How to survive the new year and keep healthy?

What are the holidays like? Cheerful, long-awaited, joyful, long, winter, summer, fabulous, romantic, noisy, bright ... And the longest holidays are known to be in the winter - New Year, Christmas, New Year, Baptism. And all with carnivals, fortune-telling, with feasts. how to survive the new year Therefore, sometimes holidays are harmful - this happens, for example, when a sense of proportion disappears somewhere at the festive table: then a lot is eaten, then a lot is drunk, and then one and the other together. And festive fun is replaced by post-festive suffering. So what to do in this case? And is it possible to somehow avoid these troubles?

If the New Year is the year of Goat

Of course, followers of old traditions will be able to say that the Slavic and even the European New Year has nothing to do with any goats. However, international integration and interpenetration of cultures have already spread so far that the New Year traditions are gradually shifting from East to West and from North to South, so it is not surprising that the symbols of the Eastern calendar find place on our holidays, as, for example, Santa Clauses and Santa Clauses decorated Christmas trees on New Year's holidays around the world. Of course, the year of the Blue Wooden Goat, or the Wooden Green Sheep, will not begin on January 1, but a little later - on February 19, 2015, but why not celebrate the New Year several times, combining traditions? Well, let's see what is important about the Blue Goat to remember. In the Eastern traditions, the New Year should be celebrated in such a way that in no case does it offend the animal that will become the master of the coming year. And if the Goat (or the Sheep) is ahead of us, our task is not to upset or annoy her. So, it is very important that the New Year celebration be fun, however, within the reasonable framework, the Blue Goat (as well as the Green Sheep) is categorically against drunkenness, excessive noise, drunken songs and tricks, loud salutes.
Attention! Aristocratic Blue Wooden Goat can not stand alcohol, so in this new year from strong alcoholic beverages it is better to refuse in favor of champagne or light and refined alcoholic cocktails.
By the way, Goat, she Sheep, will be more supportive if the New Year's Eve is held in a cozy home atmosphere, which is much preferable than a noisy party in a restaurant or in a nightclub. Even if at the New Year's table not only relatives gather, it should be people who understand each other and who value each other, that is, really close. safe food for the new year Sincerity, comfort, mutual understanding, comfort, tranquility - this is what is important for the Blue Goat, so only such an atmosphere can start a happy year. But what if you want to make a little noise and poke around on New Year's Eve? First of all, it is necessary to observe the measure, because the mistress of the year 2015, although condescending, but also resentful. And it is very important to meet the New Year with relatives, it is especially important for young people that relatives of the older generation are close. And only a few hours after the New Year, you can leave your native walls, but even then for the sake of something really interesting and worthwhile - well, the Goat does not like empty and unjustified noise.
Attention! As for the New Year's feast, both Goat and Sheep will be very pleased with the greens, vegetables and fruits, as well as sour cream and cottage cheese. As for the dishes, on the New Year's table very useful will be dishes made of wood - at least one wooden dish.

The Dangers of Festive Overeating

It's very sad that for many people holiday traditions do not begin with games, jokes, rallies, communication, and with food - salads, snacks, meat dishes, lots of mayonnaise, animal fats, carbohydrates ... There really is no joke, and in fact in the direct sense of the word.
Attention! Doctors, especially doctors-gastroenterologists and dietitians, warn that the most negative consequences can not only be systematic overeating and the constant use of too many alcoholic beverages, but also one-off overeating, which can also lead to very serious health problems.
What is dangerous overeating? First of all, remember that any overeating is a very serious strain on all organs and systems of the body, including the gastrointestinal tract, the cardiovascular system, the endocrine system. It is very important to remember that the older the person, the more serious these consequences will be, and the problem with excess weight is only the visible part of the iceberg. Doctors of almost all specialties warn about the inadmissibility of overeating and that from the table should get up with a slight feeling of malnutrition, because with overeating, every organ is subjected to a very large load. feast for the new year Many are surprised when they learn that overeating negatively affects the work of the cardiovascular system. However, this is indeed the case. The fact is that all organs have the property of increasing slightly after overeating, so the body needs more blood to supply the entire body with oxygen, and the heart begins to work in a strengthened mode. Under such conditions, it is not long to wait and episodes of increased blood pressure, and hypertension. Of course, fewer surprises are caused by problems with the liver, to which the so-called pest is also not very positive, but quite the opposite, that is, extremely negative. After all, if in the liver the necessary amount of fat is exceeded, then very quickly the liver itself becomes their source, since all its cells are overflowed with this extremely energy-intensive substance. Immediately begins to suffer the whole body: and the heart, and the gastrointestinal tract, and the endocrine system. As a consequence, only gastrointestinal tract should expect gastritis, cholecystitis, pancreatitis and many other problems that life does not adorn. The endocrine system also reacts to overeating, and this reaction is expressed in hormonal disorders and, as a consequence, in the violation of metabolic processes in the body. Of course, this is far from all the problems that a person can get as a result of banal gluttony - in fact, there are more such problems, but any of them is very serious.
Attention! It is very important to understand that any failure in the body can be caused at any stage of the abuse of food, that is dangerous not only permanent, but also one-time overeating.

