Child development

How to wean a child from a bottle

Let's learn the child from a bottle How to wean a child from a bottle - this question arises in almost all mothers who feed their babies with mixtures. Of course, it is much more convenient when a baby sucks a bottle of milk or another drink before

Development of the newborn

9 5 Development Development новорожденного First skills Let's start with the definition, for the very term "newborn" is an elongated concept. Evgeny Komarovsky Pediatrician, Ph.D. If the newlyweds cease to be so after the end of the honeymoon,

Contraception after childbirth

Methods and means of contraception after childbirth Do not rely on the girlfriend's assurance that you can not get pregnant during breastfeeding. GV only temporarily weakens the ability to conceive, but does not completely eliminate it, and a new


Conjunctivitis: symptoms, treatment of conjunctivitis Almost all children sooner or later, but get acquainted with such an unpleasant and dangerous disease as conjunctivitis (inflammation of the mucous membrane of the eye). Therefore, as soon as the

Advice to a young mother

Masturbation of a young mother The newly-made young mother so many worries! As a rule, they pass with time. It is very important for you now to support close people. Behind the meeting from the hospital, grandparents went home, the young father to

How to raise a child self-confident

It's not a secret for anyone that self-confidence is one of the most important factors of success in life. But not everyone can boast of such an important quality. What should be given special attention to raise a child truly confident? Basic

When the child begins to smile

At what age does the child begin to smile When the child begins to smile - parents and loved ones are happy. Still, at last this little man not only cries, but also laughs. But this element of development is important not only from the emotional

Blood clots after childbirth

Blood clots in the uterus after childbirth After giving birth, women often have clots of blood from the vagina. With this symptomatology, sometimes women are sent for cleaning the uterus. Is this procedure necessary, in what situations can it be

How to teach a child to crawl

Very often the second, third child learns to crawl faster than the first. This situation occurs because the older baby plays with the younger child, so the body and muscles of such children develop earlier and faster than in single children. When?

Лактационный мастит

Stages of lactational mastitis Mastitas are non-lactational and lactational, the first arise, as you might guess, outside the period of breastfeeding, and the latter precisely in this period. This disease is not very often diagnosed. Lactoseases are
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