Crusts on the head of a baby

Crusts on the head (parietal crusts) near infants

Yellow crusts on the head the baby is not allowed to grow hair? The best way to get rid of them is your attentive and careful care of baby skin.

crusts on the head, себорейные корочкиВ первые месяцы у ребенка может появиться «колыбельная шапочка» - желтоватые или белые crusts on the head. Ко второму году они постепенно проходят. Основная причина их возникновения – повышенная секреция сальных желез.

Wrong withdrawal, improper cosmetic means or a baby's tendency to allergies can also provoke education seborrheic crusts. Usually they appear on the vertex (which is why they are also called "parietal"), but they are often found in the fontanel and on the forehead.

With proper care, you can easily cope with them. And the baby will quickly grow soft, silky hair.

Почему появляются crusts on the head?

If you bathe your baby every day, wear clean hats made of natural cloth, and seborrheic crusts still remain, you should consult a doctor and he will prescribe an effective treatment. But before that, think: perhaps you did not take into account something.

  • Are you afraid that the child will catch a cold and even put on a hat at home? Do not do this! Due to the fact that he is sweating, new and new crusts may appear on his forehead and on the crown.
  • You wash the baby's head with a fragrant hot pink shampoo? It is possible that it is he who causes irritation. The saturated color and strong smell of the cosmetic means indicate the high content of flavorings and colorants in it. On them, the tender baby's skin reacts.
  • Do you bathe your cappuccino every day and at the same time necessarily wash his head? Because of this, the skin may dry out, causing seborrheic dermatitis to only worsen.
  • Is your child allergic? Keep in mind that in young allergens the immunity is weaker, so the crusts appear more often and do not last longer. And the cause of their occurrence can be even the introduction of complementary foods.

3 steps to smooth skin

Surely you will want to quickly save the baby from the crusts on his head! However, there is no place for haste here. Do not scrape them off, even if it seems to you that they are about to fall off themselves. Otherwise, you will damage the delicate skin on the child's head, and infection can get into the wound.

Keep in mind that parietal crusts are not a disease. So do not grab for drugs immediately, try to use home remedies. The main thing is to choose the right tactics and conduct procedures on a daily basis.

  • An hour before bathing, lubricate the baby's head with oil (special baby or olive oil), salicylic ointment or liquid Vaseline. Soaking the skin with the product, talk gently with the baby. After all, he is so pleased to communicate with his mother!
  • Put on your baby's cap. This will not allow the ingress of oil or ointment into the eyes, and in addition, it will serve as an excellent warming agent. Thus, the crusts soften well and come off much faster. To put on the hat without problems, distract the kid with a bright toy.
  • Before bathing, remove the cap and gently massage the scalp with a very soft brush. After that, go with the child to the bathroom.
crusts on the head, себорейные корочкиAtone
  • Gently wash the baby's head with shampoo, specially designed for gentle baby skin. And do not overdo it: just do it once. Take care that the shampoo does not hit your eyes, otherwise the next time the baby does not want to wash his hair.
  • Rinse the scalp thoroughly: neither oil, nor shampoo should remain on the skin. After bathing, gently pat the head with a soft towel. Do not dry it specially.
  • If some of the crusts remain, gently consider them scallop, and then gently walk through the hair with a brush. It stimulates the bulbs well, and the hair will grow faster. The comb should be with blunt teeth, and the brush - with a soft natural pile and in no case with a synthetic one.
  • Do not be afraid to take off the crusts in the fontanel. He is not as vulnerable as you think.

Silky curls

By sticking to these simple rules, you will help the baby's hair to become healthy and beautiful.

  • Let the scalp be able to breathe. Remove the cap from the baby in the room. It is better to keep the room at a comfortable temperature and to eliminate drafts than to smash the crumbs.
  • If the baby has a soft fluff instead of the hair, wash his head with water only, without the use of cosmetic products. When hair becomes thicker and longer, use only a special baby shampoo, but not more than twice a week.
  • Gently comb the baby's hair both before and after bathing. Do not twitch the tangles, they should be cut off carefully.