Paracetamol for breastfeeding

What antipyretic can be taken with breastfeeding

Can paracetamol be breastfed?Cold and flu when breastfeeding can happen to any woman. Is it necessary to stop feeding for the time of illness, to feed the child with expressed milk and most importantly - what antipyretic drugs taken by the mother will not harm her child if she continues giving him the breast?

Let's start with the last question - paracetamol in breastfeeding is the most often prescribed medicine against heat. With these pills, many women are familiar with the time of pregnancy, when only they can be safely taken if necessary.

You can drink paracetamol when breastfeeding at dosages recommended by your doctor. Not more often 3-4 times a day, in the amount of not more than 3-4 grams. A single dosage is calculated depending on the weight of the woman. The more weight - the more dosage should be, so that the medicine works. Usually it is 750 or 1000 mg, but not more than that.

Use antipyretic without consulting a doctor with a more or less tolerable state of health can be within three days. If during this time the disease did not recede, a doctor's consultation is required. He will tell you how to take paracetamol when breastfeeding in the future and, most likely, prescribe other medicines that will help get rid of the disease.

Does the drug penetrate into breast milk? Yes, but in very small quantities. To minimize exclusion of this chemical in the body of the child, you need to take the pill immediately after feeding. Then, to the next feeding, which takes place in 3-4 hours, in breast milk there will be a miserly concentration of the drug, which is absolutely safe and unnoticeable for the child's organism.

But if the temperature is below 38.5 degrees, although there is a general decline in strength, a sore throat, a runny nose, should you take paracetamol? Doctors do not recommend this to future and nursing mothers. At least, take the pill often, as in the heat. It is better to find folk methods than to knock down the temperature when breastfeeding mother. Let it be cool air in the room, a warm drink, a shower or even a cool bath. By the way, a very good way to reduce your temperature quickly and without medication is to take a bath with a temperature slightly below 37 degrees. Your body will give the water a little warmth. This will reduce the temperature. Law of physics.

But in some cases, paracetamol is not used to relieve heat. Questions whether paracetamol can be affected by fever and headache when breastfeeding are identical. Of course, it's better to do without medication. About non-drug ways to reduce the temperature, we told. And the same non-pharmacological method can overcome the headache. For example, with migraines, deep sleep helps very well. And with so-called tension pains, a light neck massage and taking antispasmodics. Often even an ordinary valerian helps to improve well-being. The person, having accepted it, calms down, relaxes, and the headache passes. If not, then paracetamol "from the head" and the temperature when breastfeeding is used.

But let's return to our first question about colds. Just by knocking down the temperature, you can not get rid of the virus. But most doctors generally advise ARD and ARVI not to heal, as they are cured themselves. And for the period of treatment, taking medications does not have much influence. But all these drugs fall into the milk, and from there into the body of the child. Therefore, before you treat a cold with breastfeeding alone, wait a bit, most likely, very soon you will get better. If not, consult a doctor. Interrupt feeding for the period of illness is not necessary. You should only take measures to prevent the infection of the child from you by airborne droplets. This is a thorough adherence to hygiene and the use of medical masks.