A story about childbirth. now there are three of us!

A story about childbirth. Now there are three of us! 0 5

Tales of childbirth

A story about childbirth. Now there are three of us!

My pregnancy was proceeding well, I was observed in an ordinary female consultation. At 36 weeks, I came with my husband for the first time to see a doctor who will take delivery. We liked the doctor, and we signed a contract for childbirth. So I went to see her once a week for inspections. When I visited the 40th week, I was told that everything I had there "deaf", this week nothing will happen, and they sent me to walk until February 19 (PDR was on February 17).

Elena Ulanina Moscow

February 18 morning woke up from the fact that the stomach then reduces, then pulls. Tightened ... Became a grasp of the interval to measure the intervals - no periodicity! Relaxed. Probably, training bouts were! Later, the traffic jam began to drift off a bit. I called the doctor, told everything - she offered to come, but I was so calm in my heart, and too lazy to get through all of Moscow. In general, I stayed at home, a girlfriend came, we went to lunch. My belly continued to pull it more and more often ... I came home in the evening, and in my head I thought that it was worth all the same to go to the doctor. Therefore, after waiting for her husband from work, I was glad to see that just in case, we will now go to the reception.

Training fights: false alarm

According to the results of the examination and CTG, the births have not yet begun, but it was decided to leave me in the prenatal period, to watch dynamics until midnight, as everything could start at any moment! My husband was a little shocked, because he was not ready for this turn of events. First I was sent to the treatment room for "pleasant" procedures, given a nightie in a flower, slippers and a bathrobe. My husband was given a locker, and he changed into a green one-time hospital suit. Such elegant we came to the prenatal ward. Fortunately we were there alone. Closer to midnight, I had no shifts, my husband was sent home to sleep, I was put on a dropper and left in the hospital. I did not get to sleep, really. The pain intensified, the periodicity, however, did not appear! So I spent the night alone, in complete uncertainty. It was sad ... I was only happy when I went to the toilet - from how I look: tousled, in a nightie, with a dropper on wheels and on legs bent from unpleasant pain! At 6 am my beloved husband came back to me, and at once it became somehow calmer and more cheerful. 

The long-awaited beginning of childbirth

The pains were ordered, and it immediately became kind of easier! At 8 am, the doctor said that the disclosure is 2 cm, and I give birth. They sent us to walk along the corridors a little, get warm, fight. At 9 am we were transferred to a pedigree, it was decided to do a puncture of the bladder, it turned out that it really did not hurt at all, I did not feel anything. Only after that the fights started much more seriously than they were! I lay like this, crouched for 40 minutes, Seryozha with a suffering look was holding my hand and was upset that he could not help me. The doctor offered to choose - walk or epiduralku, I proudly said that I will walk, but at this moment I started another fight, and my heroism is over! I was very afraid of the injection, but without it I was even more frightened! An anesthesiologist came, talked to me and joked without interruption, and it did not hurt to do the injection. After half an hour, the epidural acted, and it became cool to me! The only thing I really wanted was to eat, but not! By 12 o'clock in the afternoon the disclosure was only 3 cm, and I was upset that I was not born before evening, and we sing, respectively, generally only at night. However, 2 hours after the next inspection, they suddenly told me: "Full discovery"! I, just in case, clarified, what does this mean? They answered me: "Well, how? There's a black hair out there! In an hour we'll start pushing! "And I did not understand! I did not feel the pain, but the last hour began to feel pressure at the bottom, raspiranie, or something ... 

Happy birth finale

My husband returned from lunch in the family unit so relaxed, and I told him from the door: "Your daughter is not red! The hair is dark! "He stood dead in the doorway, then he was sent to the corridor, me and the bed began to prepare for the second stage of childbirth. This, of course, is the most difficult and responsible moment in the entire process of delivery. I still do not understand how to push and how wrong. It seems so much, much hard, and you are screaming that you do not do anything! But the main thing is to listen to what the doctor and midwife says. Breathe in! Tug! Stronger!!! Stronger!!! Exhalation!!! Another breath !!! ... And now I started to fly out of inhuman sounds! At the same time, I did not let go of the idea that the eyes can not be opened, otherwise the sulphides will break. And the last breath, my eyes are closed, and I understand that my crumb is already being taken out. Lying and eyes afraid to open. I hear a cry, I open my eyes, already full of tears, and I see my daughter! Such a small, red-haired girl was put on my stomach. Feelings unusual, some warmth spread all over the body at once, I wanted to scream with happiness, but I could only cry. They carried her to the changing table and put her in order, and the young father was called there. We weighed, measured, dressed the baby, put ice on my stomach, covered me with a blanket and left us alone ... So we sat with my husband, looked at our Maruska and cried for love and happiness. Now there are three of us!

