Night feeding of a child

Night feeding babies

Night feeding of a child up to a year, after a yearNight feeding of a child causes controversy among pediatricians. Some argue that the baby's stomach should rest at night, and not digest food. The second ones are sure that the mother's milk is an easily assimilated product and does not load the stomach. Night feeding of a child up to a year is an important point in the whole process of nutrition.

Briefly, the process of breastfeeding can be described as follows: "Demand creates supply." The crumb was attached to the chest, a signal is given - milk is needed. It is produced, the child eats, after a while again is applied. The signal is fed again. The more often applied to the breast - the more milk will be.

Benefits of night feeding

There is one more truth that is important to remember: night feeding is determined by daytime feeding. This means that the better, longer, more fully will the process of feeding at night, the more milk will be during the day. While lactation is established, night attachments to the breast play a crucial role. After all, the production of the hormone prolactin, responsible for the amount of milk, occurs in the night.

Discussing the night feeding of the baby, it is impossible to avoid the topic of joint sleep. Here, however, as in all matters of feeding, education and care, there are opposite points of view. Opponents of sleeping mom and baby beside lead arguments that the mother will not sleep enough if the baby is near; she can crush a child at night, and in general - do not it! There is a cot, and a point! And those who consider a joint dream a boon, say: Mom sleeps better if the nose-kurnosik snuffs together; the process of feeding is long, which increases the production of prolactin; close contact of mother and child provides a little man with a sense of comfort and security. Therefore, most mothers practice joint sleep and breast feeding of the baby at night after a year of life.

Feeding frequency

All individually. There are children who have been sleeping 5-6 hours from birth without a break. There are also those who wake up every hour. There are many factors: cutting teeth, hunger, physical discomfort (hot, hard, the pen is stale), tummy and so on. Mom's milk is not only sated, but it also helps to calm down, relax. You can imagine a picture: a baby arches and screams, his mother puts it to his chest, and the child immediately quietes down, relaxes, occasionally sobbing.

Our life is unpredictable, and there can be a situation when it is necessary to reduce breastfeeding to a minimum. For this we gradually wean the child from night feeding. How many times to feed the child at night, mother decides. Sometimes it is advised to offer sweet or regular water, gruel, cow milk instead of breast. Sweet water can lead to the development of "bottle caries", cow's milk is digested harder than mom's. A simple water does not quench the feeling of hunger.

It is necessary to feed the child as much as possible during the day, so that he receives both mother's milk and tactile contact. Offer the breast to the baby as soon as you go to bed yourself. Do not let lazy suck breast, if the child ate. And offer the child an alternative to falling asleep under the breast - massage, stroking, patting, rocking. Let him feel your love and affection.