesic effect during fights has water procedures. A husband can help a mother give birth to a bath if such a possibility is provided in the maternity hospital. If there is a shower, the husband will be able to massage the sacral area with a stream of water or simply help a woman comfortably stay in the shower and safely get out of it.

To ease the contractions, a woman can take comfortable posture, and the future dad can also take part in this. The newborn will rely on her husband, taking a position convenient for her.

Being present at birth, the husband can also call in on time medical personnel, follow the terms of the contract if he was concluded, as well as ask questions and get all the information about what is happening to the future mother, what activities and with what purpose she intend to conduct.

2 period of childbirth Is the period of the fetal expulsion. By this time, the cervix has fully opened, the fetus moves along the birth canal and its birth. During this period, the fetal head exerts a strong pressure on the rectum, and in the case of uterine contraction, the maternity patient feels a strong desire to tense, so fights in the second period are called attempts.

Период потуг длится от 40 минут до 2 часов. В это время муж может помочь наладить жене правильное breath, напомнив ей о том, как нужно дышать во время схватки, и показав это на собственном примере. В этот период следует дышать часто, резко выдыхая и вдыхая через рот.

If the woman is already in the delivery chair, then the husband, standing at the head, can help support her head with attempts, and in breaks - moisten the face and lips with water. He can also hold his wife's hand and morally support her at this crucial moment. Also, the husband can repeatedly recite the team of doctors: it often happens that a woman perceives the native voice better and follows the instructions more clearly.

After the birth of the baby, the young father is offered to cut the umbilical cord. However, if for some reason the pope does not want to do this, then no one will insist. After all, the most important thing has already happened: both parents first saw their child and heard his first cry together, supporting each other.

3 period of childbirth begins after the birth of the baby. At this time, the separation and excretion of the afterbirth takes place, and then the inspection and, if necessary, the suture of the soft tissues of the birth canals is performed. At this time, it is better for a man to provide care for a young mother to medical personnel and pay attention to the baby. Let the happy father hold his newly born child in his arms while the mother carries out the necessary postpartum procedures. Many men say that it is these first moments of a baby's life that will forever be the happiest for them.

There are options ...

Depending on the wishes of the couple, the husband can be present both throughout the process of delivery and during certain stages. Many future parents stop at this option: the spouse is present during the entire first period of childbirth, until the woman in labor moves to the Rakhman's bed - a special obstetric chair designed to perform labor in the traditional position. During the tight period, the husband can wait in the corridor, and after the baby was born, the midwife will invite him to the delivery room. The decision on what exactly stages of labor the husband will be present should be accepted by the spouses by mutual agreement.

It may happen that during the delivery there is an urgent need for a cesarean section. In this case, it should be remembered that there is no entrance to the operating room, but the young dad can look at his baby in the children's department, where the crumb will stay for some time after surgery, and visit his wife in the post-operative ward. But all these moments should be stipulated in advance at the conclusion of the contract, as in different maternity homes their requirements and conditions.

Getting ready in advance

Если вы приняли решение рожать вместе с мужем, следует надлежащим образом подготовиться к этому событию. В первую очередь, необходимо иметь четкое представление о физиологическом течении родового акта. Желательно посмотреть видеозапись естественного родоразрешения, в котором муж принимает участие. Будущему папе необходимо приобрести навыки немедикаментозного обезболивания родов, таких как массаж и правильное breath, а также изучить максимально удобные позы для облегчения схваток. Кроме того, супруг роженицы должен представлять, какие осложнения могут возникнуть во время родов и как они могут проявляться. Это необходимо, чтобы при возникновении опасных симптомов вовремя позвать на помощь медицинский персонал.

To obtain the necessary information and the necessary psychological mood, it is best to attend a special school or future parents' courses, where special classes are conducted for couples who have decided on partner births. If this is not possible, then the necessary information can be obtained from specialized journals, books or the Internet. On all emerging issues, consult your doctor who can intelligently and professionally explain all the incomprehensible details.

If you decide to give birth with your husband, then when choosing a maternity home, be guided first of all by whether the chosen maternity home supports joint births and whether there are conditions for it.

Ideally for partner births is suitable maternity hospital, whose policy welcomes the presence of the husband at birth. Accordingly, in this maternity hospital all conditions for joint delivery will be created. This is, first of all, separate maternity boxes for each woman in labor, and it is desirable that the device of the maternity unit allows different maternity wards and their attendants to reduce their contacts to a minimum or at all to exclude them. This layout meets the rules and hygiene, and elementary ethics, because not every woman giving birth will like that there is an unknown man next to him.

In advance, ask whether the husband's escort is in the chosen maternity home in the MHI, that is, whether the husband can attend the births for free or for this, an additional contract will be required. In some maternity hospitals, the husband can not only accompany his wife during childbirth, but also be with her and the baby in the postpartum period. For this purpose, there are specially equipped postpartum "family" rooms in the maternity hospitals.

Before taking part in childbirth, the future father may need some medical examinations. Their list depends on the rules of the hospital. These can be standard tests for HIV, syphilis, hepatitis B and C, as well as fluorography. More detailed information on what you need to have with your husband during childbirth should be clarified in the selected maternity hospital and prepare in advance all that is necessary so that at a critical moment there was no commotion and panic.

Affiliate births - this is one of the significant events for any married couple. After all, the birth of a child is the greatest happiness in any family, and there is nothing more beautiful than the very first moments of contact with the baby. This applies not only to moms, but also to dads. It is not without reason that there is an opinion that the fathers who took part in childbirth subsequently pay more attention to everything related to their child, and participate in his upbringing on a par with mothers.