Breastfeeding after caesarean section

How to organize lactation after cesarean section

How to improve breastfeeding after cesareanProlonged and successful breastfeeding is possible both after natural childbirth and after the operation by cesarean section, the main thing is to observe certain rules. What should I take care of before and after the birth of a baby?

Unfortunately, not all women have the opportunity to give birth to a child through natural birthmarks. And the difficulty after the operation can cause breastfeeding after caesarean section because the baby does not suck a lot of the breast, does not stimulate the appearance of milk, and even the antibiotics taken by the mother raise doubts about its usefulness.

In Russian maternity hospitals the subject of lactation, its need for a child does not always rise. The important issue - how to adjust breastfeeding after caesarean section of attention is paid traditionally little. Children who are in the children's department, receive the mixture, water with glucose from the bottle. From birth, learn to suck a nipple, and not the breast. But after the second day after the operation, it is necessary to express the milk, otherwise there is a risk of completely losing lactation. Many young mothers do not know about this.

To prevent the child from becoming an artificer, in the case of a planned planned operation for delivery, discuss in advance the question of the first application after cesarean to the breast as soon as possible after his birth and joint stay with the baby after leaving the intensive care unit. If the maternity hospital does not provide for a joint stay, it may be worth giving up deliveries at this medical facility.

If everything is all right - take care of collecting things. Be sure to bring along a breast pump and a pillow for feeding (it's a pillow for pregnant women). It is advisable to purchase the breast pump electric, which simulates sucking a child. According to the experience of women who have already given birth, it is possible to establish lactation after cesarean section with its help in the shortest possible time. And even if the child does not subsequently take the breast, this breast pump will help keep the lactation and feed the baby with expressed milk. Although, of course, you need to tune in directly breastfeeding after cesarean section, it is very convenient and comfortable for both.

When it becomes possible to feed the child, then it should be done as often as possible. At least 1 time in 2-3 hours, but better often. Many children, especially "Caesareans" and premature babies, sleep much after birth. Including falling asleep while breastfeeding. In order not to face the situation when there is not enough milk after cesarean section, it is necessary to awaken the child for feeding and keep the breast longer. At least 15-20 minutes to give each breast. In one feeding it is necessary to give two breasts in the first days after the operation. With this mode of feeding, including at night, milk will come on the 2-5th day. It should be borne in mind that every day the child needs more and more nutrition, and the colostrum will be missed only in a very short time after birth.

Certainly how to increase lactation after cesarean will have to think moms kids, born with a weight of 4 kg and more. Due to poor sleep, heavy weight loss after birth (more than 10%), frequent crying, moms are forced to feed them with a mixture. This is permissible, but only after the child has eaten colostrum from both mammary glands. It is advisable to actively stimulate lactation after cesarean, use special systems for supplementary feeding, they can be made on their own or purchased at a pharmacy. To make such a system with your own hands, you only need a bottle where the mixture will be poured, and a dropper without a needle - that is, a tube. Through this tube, attached to the nipple, the child will receive supplementation. And at the same time colostrum or breast milk. A huge plus will be the stimulation of the nipples and the fact that the child will learn how to correctly grasp the breast. To avoid problems with breastfeeding after caesarean section, if you can not use the supplementary system, you need to feed the child from the syringe without needles, a teaspoon or a special spoon for babies with soft coating (to avoid injury to the gums with metal).

There are situations when 1-2 weeks after cesarean there is no milk, what to do in such difficult situations? Consultants for breastfeeding are encouraged to fight for lactation. When using complementary feeding systems, and, correspondingly, stimulation of the nipples, milk will necessarily appear. Remember that lactation can be achieved even in a nulliparous woman. This is a well-known practice abroad among women adopting infants. Than you are worse?

Many mothers are afraid to feed children because of the fact that they are injected with antibiotics and painkillers. But in most cases they are compatible with lactation. On this topic you need to talk with your doctor. Previously, it was believed that, in parallel with antibiotics, a woman must necessarily take drugs containing bifido and lactobacillus so that there would be no problems with her intestines and intestines of the newborn. Now it is considered ineffective. And there is no significant harm from that scanty concentration of substances falling into the breast milk and from there into the baby's stomach. Expressing milk in order to reduce the concentration of medication in it is a useless measure. Concentration of the drug will decrease on its own.

From anaesthetising preparations it is necessary to refuse as soon as possible. They not only have a detrimental effect on the mother's body, because of them the stomach often suffers, but also the children to whom the medication gets through the milk become lethargic, suck badly and thus only delay the appearance of milk from their mother.

It is very important that the mother feeds properly after cesarean breastfeeding. It should be more dense than in ordinary life - because to maintain your body in the norm now you need more calories. But at the same time not too abundant, to avoid excess weight. Naturally, you need to follow the diet of a nursing mother. Do not use food allergens and those that can potentially cause bloating or diarrhea.

And what to eat after cesarean section when breastfeeding to increase lactation is useful? There are no products that will facilitate the rapid arrival of milk or its appearance in larger quantities. Traditionally, young mothers in maternity homes are fed stewed vegetables and cereals, give lean meat. Such food is useful and balanced in the recovery of the body after surgery.