Is it necessary to give water to a baby?

When to start giving water to a baby and in what quantities

How much and how to give water in case of breast, mixed, artificial feedingIs it possible and necessary to give water to a baby or is it not necessary? This issue was not faced by moms 20-30 years ago. After all, women from the hospital were taught that children should be offered water from the very first days of life, that mother's milk is mostly food. Children also need children. Now the opinion on this subject has changed for doctors. And yet, is it necessary to give babies water in the summer in the heat or can you limit yourself to basic, liquid nutrition? What are the opinions of doctors about this?

Usually, first of all they consider the opinion of the WHO about this. Doctors say that during the newborn period, there is no need for this. In order for a mother to have lactation and a child gaining weight well, he is often offered a breast. But the period of the newborn is only the first 28 days after the birth of the child (and not the entire first year of life!). And what then, whether to give water to a baby when breastfeeding, before introducing into his diet porridge, mashed potatoes, etc.?

If the mother is ready to feed the baby on the first squeak, then there is no need for dopaivanii. When feeding on demand, the baby does not feel thirsty because it often sucks the breast. It's another matter if the baby is on the feeding schedule, for example, the breasts are given to him every 3 hours, then water can not be dispensed with.

When to start giving water to a baby

1. At high temperature, even during the newborn period. High temperature always leads to loss of moisture, which means, to dehydration. And sometimes one breast is not enough. Doctors recommend to give drinking water to a baby at a temperature above the norm. Let even 1-2 teaspoons, between the feedings.

2. If the house is dry and hot. A characteristic pattern for early spring, late autumn and winter, when heating is turned on. Of course, you need to try on your own to reduce the temperature of the air in the room to 20-22 degrees and humidity to at least 40%. But if there are any difficulties with this, it's time to think about how and what water to give to a newborn on mixed feeding, artificial or natural. Differences in recommendations for different types of food are few.

3. After the introduction of puree in the diet, that is, vegetable, fruit purees and cereals. Even if the baby is exclusively breastfed, now you need to teach him to drink some more water. It is given necessarily between meals, so as not to bring down the appetite. Do not offer water to the baby less than half an hour before the planned feeding. Water infants with the introduction of complementary foods should be given in order to avoid constipation. Often mothers complain that children drink water very badly. Especially those that are on breastfeeding on demand. This is not a big trouble. Usually, with the increase in the amount of complementary foods, a child and drink begins better. In extreme cases, you can make mashed potatoes and cereals more liquid, then the need for drinking in the child will, naturally, be lower.

4. If the mother stops giving breast on demand. When there is a strong desire to switch to feeding according to the regime, it must be understood that a child without drinking will not last 3-4 hours. And if the baby started to cry, then first of all it is necessary to offer him a drink from a bottle, from a spoon, a drinker or as you prefer.

5. In the absence of night feeding, especially in a stuffy room. At night many children wake up because of thirst. If the mother does not feed the baby at night with a breast and does not give the mixture, you need to offer him a drink of water. Well, do not forget to ventilate the room, or better - to sleep with an open window, so that the rest of the night is calmer.

6. If in the ward at the hospital is hot, that is, in the first days of the child's life. Even in the newborn period without water, sometimes you can not do. Too much heat in our maternity hospitals. Well, a lot of mothers are afraid of airing the ward (suddenly the child blows!). And the children are screaming. And when mom does not have milk yet, there is only colostrum, the baby can not get drunk, suffers from thirst, screams. "Colic, or want to eat," the nursing nurse will respond to Mom's complaints. But in reality it's just thirst. It is necessary to try to drink the child, and he certainly will calm down. By the way, one of the signs of loss of moisture in the baby is a rapid decrease in his weight.

7. If a mixture is introduced into the baby's diet. When breastfeeding infants, water should be given, since the mixture is less watery than breast milk. And, by the way, children often suffer from constipation during feeding with mixtures. All because of a lack of moisture. The amount of water for dopaivaniya child is not standardized. The kid himself knows how much he needs to drink. To offer the same bottle with drinking should adults, and quite often.

How much water should be given to the baby on mixed feeding, artificial and natural breast

It is impossible to name exact figures. But in the case of natural feeding and introduced lure, the water volume is approximately equal to the amount of complementary foods. That is, if a child eats 300 grams of complementary foods (any - cereals, vegetables, fruits, meat, etc.), then drink the same amount of liquid.

What if the baby does not drink so much? In the case of breastfeeding and a regular soft stool, you do not have to worry, most likely, the baby replaces water with mother's milk.

The question is more interesting, how much water can be given to a babe on artificial feeding. As a rule, children, who are accustomed to sucking a bottle, willingly drink water from it. Mom, you can not count a gram as a child drank. Their task is only to offer any liquid (compotes, decoctions of dried fruits, always without sugar, plain water) between feedings.

Do we need to give water on mixed feeding, we also clarified earlier. The volume of water can be anything, at the request of the child. If the baby is crying - give him first a drink, and then he goes, if there is no other reason for crying. The children of the first months of life, those who are called water-birds, drink from 100 grams of water per day. In the heat, the amount of liquid consumed naturally increases.