What you need to know before giving birth to breastfeeding

0 5 Breast-feeding What you need to know before giving birth to breastfeeding Most expectant mothers during pregnancy, as a rule, think about the forthcoming birth: communicate on this subject with already given birth friends, read forums, etc.

Allergy in a nursing mother: part 2

Since allergic reactions in breastfeeding women can be triggered by so many factors that can not be predicted in advance, it is necessary for every woman to know what symptoms can indicate a dangerous reaction of the body to any of the dangerous

Weaning: personal experience

0 5 Breast-feeding Weaning: personal experience The longer a mother feeds her baby, the more often she thinks about the fact that breastfeeding will come to an end once. Many long-breastfed mothers are most afraid of hysterics, which, in their

Breastfeeding after cesarean section: the mission is

0 Breast-feeding Breast-feeding после кесарева сечения: миссия выполнима! Previously, there was an opinion that it is almost impossible to initiate breastfeeding after cesarean section, and mothers, immediately after the birth of the baby, began to

How to take breastfeeding breastfeeding mother?

0 Breast-feeding How to take breastfeeding breastfeeding mother? During lactation, special care for the breasts becomes a woman's daily concern. The success of breastfeeding and the health of the baby depend on how well the mother complies with

Milk is stocked

Everyone knows that breast milk is the most healthy food for an infant. But it happens that my mother may have insufficient milk, or not always have the opportunity to feed her baby. In this case, use expressed milk, your own or donor's milk. How

What should a young mother know when breastfeeding a

Below we give five facts that you need to know if you are going to feed a premature baby with breasts. Research scientists have repeatedly confirmed that mother's milk is able to adapt to the needs of the baby. It has already been proved that the

When can not breastfeed?

0 Breast-feeding When can not breastfeed? Many women even during pregnancy dream about how they will breastfeed their baby. But sometimes life makes its own adjustments, and there are situations when breastfeeding is prohibited ... Larisa Shumina

Breastfeeding and alcohol

Doctors have always insisted and will insist that the use of alcohol by a pregnant woman and a woman who feeds the baby is strictly contraindicated. Well, those moms who believe that this is just a whim of doctors, must definitely visit children's

10 facts about breastfeeding

1 Breast-feeding 10 facts about breastfeeding Every day more than 300 thousand children are born in the world, of which more than 5 thousand are born in Russia. And every day mothers are faced with a choice: how, how, how much to feed their own
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