How to prevent overeating?

How much can you eat to not overdo it, that is, how not to overfill your stomach? To visualize the volume of your stomach, it's enough just to fold your palms with a "boat" - this is roughly the volume of the stomach. Impressive? And how does all that we stuff into our stomachs get into it every day, and several times a day? how not to eat for the new year The fact that the stomach has a folded structure and can stretch is an evolutionary tool that nature created because primitive people could not be guaranteed to eat food three times a day, so they needed the opportunity to put some stock in the stomach. The stomach of the primitive man was ready to stretch out if necessary, but such a need arose very rarely, so the constant load on the gastrointestinal tract was very, very moderate, and the stretched stomach was just an exceptional and extremely rare phenomenon. But the modern man stretches his stomach constantly, therefore (because of the distended stomach) blood supply of this organ worsens, which leads to gastritis, and then ulcer. But even if a person realizes that he is eating too much, a long-term habit works. How can you force yourself to eat less?
  1. At first, you should impose yourself very small portions and do not reach for the supplement immediately - a feeling of satiety does not come immediately. As for the festive feast, then do not put everything on your plate immediately on the table. Between the dishes, you should take breaks - dancing, conversation, playing, singing to the guitar, that is, any activity that does not involve chewing food.
  2. Secondly, the atmosphere behind the table is very important - the calmer the atmosphere, the less food you want to swallow. Very quiet music has proven itself, for example, blues or jazz compositions. But heavy rock can increase appetite, because it carries an aggressive beginning. Very important table setting and serving of a dish - the more complete the composition looks on the plate, the less can be a serving. As for the festive feast, then you should provide a quiet musical accompaniment during dinner and complete small presentations of dishes.
  3. Thirdly, a well-known advice of nutritionists and psychologists who deal with nutrition problems, choose small plates, so that a small portion on large dishes did not look too lonely. Subconsciously, the person perceives not so much the size of the plate, how much as this dish was filled. As for the festive feast, then small plates will be easier to place on the festive table, and there will also be no desire to put several dishes on the plate at once. And there, you see, already do not want.
  4. Fourthly, in several research centers that deal with nutrition, the question of choosing the color of dishes was studied, and it turned out that the least appetite occurs when food is put on dishes of blue or black color. And, for example, the orange dishes appetite excites. As for the festive feast, then this is an excellent occasion to buy a festive service solemn blue or stylish black, which will look great on a white tablecloth and near a Christmas tree decorated with blue balls. Again, we are going to meet the year of the Blue Wooden Goat. By the way, if you remember the Green Sheep, then dark green or olive dishes also does not excite excessive appetite.
  5. Fifthly, it is known that the appetite enhances salt, flavor enhancers, many spices, so salty dishes increase appetite. As for the festive feast, then on the festive table you can choose dishes that are mostly lemon or lemon juice and olive oil, or even served without refueling. As for meat dishes, in them salt can be replaced, for example, with soy sauce, and you can find new dishes, from which no one expects a certain familiar taste.
  6. At sixth, it's no secret that food with the maximum calorie content should be eaten for breakfast and for lunch, in the evening the food should not be too high in calories. As for the festive feast, then it's just going to be late at night and at night, so for a feast should choose light salads (better dressed not with mayonnaise), light snacks and light meat dishes, for which to use either low-fat meat, or even a bird.
  7. Seventh, a huge role in overeating belongs to the so-called sweet table with an abundance of baking, although it is known that a large amount of sugar and carbohydrates, as well as fats, make desserts very caloric. As for the festive feast, then for the dessert you should use as much natural fruit as possible, especially since the Goat and the Sheep will treat this more than favorably.
Attention! If overeating occurs at the festive table, an enzyme preparation should be used immediately, which will facilitate the digestion of food. And after the holiday, unloading days are very appropriate.

