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Consultations of the gynecologist

Recently, I had white discharge in the evening (comes out 1-2 tight lumps, odorless white). This is normal? Planned visit to the doctor - in 2 weeks. Pregnancy is the first, it's the 17th week.

Marina Alfimova obstetrician-gynecologist, Moscow

Unfortunately, according to the description of the secretions, it is impossible to put any diagnosis, because the same symptoms can be a sign of a variety of diseases. To clarify the situation, you need to see a doctor who, on the basis of examination and analysis, will put the correct diagnosis. If you have any doubts about the course of your pregnancy, it is better to see a doctor before the planned visit.

I have 22 weeks gestation. Today in the morning on the lip found herpes. Than it can be treated? Can I apply ZOVIRAX?

Zoviraks is used only in the third trimester of pregnancy. If the episodes of herpes you already had before the onset of pregnancy, then nothing dangerous in the aggravation of the disease is not, because the body before the onset of pregnancy began to fight the disease, developing protective antibodies that protect your baby, if necessary, the treatment will appoint your doctor.

How many times is it necessary to do ultrasound throughout the pregnancy in the normal course of it?

During pregnancy, ultrasound should be done at least 3 times: at 11-12 weeks of pregnancy - to eliminate gross developmental defects, at 22-23 weeks - also for a more detailed study of the development of the fetus and for the elimination of malformations and in the 30-32 weeks of pregnancy - to assess the condition of the placenta, amniotic fluid, the size of the fetus, the forecast of future births. If there is a need - for example, the appearance of bloody discharge during pregnancy, lack of fetal movements, suspicion of fetal malformations, - ultrasound is done more often to assess the situation.

My husband and I plan a week-long trip to rest in Korea, fly back and forth 9 and 10 hours, respectively. A week ago I went to the hospital with a tonus of the uterus, there were no pains, secretions, too, the length of the cervix was almost 5 cm. In the urine found protein, sugar and white blood cells. I drink kidney tea, CANEFRON, cranberries. How to solve the issue with the flight: can or can not fly? I want to, but I worry about the baby.

Considering the duration of the flight and the unfavorable course of pregnancy, it is better to refuse a trip.

I have 35 weeks of pregnancy. The last urine test showed a protein of 0.033. Than it threatens?

The presence of protein in the urine can be a symptom of the inflammatory process in the vagina, urinary tract (kidney, bladder), as well as the symptom of gestosis - pregnancy complications, in which the work of many organs and systems of the future mother is disrupted, the state of the baby suffers. Also, the presence of protein in the urine can be the result of an incorrect assay collection. You need to re-submit this analysis, following all the rules for collecting it, in the very near future. Immediately before the collection of urine, it is necessary to wash and insert a tampon into the vagina, so that the vaginal discharge does not get into the urine. The analysis should be collected in a pre-sterilized glass jar or in dishes obtained in the laboratory. When the protein is re-discovered, a further examination is necessary to clarify the diagnosis.