Blood clotting disorders

hemophilia and bleeding disordersTo violations of blood clotting doctors refer to bleeding and increased coagulability of blood. Throughout life, a person is repeatedly exposed to various accidents and unforeseen injuries. The loss of blood in certain amounts leads even to death. And everyone knows about the importance of blood for the human body from the school's bench. Reduction or increase in blood coagulability is very important not only for injuries or cuts, but also for conducting operations. Lack of vitamin C, heredity, allergy - these and many other factors can adversely affect the functionality of platelets, which affect the characteristics of the blood supply of the body. The platelets that make up the blood must be stuck together, then a clot forms, and the blood stops at the place of damage. When the coagulability of the blood is of an opposite nature, a very rapid blockage of the vessels can occur. Scientists have proved that the radiation exposure of the body, bone marrow diseases and various infections have a negative effect on the quality and activity of platelets. In some cases, the amount of platelets in the blood in a person is affected by the use of medications. And the plasma factors are negatively affected primarily by heredity. Bleeding is most common than increased coagulability, externally it is determined by the formation of subcutaneous bruises and blood rash. The most dangerous symptoms of bleeding are too abundant menstruation, causeless nasal and internal bleeding. It is very difficult to stop blood in such cases with injuries of a different nature. Naturally, it is best to avoid injuries and this is the best prevention. Treatment takes place under the direct supervision of a doctor, with the mandatory intake of vitamins C and R. Vikasol, that is, vitamin K is administered as an injection in especially severe cases.

In folk medicine to reduce bleeding using infusion of nettles (vitamin K), as well as decoctions of tea leaf and citrus. Tincture of arnica and yarrow are very helpful in uterine bleeding. If a person has strange vomiting, which in appearance resembles a coffee grounds or with an admixture of blood, one must immediately call an ambulance. This is how the gastrointestinal bleeding opens, accompanied by a strong weakness and a sharp decrease in the pulse.
First aid: obligatory cold on the stomach, inside it is desirable cubes with ice. Strong anticoagulants, in exceptional cases, are used by doctors with increased coagulability. The most common remedy in such cases is aspirin, that is, acetylsalicylic acid. If you turn to folk methods for "dilution" of blood, then the most effective cranberries and lemon.
However, it is necessary to draw the attention of the reader to the fact that any treatment without the help of specialists can be not only ineffective, but even dangerous for health. In this regard, it is worth asking for help from doctors, because bleeding and increased coagulability, can play a cruel joke. In the most unanticipated situations, during an operation or an accident, any small thing can cost a person's life.