All about the female breast: the structure of the mammary

12 5 Breast-feeding All about the female breast: the structure of the mammary glands Mammary glands are not a vital organ. Their only purpose is to produce milk for feeding a newborn. Lyudmila Knyazeva; Zoya Samsonova Associate Professor,

Treatment of cystitis with lactation with medicinal and folk

The World Health Organization considers breastfeeding to be the most healthy way of feeding a newborn baby and baby to six months. Moreover, WHO experts believe that breastfeeding can last up to two years of age and even longer with adequate

Mistakes and myths of breastfeeding

1 5 Breast-feeding Mistakes and myths of breastfeeding During the involution of the breast (and about a year with properly organized breastfeeding, the involution of the mammary gland comes very rarely), milk in its composition is close to

Milk and dairy products with breastfeeding: what to choose?

1 5 Breast-feeding Milk and dairy products with breastfeeding: what to choose? One of the components of the nursing mother's menu should be dairy products. However, for some, for example, whole milk and cheese, there are certain limitations. What

How to increase lactation?

How to increase lactation in three days? If it seems to mom that every day less milk comes to the breast, do not immediately transfer the child to an adapted mixture. We advise you to take measures to increase the amount of milk. Lactation is cyclic,

Breastfeeding after cesarean: personal experience

0 5 Breast-feeding Breast-feeding после кесарева: личный опыт Anya was born by a cesarean section: so the circumstances developed. In the operating room, I was only shown it, without applying it to my chest. Acquainted with the father and mother -

When and how should i decant?

0 5 Breast-feeding When and how should I decant? Someone advises to decant after each feeding, and someone claims that this is absolutely unnecessary procedure. So, is it necessary to decant? Larisa Shumina Pediatrician, Elizavetinsky orphanage,

Feeding mode: by the hour or on demand

9 4.7 Breast-feeding Feeding mode: by the hour or on demand There are only two modes of feeding that mom and baby can choose for themselves. Irina Ferganova Pediatrician, Moscow One mode involves feeding on demand, the other is feeding by the

The small difficulties of such important breastfeeding

It is unlikely that there will be a person who will argue about the benefits of breast milk. Just as there is rarely a young mother who says that breastfeeding is easy. Of course, you do not need to run around with bottles, sterilizers and puzzle

Alcohol and breastfeeding

61 2.8 Breast-feeding Alcohol and breastfeeding The problem of alcohol abuse is currently very urgent. Almost 90% of the population uses alcohol in one way or another, half of these people have health problems, and about 10% suffer from chronic
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