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Health after childbirth

Gynecologist's advice

I have a 40th week of pregnancy. Periodically there are false births. How can you take off cramps if they are exhausted at night? Will the evening primrose capsules help prepare the cervix for childbirth?

Igor Pospelov obstetrician-gynecologist, head. physiological department of the perinatal center of Sochi

If the predictive pains are so long and interfere with sleep, you need to be in the hospital. Such pains exhaust forces, predispose to the complicated course of labor. In the maternity hospital you will be treated for pain relief; for this, drugs, relaxing the uterus, soothing, hypnotic drugs are administered. After a proper rest, normal labor activity will develop, Evening primrose capsules in this case will not help.

I have a pregnancy of 34 weeks. Several times a day the stomach starts to pulsate rhythmically with the same frequency and strength (this state lasts about 3-5 minutes), and during this time the child's intensified movements often occur. This has been going on for about 3 weeks. What could it be?

You feel the manifestations of the motor activity of the fetus - they are often called hiccup-like movements. This phenomenon is not a cause for concern if the results of other studies and observations of the fetus and the pregnant woman are normal.

Tell me, where do women with HPV, in the usual ward or in the observation?

The parturients with an exacerbation of papillomavirus infection give birth in the observatory department of the maternity hospital.

I am 29 years old. We are planning a pregnancy. But I have consumed alcohol in quite large quantities for five years. A year ago she left her own. What is the probability that a child will be born healthy, or, more accurately, how can my alcoholism affect the baby?

If you did not drink alcohol, alcohol will not adversely affect the child's health.

How can the location of the placenta in the uterus affect the operation of caesarean section? (I have a placenta on the front wall.)

The placenta in the zone of the incision can cause insignificant technical difficulties in the operation. On your health and the health of the baby it will not affect.

How much does an average child gain in weight after the 32nd week?

The increase in the weight of the fetus in the third trimester is uneven and the faster, the closer to the term of labor. On average, it will be 150-250 g per week.

I vomited already 7-8 times for 13 weeks of pregnancy. Can this affect the child? Can vomiting cause miscarriage or an undeveloped pregnancy?

A severe course of the toxicosis of the onset of pregnancy is vomiting, which is repeated several times a day. In this case, dehydration of the body occurs, metabolic disturbances develop and a miscarriage can actually occur. Judging by your complaints, you have vomiting several times a week. In order to determine the severity of the condition and the need for treatment, you need to conduct an additional examination - to pass the tests.

The period of my pregnancy is 24 weeks. "Kamenet" the lower abdomen. What are Braxton-Higgs contractions or uterine hypertension? There are no more complaints.

Braxton-Higgs contractions are so-called preparatory fights that prepare the body, uterus and cervix for childbirth. The appearance of such fights in the third trimester of pregnancy is considered normal. If such episodes bother you not often - several times a day - and last no more than a minute, then you need not worry. But, in any case, you need to see a doctor, in order to clarify, whether such abbreviations of the uterus are a sign of the threat of termination of pregnancy. The doctor will appoint an ultrasound study to clarify the condition of the fetus and conduct a gynecological examination on the chair - to clarify the condition of the cervix.