Specialist Comments

Elizabeth Novoselova. Doctor obstetrician-gynecologist, Moscow

On the eve of the "Day X", Elena's precursors of labor appeared. The periodic tension of the abdomen, which bothered Elena, is called training or false contractions. They can normally appear shortly before the birth and are not actually an activity, since they do not lead to the opening of the cervix. To distinguish them from the real ones is not at all difficult. In most cases, predictive fights are weak, painless, irregular, or alternating with a significant interval (30 min or more). Generic, on the contrary, are regular and gradually increase in intensity and lead to a visible result - the opening of the cervix. If there is any doubt, you can see the doctor - a simple obstetric examination will be enough to make an accurate diagnosis. That's exactly what Elena did.

An examination on the armchair showed that the delivery has not yet begun, but this can happen at any time. This conclusion the doctor could make, based on the characteristic changes in the tissues of the birth canal before childbirth and analyzed the complaints with which Elena turned to the hospital. Childbirth begins when the body of the pregnant woman accumulates the necessary number of female hormones - estrogens. These same hormones on the eve of birth make the tissues of the birth canals more elastic, which is easily determined by vaginal examination. The cervix softens, and its channel - is slightly opened. In this case, the mucous mass that filled the cervical canal, can stand out from the genital tract of a woman. This phenomenon is called the separation of the mucous plug - the most unusual intimate secretions that our heroine drew attention to. 

Since at the time of the referral to the doctor Helen continued training fights, the doctor decided to leave the future mother in the maternity hospital for observation. Convinced that the birth does not begin yet, she was prescribed intravenous antispasmodics to allow her to rest on the eve of childbirth. These drugs do not affect the time and strength of the development of this generic activity, but perfectly "remove" the protracted training bouts. 

In disputable cases, antispasmodics help the doctor to make a correct diagnosis: training fights soon after the drug is stopped, and the real ones, on the contrary, become stronger and become regular. So it happened with our heroine, after the dropper, her long-awaited birth began. 

At the beginning of the birth, Elena was advised to go more to "work up" a good strong fights. The movement does contribute to the dynamic development of labor. This is explained quite simply: when walking, the mother gives birth to blood circulation and increases the flow to the uterus of arterial blood, rich in oxygen. And since the uterus is a muscular organ, its contractions also directly depend on the blood supply. 

After the transfer to the pediatric unit, Elena was amniotomized. This is the procedure for puncturing the bladder. Most likely, the doctor made this decision because, despite regular bouts, the opening of the cervix did not increase (that is, there was no positive dynamics in childbirth). The procedure of the puncture of the bladder is absolutely painless, which Elena noted in her story. It is produced by a doctor in the process of vaginal examination using a sterile disposable instrument. After an amniotomy, contractions usually increase, and disclosure occurs more quickly - this is exactly what happened in the case of our heroine.

When the contractions became frequent and painful, the doctor asked Elena whether she needed medical anesthesia. In this there is nothing unusual: every woman has the right to anesthetize childbirth, and the doctor at a certain stage of childbirth is obliged to ask the woman in question such a question. However, if there is no special medical indication for anesthesia, insist on its use, or, conversely, the doctor will not dissuade the patient - the choice is always for the future mother. At the same time, there are a number of situations when the use of this or that kind of anesthesia is simply necessary for objective medical indications. In such cases, the doctor may insist on medical intervention, explaining the mother to the cause of her persistence. For example, epidural anesthesia is also used as an antispasmodic (muscle relaxing) remedy to improve cervical dilatation, if, in spite of strong contractions, this process is too slow.

Epidural anesthesia is made by an anesthesiologist. Before making a final decision on the method of anesthesia, he conducts a preliminary consultation. During the examination and conversation with the woman in labor, the doctor reveals the indications and contraindications to epidural anesthesia, predicts the risk of developing certain complications, determines the tolerability of the medicines used. After a superficial anesthetic of the skin in the area of ​​intervention, the doctor makes a puncture between the vertebrae with a special needle. Then, into the puncture site (at the level of the 3-4th vertebra of the lumbar region), a soft flexible tubule is inserted - a catheter, through which the medicine enters the spinal canal. 

As a result of this anesthesia, the transmission of the nerve impulse from the uterus to the brain is blocked. That is, in fact, the pain remains, but the "distress signal" sent by the pain receptors does not reach the painful center of the brain. During the birth, if necessary, the doctor can add an anesthetic dose through the catheter.

Elena recalls that it was difficult for her to understand how to push right. She could not do it at full strength. Puteaux is the tension of the diaphragm and abdominal muscles. It feels like a similar action when releasing the intestines. Efforts are really connected with great efforts, and in order for them to be effective, it is necessary to breathe properly.

Before tensing, you need to throw your head back and take a deep breath in your mouth so that the air reaches the limit to the limit, then hold your breath and press your chin to your chest. This inspiration in itself causes the tension of the press, and pressing the chin to the chest, the mother is grouped and protects herself from premature exhalation. 

During an effort, intracranial pressure and the pressure of the fundus are significantly increased. Therefore, in order not to impair vision, it is recommended to screw up your eyes before every attempt - in this Elena was absolutely right.

In order to make it effective, it is necessary to master the proper exhalation. To do this it is necessary, on the one hand, smoothly half-open mouth, while lifting his head, on the other - quickly, since in one fight the woman in labor must have time to strain three times. This technique after the exhalation is complete allows you to take a breath right away before the next attempt.