Do i need a strict diet of a nursing mother?

0 5 Breast-feeding Do I need a strict diet of a nursing mother? In many women, breastfeeding is associated with a strict diet of a nursing mother. In many women, breastfeeding is associated with a strict diet of a nursing mother. Но остался ли в

Breast-feeding. do i need the help of a specialist?

All over the world, especially in the United States, so-called breastfeeding consultants have recently been very popular. Why in America? The fact is that before there almost no one was feeding their baby with their breasts, it was simply not

Does the baby have enough breast milk?

1 Breast-feeding Does the baby have enough breast milk? One of the most frequent questions that young mothers ask pediatricians is how to understand if the baby has enough breast milk? After all, it often happens that the mother begins to feel that

Breastfeeding in the early days: how to adjust lactation in

2 Breast-feeding Breast-feeding в первые дни: как наладить лактацию в роддоме Despite the fact that breastfeeding is a natural process, it is not always easy to adjust it. Therefore, the special importance is how you will start lactation in the

Breast pumping

It is necessary to completely empty the breast, so that new milk is produced. In the case when the breast is not fully emptied, a smaller amount of milk is produced over time. After the milk completely ceases to be developed, and in some cases the

Minerals for breastfeeding mother

0 Breast-feeding Minerals for breastfeeding mother It's no secret that the health of the baby depends on the quality of the breast milk, and it, in turn, depends on the proper nutrition of the nursing mother. Today we will talk about useful

Applying to the breast

How important is the application to the breast? All women know that the initial application of the baby to the breast will have the best effect on him. Let's consider the reasons for this phenomenon and how this process proceeds. Early Attachment We

How to offer supplementary food?

Suggest by the hour: the necessary mixture in a daily volume, divide into equal portions and at regular intervals, give during the day, from 6 to 24 hours (for example, first at 6 o'clock, then at 10, at 14, then at 18, and finally at 22 40 g each).

We arrange ourselves in comfort. the best postures for

0 Breast-feeding We arrange ourselves in comfort. The best postures for feeding When breastfeeding it is recommended to find a position in which it will be comfortable for both mother and baby. Why is this so important and is it really possible to
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