Stool at the breastfed on the mixed feeding

What kind of stool should be used in newborns with mixed feeding?

What is the stool with mixed feeding?Mixed feeding and some irregularities in the organization of nutrition by parents can make the stool of a babe too frequent or, on the contrary, rare. What chair is considered normal in a child of the first year of life, what is considered a violation and how to treat it?

Doctors consider normal, when the baby empties the intestine from 1 to 7 times a day. The stool becomes less frequent with age. And when introducing complementary foods, there is not much different from the "adult". Becomes more rare - 1-2 times a day, decorated and with an unpleasant odor. All this is normal. In general, the daily, not too frequent stool of any consistency can be considered normal. Feces of the infant with mixed feeding can have any color, except for black (this indicates the admixture of blood). Usually the color of the chair reflects what the child ate. If the mother carefully examines the diaper, it can detect there undigested food pieces. White lumps are a undigested mixture, a variant of the norm, when mixed feeding of newborns and infants is carried out. Yes, sometimes it happens with exclusive breastfeeding. Pieces of vegetables in the stool are also normal. Surely you've heard of rough fiber, so, vegetables are taken out of the body in this form. And this is only good. Rough fiber stimulates soft and regular stools.

Constipation in newborns with mixed feeding

If the baby is already heavily eating complementary foods, then often this problem is in an unbalanced diet. For example, if the mother offers the child a lot of porridge and little vegetables. Usually such a situation develops when porridges are given milk, sweetened, with sweet fruits. Then the child no longer wants to eat vegetables. Therefore, modern pediatricians advise first to introduce vegetables and not sweeten food to children of the first year of life.

It is necessary to experiment and still "force" the child to eat vegetables. If he does not want to eat your preparation puree - buy ready-made baby food. It's better than nothing. And do not forget to add one teaspoon of vegetable oil to the vegetables. It is very useful and stimulates the intestines.

Be sure to suggest drinking more fluids. Simple water from a bottle or from a spoon. Periodically you can replace it with decoctions of dried fruits. Especially appreciated in this regard raisins. You can cook compotes without sugar from apples, pears, apricots, plums and other fruits, well tolerated by the child.

Give your child room for movement. This type of physical activity helps the intestinal peristalsis. Often, parents for their own comfort hold children who already know how to move around the pedestal and crawl, in arenas and cots. So this not only slows down their development, but also leads to a violation of the regularity of emptying the intestine.

If the stool remains a rare, dense, discomforting child, drug therapy can not be avoided. But, of course, not laxatives, which are usually prescribed to adults. Children are given lactulose syrup (commercial names - Dufalac, Normase, etc.). With a correct dosage and with regular use, it will provide a daily soft stool. In a few weeks, when the intestine learns to be emptied in a timely manner, the syrup dosage gradually decreases and is reduced to nothing.

Fluid stool in mixed feeding infant

And constipation is bad, and diarrhea. But dilute stools are the absolute norm for children who do not receive complementary foods. After all, their food is only liquid. Parents usually ask questions if they notice slime in the baby's chair or if their color becomes unusual. So, if a green stool appears in a breastfed infant with mixed feeding, they usually talk about dysbacteriosis and advise taking a coprogram. If the diagnosis is confirmed, prescribe drugs to normalize the intestinal microflora. Perhaps the child reacts so much to the mixture, it turned out to be an allergen for him. Then it makes sense to change it.

On the intestinal infection they say in the case when the child's chair is more than 7-8 times a day, it is completely liquid, like water. In addition, with intestinal infection the baby has a stomach ache and body temperature is increased.

Then what kind of chair in newborns with mixed feeding is normal? Pulled, usually yellow, but can be a little bit with a green. But the main thing is not the color and consistency of the stool, but the child's well-being. If he does not have any pain, he normally regains weight, sleeps well and develops according to his age, there is no reason for worry. Do not pay too much attention to the contents of the diaper.