Dishes for a festive New Year's table

As already known, Goat and Sheep, the mistress of the coming year, will be very pleased with the abundance of fruits and vegetables on the festive table, as well as the presence of cheese, cottage cheese and sour cream on the table. What is festive can this result? dishes for the New Year's table 2015

Peking cabbage salad

For this salad, you will need Peking cabbage and fresh vegetables: cucumbers, sweet peppers, tomatoes. The proportion of vegetables is optional, but cabbage should still be larger. Peking cabbage is very tender, so it should not be crumpled in any case. Cut vegetables should be poured with olive or sunflower oil (can be unrefined), and then a little salt. It is very good to fill this salad with lemon juice. Prepare such a salad in advance - it will flow.

Salad with red fish

Salad lettuce or other leaf salad to tear your hands in a large salad bowl. Red fish (a pair of steaks of salmon, pink salmon, salmon or trout) before a little salt and fry in a pan-grill, cool and grind, and then add to salad leaves. Add in the salad cut into two or four pieces (depending on the size) cherry tomatoes and sliced ​​lemon segments. Salad dressing with olive oil. Salt to taste. However, salt may not be needed.

Tomatoes with brynza or cottage cheese and with garlic

Medium-sized tomatoes wash and remove the flesh from them, cutting off the upper part first (can be cut with denticles). Brynza mash and add crushed garlic, as well as finely chopped greens of cilantro and dill. Fill the tomatoes with a spicy filling. If cottage cheese is used for the filling, it can be slightly salted and, except for greens and garlic, add a couple of spoons of sour cream.

Snack from hard cheese, fruits and vegetables

Hard cheese like "Ukrainian" cut into small cubes the size of no more than olives or olives - these cubes will be the basis for cheese canapes. Bulgarian peppers cut into squares of the same size. Lemon cut into circles and then into segments. Fresh cucumber cut about the same cubes. You can also use green olives and black olives without seeds, grapes or pears, as well as half of cherry tomatoes, fruits of persimmon or kiwi, cut into cubes. On a sandwich skewer or on a toothpick string two or three components, so that the bottom, that is, the base, was hard cheese. For example, olive, lemon, cheese; cucumber, pepper, cheese; grapes, cheese. Finished canapes put on a dish.

Chicken wings baked in soy sauce

Prepare the marinade, for which mix two spoons of soy sauce and one tablespoon of vegetable oil, honey and ketchup. Peel and pass through the press a few cloves of garlic (to taste) and mix with the marinade. Wash chicken wings dry with a paper towel and put in the marinade for half an hour (you can a little longer). Baking tray grease with vegetable oil, put the pickled wings and put in a preheated oven to 200 ° C, pre-watering the remaining marinade.

In the oven, the wings should be kept until ready (at least 30-40 minutes). If you want to serve such wings with garnish, then several small potatoes should be cleaned and cut lengthwise into six or eight pieces and baked on the same baking tray as the wings, after having slightly salted and dipped in the remaining marinade after the wings, and only then pour the remaining marinade on baking tray. In the process of cooking, wings and potatoes fold two or three times. If the dish was cooked with potatoes, then it must be served hot.

