What to wear for the new year?

Very soon we will be overtaken by pleasant festive efforts, parties with colleagues, family dinners, meetings with friends and cozy gatherings at the cafe. And it is at this time you want to look especially good, to convey the festive mood in your appearance. And it's not difficult at all! The main thing is to know where and for what reason you need to get dressed. what to wear for a New Year girl? Recently, corporate parties have been gaining popularity in celebration of the New Year. And to impress colleagues or friends with their appearance, it is worth to know in advance where the celebration will take place. If it is a restaurant or a nightclub, then it is appropriate to wear an evening dress with open arms or shoulders. But in order to "keep the reputation of a business woman" (as they say in one anecdote), it is necessary to clearly observe the most important "rule of evening dress": there must be something open - either hands, or neckline, or legs. So you will look elegant, feminine and attractive, but without a hint of vulgarity. If the dress itself has an interesting style, rich finish and richly decorated, then reduce the number of accessories to a minimum - there will be enough rings and small earrings. And if the dress is monophonic, restrained texture, it is very easy to turn it into a festive one with the help of active ornaments. But, again, it is important to observe the measure: if in the image there are massive earrings with stones, then an ornament on the neck may already be superfluous. clothes for the new year

Transforming a modest dress can also be a bright strap or interesting shoes. By the way, take care of the change shoes, because the dress code of the party in the restaurant means shoes or sandals with heels. For family dinners should choose a cozy and soft image. A combination of trousers or skirts with a knitted sweater, blouse or shirt is suitable. You can wear a knitted dress with tight tights or a warm tunic with leggings. Accessories in this image will also benefit: cute pearl earrings or a snowflake pendant will be just the way and even like the older generation of relatives.

what can I wear to a girl for the new year 2014

If you have a party in the circle of young creative people, then you can completely give vent to fantasy and create an outfit in the style of your favorite celebrity or fairy-tale hero. For example, for the image of Audrey Hepburn you will need a black dress-case, white gloves and a mouthpiece. It will also be necessary to make a high hairdo "babette" and paste false eyelashes. You can appear on the holiday in the image of an oriental beauty, a female cat or all the beloved Snow Maiden. You can also arrange with the guests in advance and arrange a themed party with costumes in the style of the great Gatsby. Celebrating the New Year or Christmas in the country, give preference to warm and comfortable things. Believe me, overalls, woolen sweater, socks and a hat will look much more appropriate in such an environment than the most elegant dress.

suit of Snow Maiden

For lovers of observing traditions and dressing in accordance with the eastern calendar, there are also many options, because the next year is the year of the blue horse. The blue color is so beautiful, noble and multifaceted that every girl can easily pick up the outfit of that blue shade that fits exactly to her type of appearance. And the blue outfit can be supplemented with a miniature horseshoe suspension that will bring good luck all year round.