Colds with breastfeeding

Treatment of colds in the mother during lactation

How to treat a cold at mom with breastfeedingA mother's cold during breastfeeding, how not to infect a child, how to treat, what medicines are acceptable and harmless to the baby? When we are sick, it is not a big trouble. We know that everything will pass for 7-10 days. But when there is a responsibility for the life of another, tiny creature - there are various fears ...

Until recently, a couple of dozen years ago, a cold with breastfeeding was the reason for a temporary abolition of lactation. Some doctors recommended that during the days of illness, the child should be transferred to a milk formula. Others recommended simply decanting. Express the boiled milk and then give the baby.

Modern doctors agree that the common cold during breastfeeding is not a reason to refuse to breastfeed a child naturally. But, of course, some precautions when contacting the child will be necessary. For example, before taking a child, and especially feeding him, it is advisable to wash your hands. Often ventilate the apartment in which you are. And at the time of feeding, wear a medical mask. Or make yourself a gauze. Bandages also need not forget to change.

The cold at gv through milk is not passed from mother to child. At least to such an extent that the child has symptoms of the disease. But together with my mother's milk the baby will get antibodies against this infection, which will help him develop good immunity. Interrupt feeding should only be done if in the mother's milk is found out a golden staphilococcus in high concentration. And do not feed the very one who has chest pain. Most likely, she is struck by mastitis. Sometimes it is taken for a viral infection. Therefore it is advisable to visit a doctor or call him at home if there are symptoms of inflammation of the breast, and body temperature is increased.

It remains only to figure out how to treat a cold during breastfeeding with my mother, what drugs are allowed? Naturally, you need to read the instructions for each drug before you start taking it. And be sure to tell your doctor that you are a nursing mother. Since this can change the tactics of treatment.

Nevertheless, most of the drugs prescribed by the doctor, the instruction may contain a warning that it should not be drunk during pregnancy and lactation. Often in this way, manufacturers are simply reinsured. But in fact this is what you can breastfeed your mother for a cold without any fear.

The main thing is not to start treating yourself with antibiotics without consulting a doctor. Many of them are contraindicated in lactation. And if they are not contraindicated, they can cause a disorder of the stool in the baby. When are antibiotics needed? If there is a bacterial infection. For example, according to the analysis of urine and kidney ultrasound, pyelonephritis, tonsillitis, and mastitis are diagnosed. Permitted antibiotics are many. But during treatment, they usually recommend taking additional medications to improve the intestinal microflora. They through the breast milk should get into the body to the baby and slightly smoothen the possible side effects of antibiotic therapy in the form of diarrhea or constipation. Contraindicated future mothers, levomitsetin, derivatives of fluoroquinolone. These drugs negatively affect the blood and bone system of the child.

Treatment of a cold in a mother with breastfeeding, if it is a viral infection, should be more symptomatic. That is, too "healing" is not worth it. If the temperature rises, you can take such medications for colds with breastfeeding, like "Paracetamol" and "Ibuprofen." These drugs in small amounts are excreted in breast milk. However, do not use them at temperatures below 38.5 degrees, as this can slow the recovery. It is very good to use folk remedies for colds when breastfeeding, such as wiping the body with a cloth soaked in warm water. A plentiful warm or even tolerably hot drink is also very useful, since it helps to remove toxins from the body faster, helps reduce temperature and good inflow of breast milk.

What should I do if my mother colds during breastfeeding, if she has a bad cold? If pregnant women are recommended only moisturizing and rinsing the nasal cavity with non-medicines, then nursing medications can be used: nasivin, prasnos, rinostop, etc. But not more than 3-5 days, otherwise the situation with the common cold will only worsen.

In the question of how to treat a cold with breastfeeding, when the throat and cough hurt, doctors are also usually solidary - the therapy should be symptomatic. Antibiotics are prescribed only with angina, proven by the result of sowing from the throat. And in other cases, enough rinses. Perhaps, antiseptic means - "Chlorhexidine" or "Miramistin", if they are well tolerated and do not cause irritation. And from cough, you can use various drugs that dilute sputum. This is if the cough has already passed into the wet. For example, "Ambrobene", "Mukaltin". A very useful procedure will be inhalation of moistened air.

ARI and SARS usually take place within 7-10 days. It would seem, short term, but on it in no event it is impossible to stop breastfeeding. It will hurt both mother and child.