Pork baked with leek, hard cheese and cream

Lean small pork rolls without a stone cut into a thickness of about one and a half centimeters. Each piece is discarded, salt and pepper. A glass or ceramic baking tray with high beads should be lightly greased with vegetable oil and put the pitted pieces of pork to the bottom so that they lie tight but do not overlap each other. Cut the leeks in thin slices (only white and light green part) and lay them on top of pork. The onion should completely cover the meat with a layer of not less than one centimeter, but it is possible and more. Onion slightly add salt. On top of the onion lay slightly salted thin slices (circles) of raw potatoes, but no more than two layers. Top with sprinkled with grated hard cheese and pour cream with 10% fat content. Put in a preheated oven and bake at 200 ° C for about an hour - until the cheese is browned. Let the prepared dish stand in the off oven for about half an hour.

Fruit salad with ice cream or with low-fat sour cream (yogurt)

Cut into small cubes any available fruit: apples, pears, bananas, kiwi, persimmons, tangerines, oranges - and put them in large glass glasses. If you use sour cream, you should choose sour cream with a low fat content and mix it with a couple of spoons of sugar (but a little), you can add vanilla sugar. The resulting fill to fill the fruit, and from above put a little ice cream. If sour cream is not used, then it is better to put ice cream on the bottom of the glass.
Attention! Light meals can be tasty and beautiful. The main thing - to show imagination and fiction.

How not to drink at a festive table?

I would like to remind once again that a holiday is not alcohol and not a state of intoxication, but communication, laughter, joy, for which alcohol is not what is not needed, but also contraindicated. Moreover, in a state of alcoholic intoxication, a person can say and do a lot of things, which later will have to be greatly regretted, and sometimes these regrets can last for more than one year. Of course, traditionally at the New Year's table they raise glasses with champagne, but one glass of alcoholic intoxication will not cause, unless, of course, a person has an allergic reaction to alcohol. Whether to put on a New Year's table strong alcoholic drinks? Every company that is going to celebrate the holiday together, should discuss this matter in advance and make a joint decision. But I want to remind you that both the Blue Goat and the Green Sheep do not approve of alcohol. So, maybe they should not be angry from the very beginning of the year? But if there is strong alcohol on the table, I would like to do without serious consequences. So how not to drink at a festive table? how not to get drunk for the new year Preparation for the New Year's feast should begin with a good sleep. To sleep before a feast is necessary, because if the body has not received a proper rest, then its reaction to alcohol will be rapid and may be unpredictable. It is believed that the preliminary preparation of the organism will help to resist rapid intoxication. Advise for a couple of hours before the party starts, drink no more than 50 grams of vodka (cognac) or eat a plate of semolina or buckwheat porridge.
It is very important, and it is repeatedly confirmed in practice, not to mix alcoholic drinks and drink just one thing. It is noticed that it is better not to mix even beverages of one fortress and one name. That is, if you started to drink vodka "Absolute", then it is better to drink only it. And even if the choice is made in favor of, for example, dry wine "Chardonnay", it is better to drink only the product of one manufacturer. If mixing of alcoholic beverages is inevitable, then the degree of alcohol used can only be increased.
Another rule of the feast with alcohol is never to mix grape beverages with cereal. For example, grape drinks include champagne, wine, vermouth, cognac. From cereals, vodka and whiskey, as well as beer, are produced. The most important rule - do not drink without snacks. And this is especially true for strong drinks. An excellent snack is considered to be hot meat dishes (not sausage), pickles, sandwiches with red caviar or with red fish. Do not forget that the effect of alcohol is not noticeable immediately, but only after a while - an average of half an hour. Therefore, do not raise toasts too often. It seems that if relatives or friends gather (and on the New Year most often such companies are going to), then people have something to remember and what to discuss; In addition, you can dance.
Attention! If you have to try new alcohol, which was not previously familiar to a person, then you should be extra careful - the reaction to any new alcohol can be completely unexpected. A new alcohol should be sampled in small portions, and between meals to make sufficient breaks to assess the reaction of the body. Dangerous can be not only strong spirits, but also liquors, and cocktails, and wines.
Another "anti-alcohol" advice is often neglected, although they do it in vain. The point is that drinking alcohol, especially strong, is by no means impossible, especially with carbonated drinks, since carbon dioxide facilitates the rapid absorption of alcohol, that is, rapid intoxication.
Attention! Интересная хитрость: в бокал с шампанским можно бросить мелкие кусочки шоколада. At first, они очень красиво и празднично подпрыгивают в бокале, а во-вторых, это уменьшает количество пузырьков, то есть углекислого газа, соответственно, и шансы опьянеть.
In no case should not get involved in the debate, who and who can drink. The fact is that for processing and splitting of alcohol in the body there are special enzymes that are produced in different people in different ways and in different amounts, and the subtile girl of this enzyme can sometimes have more than a large man. But to check this in practice is definitely not worth it. Another important rule of a safe feast is to use only high-quality alcohol. But what if the excessive intoxication is already beginning to be felt? First of all, you need to drink activated charcoal, and not one tablet, but several (at the rate of one tablet per ten kilograms of weight). Very well proven freshly squeezed lemon juice, which must be drunk immediately, as soon as the intoxication begins to be felt. And during the feast is very good to constantly chew strong spirits of lemon. If you feel intoxicated, it is better not to grab a cigarette and try not to smoke or at least do it as rarely as possible. If intoxication has become strong enough, it is best to induce vomiting in order to release the body from at least some of the toxins.
Attention! Under no circumstances should alcohol and drugs be mixed. Some drugs are generally incompatible with alcohol, for example, antibiotics, many vascular drugs. But even if there is no special warning, take the medication at least three hours before the party starts.
If a person is in a state of intoxication, it can not be taken out in the winter to the street or to a balcony, that is, to any cold, because from a sharp temperature drop the health state can deteriorate sharply, up to a stroke or a heart attack. Moreover, you can not leave a person in a state of intoxication on the street alone, because he can fall asleep and get serious hypothermia. Particular attention should be paid to people with a weakened cardiovascular system, since even small doses of alcohol can be dangerous for them. After the party ends, you can drink a couple of aspirin tablets - this will ease the condition after a morning awakening and also prevent complications in the work of the cardiovascular system.

