Lactation period

What taboos are during lactation

What can not be done during lactationThe lactation period in women, what is it and what is its complexity? Lactation is the time when a mother feeds her baby with her breast milk and has a great responsibility for his health and well-being in connection with this. Frequent violations of the diet of a nursing woman, the use of harmful products - the main causes of intestinal disorders and diathesis in a child. Also, the lactation period is the time when many medicines for mom are contraindicated because of their toxicity and high concentration of chemicals from the drug into breast milk. But we will begin with the common truths.

So, what can not be done during lactation in the first place?

1. Smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages. And if you can still conduct some sort of discussion about a rare smoking, although one cigarette smoked by the mother, indisputably, will not add health to the child, then it has long been clear about alcohol. Breastfeeding mother should not take alcoholic beverages. At all. The only alternative is in this case, the temporary cessation of breastfeeding, until the complete elimination of alcohol from the body. This can take about a day. Some mothers, especially those whose children are already receiving large amounts of lure, express the milk in advance to use it to feed the baby. And after drinking alcohol, too, expressing the milk, but only to ensure that the lactation did not get off, and the lactostasis did not form in the chest. The milk itself pours out.

Remember that alcohol in breast milk leads to deaths from children. They are regularly written about in the press.

2. In the first months of life, it is better not to eat chocolate and citrus fruits. Do not use excessive amounts of protein products. Young children are extremely prone to allergic reactions. Nursing mother can eat almost everything from food, but little by little, so that the concentration of the allergen in breast milk is not too high. This applies not only to chocolate, oranges, tangerines and similar exotics. But eggs, chicken, milk and other protein products.

3. Drink medicines without doctor's advice. To use at your discretion biologically active additives. Taking medication while breastfeeding should be limited. Even banal vitamins can cause severe allergic reactions in the child. Therefore, doctors say that the mother apart from the potassium iodide ("commercial name of the drug -" Jodomarin "), you do not need to drink anything without their appointment.

Paracetamol in breastfeeding can be used as a light anesthetic and antipyretic. This drug penetrates into breast milk in minimal amounts. Yes, and children are given paracetamol, when those who have a fever after vaccination or during the disease. Naturally, you can not violate the maximum recommended dosages for adults. And this is 4 grams of paracetamol per day.

But-shpa during lactation is sometimes used by women to relieve spasms during menstruation. But in fact, better with this will cope with a drug like "Nurofen", it has a pronounced analgesic effect. And even menstrual blood loss reduces. And "Nurofen" is allowed for admission to children older than 3 months. Therefore, in tolerable dosages, lactation treatment is allowed.

As for various acute respiratory diseases, it is better to confine them to traditional remedies and symptomatic ones. That is, to take medication with breastfeeding, supposedly improving immunity, is not worth it. They do not have the stated effectiveness. And you can not accelerate your recovery. But feel better in your power. For this, antipyretic and anesthetic agents are used, of which we wrote earlier. As for what to cure a cold when lactating from folk remedies, then you can use for this purpose broths of herbs, only not for ingestion, but rinsing your throat. They do not kill germs, but they will well moisturize the throat and relieve severe pain. The rhinitis is treated standardly - vasoconstrictive agents and moisturizing the mucous membrane of the nose (you can just saline). From a cough you can do inhalations with saline. The main thing is not to miss the flu.

Lactation passes through different periods, and when the baby turns a year, in the case of substitution of lactation with feedings, it gradually fades. Feedings are usually only morning and night, which means that if there is a need to take medication, it is better to do it in the morning, after feeding. Then most of the drug to the next, nightly feeding, will leave the milk.