Ear drops from otitis and other remedies for treatment

The ears on the vertex do not hurt anymore! drops for otitis treatmentEveryone knows that otitis is something other than inflammation in the ear. There are three types of otitis media:
  • interior,
  • average,
  • outer.
It turns out that there are a great many causes of otitis media. In addition, this disease is both acute and chronic. Acute otitis often is treated conservatively, and chronic, in particular with epitimpanitis, - through a surgical procedure. But it is possible to do without an operation only if medical care has been provided on time and correctly. As for the conventional treatment, it is prescribed taking into account the characteristics of the human body and the clinical signs of the disease. In particular, this is due to various mechanisms of tissue damage. Naturally, ear drops, that is, in general preparations from otitis, should be prescribed exclusively by a specialist. After all, to each remedy there are possible indications and contraindications, which must be taken into account. However, knowledge about preparations for the treatment of otitis will be useful for every patient. What is the treatment for ear infections? Let's figure it out.

Antidote first aid kit

To date, the main groups of agents that are used in such an unpleasant disease as otitis media are:
  • antibacterial drugs, except for those that have a deleterious effect on the auditory organ (aminoglycoside group: kanamycin, gentamicin);
  • non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), for example, dicofenac;
  • drugs that eliminate pain;
  • antihistamines (that is, against allergies);
  • Drops in the ear with a vasoconstrictor effect, which contribute to the removal of the pathological secret and thus prevent the occurrence of complications.
Hence, to get rid of otitis, both systemic drugs and local drugs are used. In addition, the positive curative effect of physiotherapeutic procedures that reduce inflammation has been proven.

Drops against otitis: what to choose?

The most common drugs for the treatment of otitis are drops. The fact is that they purposefully influence the pathological focus. In addition, they have no systemic action, in other words, they are not addictive. Consequently, they have a minimum of side effects. Drops against otitis for children and adults
However, which of the known ear drops are most effective? This, of course, depends on the active substance. We present to your attention a list of drugs produced in the form of ear drops, the effect of which has been proven exclusively in practice.
The active ingredient of this remedy is indicated in parentheses:
  • Otipax (xylocaine, phenazone);
  • Candibiotics (chloramphenicol, beclomethasone);
  • Normax (norfloxacin);
  • Combinil-Duo (dexamethasone, ciprofloxacin,);
  • Uniflox (ofloxacin).
It turns out that certain ear drops have a combined composition, due to which the drug has a complex effect. In addition, ear drops can simultaneously contain the following components:
  • antibacterial (ciprofloxacin, ofloxacin, etc.),
  • anti-inflammatory (beclomethasone, fexamethasone, phenazone, etc.)
  • anesthetic (xylocaine, etc.).

Swimmer's ear syndrome

It is easy to guess that often this syndrome develops after swimming in water, pool, diving - in general, in the case when water enters the ear cavity. ear plate and otitis And not just gets, but contributes to the violation of protective mechanisms, in particular:
  • a protective film;
  • destroys some types of microorganisms that live on the mucous membranes of the ear and skin;
  • destroys the secretory immunoglobulins A.
In addition to drops, in the treatment of otitis associated with ingress of water into the ear cavity, various methods of ear treatment are widely used, which are performed exclusively by the otolaryngologist.

"Flying" otitis media

However, this is not all the causes of otitis media. Among other things, it happens that it appears after flights by plane. This is due to the fact that if a person has problems with arterial pressure, his changes in the air can cause a malfunction in the functioning of the hearing organ.
In such cases, complex therapy is most often used. First of all, create a decompression, which contributes to the normalization of pressure in the cavity of the middle ear. And then to use classical methods of treatment.

Due to the washing of the nose

In addition, since the ear cavity and nose are connected together in a single system, sometimes during the washing of the nose liquid can penetrate into the ear. Often when the inflammatory process in the nose shows a rinse. And since the liquid trapped in the ear can be infected, it contributes to the development of the middle ear cavity of inflammation. In this situation, the purpose of treatment is both the sanitation of the ear and the elimination of infection in the nasal cavity. cuckoo (nasal lavage) and otitis media It can be concluded that otitis occurs due to various causes. They need to consider the purpose of treatment. But the classic drugs (vasoconstrictor, anti-inflammatory drugs, antibiotics,) and the principles of treatment are always relevant and effective. If everything is appointed and done correctly, the ears on the vertex will very soon cease to hurt.