Light alcoholic drinks for the New Year

Since both housewives of the year 2015, both Goat and Sheep, do not approve of alcoholic libations, then a light alcoholic drink can be a good option, if you can not get along without alcohol. alcoholic drinks for the new year

Citrus Cocktail

It is necessary to mix 100 ml of lemon juice and 100 ml of sugar syrup, add 500 ml of orange juice and 200 ml of pineapple juice, then mix everything lightly. In the resulting mixture add 700 ml of sparkling wine, for example, champagne, and 100 ml of dark rum. Again, all very gently mix and pour on the glasses. Serve with ice. To decorate glasses with circles of a lemon.

Cocktail "White Sangria"

750 ml of dry white wine should be mixed with 1000 ml of clarified apple juice and add to this mixture only 60 ml of brandy or cognac. Very thinly cut the apple and the raw orange (along with the zest) and add them to the resulting mixture. It is very easy to stir and pour on glasses, and in each glass there should be both an apple, and an orange. Serve with ice.

Cocktail "Shpritser"

Put several ice cubes in a glass and pour 75 ml of chilled dry wine. Then add 75 ml of sparkling water and decorate the cocktail with mint leaves or a circle of lemon.

Cocktail "Ancient Greek"

In a glass pour 100 ml of red dry wine and gently add a little stirring, 50 ml of still mineral water. This cocktail is served well with chocolate and fruit.

Cocktail Calimocho ("Kalimocho"), or "Spanish"

From a full bottle of Coca-Cola, pour half of the drink, for example, into glasses, and top up the bottle to the top with red dry wine. The resulting mixture gently shake, so that the gases from Coca-Cola are not lost. Serve in glasses with lots of ice.


They say that the year will pass as it was met. Therefore, it is very important that the New Year celebration turns into a real holiday and that this magic night is not overshadowed, even if it's banal obozhdratushki or obyvavushki. And may the New Year be happy for everyone, let it be a year of luck, a year of joy, a year of victories and prosperity. And so that the New Year's night really passed at the highest level, everyone should try and not forget that Blue Goat loves moderation in alcohol, tasty, but easy food and a large number of smiles. Happy New Year!