How are birth?

How are birthA woman, carrying under the heart of a baby, expects to meet with trembling. However, these expectations are not without fear: many women are worried about the question of how the generic activity is going on?

This question is relevant for women who will give birth to the first baby. Heard from friends, friends, how the childbirth is going, they are very afraid of the birth process, preparing for the bouts and the long-term birth of the baby. It should be noted that every woman has childbirth individually. Therefore, do not pre-submit "hell" - better to attend antenatal courses, where women are taught the technique of breathing correctly during labor, prepare for the upcoming birth, explain the nuances of passing the child through the birth canal.

Also, you can completely surrender in the hands of a qualified specialist after the onset of labor. But it is best, if possible, to prepare in advance for the meeting with the baby and to know in advance how the generic process is going. With this information, a woman will be able to approach the genera much more prepared, and after the birth of a child - feel more confident and calm.

After all, how does labor work? Experts conventionally divide this process into three stages:

  • cervical dilatation;
  • attempts and passing the baby through the birth canal;
  • postpartum period and expulsion of the placenta.

As a rule, the first labor activity lasts approximately 13-17 hours and about 10 hours, if the baby is second. If the duration of the time exceeds what was shown, specialists talk about prolonged childbirth.


Contractions are one of the long stages in childbirth. It is regular fights that are signals to the fact that you need to go to the hospital. And they begin after the withdrawal of water: at first they are slightly palpable, then they become much longer, and the time between them begins to decrease. Under the influence of contractions, the uterus slowly opens - beginning with a minimum of 2 and a maximum of up to 10 centimeters.

At this time, breathe is recommended calmly and deeply, so that the child can provide the required amount of oxygen. It is necessary to choose a more suitable posture so that the fights are not very painful - this is the litter being the position on the back, lying on its side, the vertical position. Toughening, it is not necessary: ​​the baby should be properly located for passage through the birth canal. At this time, you need to obey the doctor and obstetrician, they will give the command to push.

How does vertical delivery take place?

Then comes the second stage of labor: when the uterus has opened about 10 centimeters, and the baby is needed, help to be born. If the baby's head is low enough, attempts are eased due to the pressure on the uterus of the diaphragm. Pressure on the uterus increases and the woman in childbirth.

Due to the combination of intrauterine and intra-abdominal pressure, the baby moves along the birth canal - if the future mother gives birth for the first time - the process takes about 2.5 hours, if not the first - about an hour. At this stage, the specialist can cut the perineum: if the large head of the baby, there is a likelihood of tissue rupture. Already after the head of the child appears, the process goes faster, and the baby comes to light entirely.

Birth video live

(The video is not for the faint-hearted !!!)

After the birth of the baby there is a rejection of the afterbirth and the appearance of the placenta. This is the third stage of labor activity, which lasts about half an hour, and at the moment of the placenta's departure the woman does not feel strong fights. When the entire placenta has already passed, and the baby's umbilical cord is cut, the expert will look at the birth canal of the woman and, when torn, will make their stitching.

Immediately after delivery, the mother will be in the maternity ward, and then she will be transferred to the postnatal ward. At this time, all the necessary procedures for the child will be done: they will examine it, process it, carry out its weighing and measurement. Children's data will be written on the tablet: hour, day and year of birth, patronymic, mother's name, surname, sex. If the labor activity has passed favorably, and the postpartum period passes according to the norm, then a couple of days a woman with a baby is discharged from the hospital. And now a completely new "carefree" life begins, filled with joy and cares!

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