Our second joy

Our second joy 5 5

Tales of childbirth

Our second joy

Tales of childbirth

It was the 11th of July. After a night of love. How then will her husband say - that's what she's trying to do, By the way, the pregnancy at that time was 39 weeks.

Maryana Bagryanova, Moscow

so, weak and rhythmic battles began, the conjugal embrace barely opened. But, maybe, it yet not it? I went to the shower, then back to bed. I made myself to fall asleep in order to gain strength, because remembered the experience of previous births on the "oversleeping" head. At five in the morning I got up and, having decided that the bouts were still natural, confidently walked to the kitchen. There I cooked rice and rice noodles and all this had a good breakfast in an hour. To give birth on an empty stomach is not for you to read fairy tales, I already remembered. After breakfast, I woke my husband. Let's go, I say. "How? he does not understand half asleep. - You did not plan today ... »As a result, we quickly collect things and go to the hospital.

"Unreal" fights

Early morning, but already sun, birds. Light is everywhere and from everywhere. Easily. In the body, lightness. We come to the hospital. In the waiting room, an undressed nurse meets me, fills out a questionnaire. The husband takes his clothes and leaves. I'm walking in the hospital undercover, from the corner of the waiting room. Fresh air is flowing in the window, I'm not scared. After a while the nurse calls - and we go up to the maternity ward. Welcome to the sun-bathed childblock. And here is the doctor. She comes with doubt. Inspects. "You're not in childbirth. Your fights are not real. " Fake? You would have experienced them yourself. And nevertheless, there is no disclosure, i.e. quite a bit - something that does not count. So an hour passes during which I am convicted that I'm not in childbirth anything "like that," and in general, most likely, "something is not something I ate." They lead to ultrasound. There, during the fights, I'm already slightly bent with pain. But this pain is tolerable, not rigid, although it scares the presentiments with a stronger one.

Ultrasound shows normal, although it is not water. The midwife accompanying me wedged: "It will appoint, it is necessary to open and give birth". At that moment, I felt uneasy. The doctor said: "Why open it? Everything is normal. " And - already to me: "Go give birth, all is well".

In battle as in battle ...

We return. I feel uneasy. Fearfully. I pray that everything was fine in reality. The main thing is with the child. And with me, too. With us. I beg the child to endure, a little more. I praise myself for having eaten in the morning and slept at night: I have enough physical strength. Meanwhile, the doctor is changing. This is a man. Inspects, makes a conclusion: 1.5 cm. And what? Yes, nothing bad. Contractions are coming, I'm "in childbirth." And here is the cardiomonitor. And everything is fine there. Do not shake me more. I'm giving birth.

All the more painful. This pain is different than in the first birth. I almost do not recognize her. Then everything went in the back. Now - in the stomach. The back does not hurt at all. Perhaps this is due to the fact that before the fights the waters left, and now everything is the other way around. "It's all right," the doctor explains. And it becomes so painful that only breathing helps. I endure every fight. I sit down on my haunches, while I can, I breathe. The main thing is to catch the moment when everything is just beginning, when the struggle has not yet begun, but already about to - at that moment dive into one's own breath, to breathe. I'm diving and emerging, diving and emerging. It lasts ... I pray. It's a battle. Fight for my child, for this miracle, for life. And more for the fact that I myself become stronger, to stand, not to dehydrate, to correct the mistakes of the last battle.

With each transferred fight I'm stronger, even if the pain is more intense. But this pain is like a cross, which is harder the less ways remain. And this approach to the finish line inspires. I think that, perhaps, at noon I will call my husband, I will say that she is already here. That I will embrace her. We will be together. Just have to try. During the fights, I think about it, I'm making a flash forward: a mental leap forward. And there is so much sun in the building block, it's so light. We are like fluff, and from above we are helped to soar, not to fall. I see my body from the inside, I tell him to open up, release the child to the light. I pray for help. The doctor examines me again, and in astonishment raises his hands: "You are rapidly giving birth. Just that there was no disclosure, but already 4 cm ".

The most difficult journey

After an hour it turns out that the disclosure is complete. They say to me: you will give birth now. I see that the midwife is preparing a little table for the baby, and this is what inspires me. And here are attempts. Suddenly, suddenly, quickly. Here I am confused. I did not remember how to do it. Last time they helped me, and as it turned out, I did not get any experience. My body did not remember and was afraid. Well, we will do this too. I clenched my teeth, closed my eyes: "And-and-and!". Scream. My own cry. From fear of pain and something else? At the moment when I was asked to immediately go to the chair. More precisely, when I was just pushed into it. And immediately she was born - her miracle. Quiet, touching baby. She did not hit me with her hands and feet, like the first little girl, lay down on her stomach, squiggling, and wiggling her fingers: we did not squeeze the fists from birth. "How small she is," I repeated, "how small she is." Nobody understood why I call her small: weight 3500, height 52. But they did not see our first hero.

And then my daughter took her breast, did not resist at all. We were transported to a separate unit, so that we rested. Soon our dad came to meet her. Thank God. Are you here. We are together. We will fight on, but the most difficult journey has already been accomplished. Only 5 hours of labor - and not a single fear that would have survived after. Only the sun. There were so many that day.