Bromocriptine for cessation of lactation

Suppression of lactation with Bromocriptine

Discontinuation of lactation with BromocriptineSometimes breastfeeding requires complete cessation as soon as possible. Perhaps, even immediately after childbirth. Or after a late miscarriage. It is not possible to carry it out with folk remedies or the so-called natural method. Therefore, to accelerate the process, Bromkryptin or Dostinex is used to stop lactation - the drugs are quite serious, with a lot of contraindications and side effects, including even a heart attack and a stroke. Although such severe consequences of the tablet to stop lactation, Bromocriptine is infrequent, since a short time is also taken in relatively small dosages. What are the characteristics of drug interruption of lactation?

The best effect of this medication is if it is performed even before the milk begins to be produced in the breast. Bromocriptine from breast milk allows you to completely get rid of. At the same time, a woman does not experience malaise due to stagnant milk (lactostasis), there is no need to decant, take painkillers and antipyretic drugs. Another thing is if the drugs for stopping breastfeeding are taken, when the lactation is already established, milk comes in very much. In this case, the woman will need to be expressed if she feels pain in the area of ​​the mammary glands. It is better to do all this under the supervision of a doctor who will tell about Bromocriptine how to take to stop lactation and whether to decant (in what situations).

Doctors advise without special need not to practice drug therapy, and to complete breastfeeding gradually. Even for 1-2 months, simply reducing the number of baby feedings. In this way, milk will gradually cease to be produced, and the breast will not remain overcrowded with milk.

If, however, you decide to suppress lactation with Bromocriptine, carefully read the instructions for use of this drug and consult your doctor. On the Internet, there are many stories about the personal experience of using this medication. Many women after his admission feel badly, fall into fainting, someone has a headache or a puffy nose. For these reasons, many modern doctors have stopped appointing him for insignificant reasons. Bromocriptine-Richter tablets used to be used both for mastopathy and infertility (even in case of unspecified reason), and with low libido, etc. Now Bromocriptine is prescribed for hyperprolactinaemia associated with a benign tumor of the pituitary gland that stimulates the production of prolactin in large quantities.

And can I breastfeed after applying Bromocriptine if I change my mind about ending lactation? Yes, it is possible, if only a little milk remains in the chest. True, we will have to try to restore the previous volume. By the way, this medicine is prescribed for women who are fed and want to continue to breast-feed children. This is necessary in the case of mastitis, for example, then a woman takes Bromocriptine in a small dosage to only slightly reduce lactation, improve their health.

When taking this drug is strictly prohibited to drink alcohol, they are absolutely not compatible. Possible shortness of breath, tachycardia, chest pain, vomiting, severe headache, loss of vision, etc. In addition, bromocriptine has the feature of reducing the effect of oral contraceptives, which can lead to unwanted pregnancy.

To stop lactation, the tablets are taken in the following dosage: 1.25 mg twice a day for two weeks, after intake milk can come, but in small amounts, then it will take a week to take the drug and the milk secretion will completely stop.