Bathing a newborn for the first time


41. Beginning with the newborn period, the child is bathed daily, preferably in the evening before the last feeding and sleep.

The first time a child is bathed on the day of discharge from the hospital, and then in 1-2 days at home. The temperature in the room where the baby is bathing should be 22-25 ° C, the windows and doors must be closed.

42. If the umbilical wound has not yet healed, the baby is bathed in boiled water or added potassium permanganate to unboiled water (until a light pink color is obtained).

A bathtub, plastic or enameled, should be designed only for bathing a baby, and it can not be used for any other purposes. The bath should be thoroughly washed before, and especially after bathing, so that there is no residue from the soap on the walls. The water temperature should be 36-37 С (for its measurement use a special thermometer). If the water is hard or not very clean, it should be boiled.

Before bathing, my mother washes her hands with a brush and soap, then undresses the baby and puts it on a towel, spread out on a table. First, the child is washed with boiled water, the ear canal is cleaned with a soft cotton bud. The hairy part of the head and body are soaped with a bast, especially carefully - inguinal folds and places behind the auricles. The soaped baby is dipped in a bath, supporting the head.

Duration of bathing - at first no more than 5-7 minutes. After the bathing, the baby is taken out of the bath, doused with warm water (32-35 C) from the jug and wrapped in a towel.