We will survive this unpleasantness

So the summer rushed past. The holiday season is over, and we are returning to study and work. This is fraught with stress for the body, including for the digestive system. What kind of medicines will help you survive such a difficult period and smoothly enter the working days?

During our absence, many urgent cases usually accumulate in the workplace. And the first day after returning to the office from the spot into the quarry, one has to dive into the current problems, the solution of which can not be delayed. It's not up to the dining room and unhurried dinner. It's good, if at all, you manage to snack a quick sandwich. The nerve racket and the dry-mongrel quickly turn into problems of delicate properties.

Students from schoolchildren are not insured against them either. Unusual tension after summer rest, early climbs knock down the course of "biological" clocks, and snacks on the run, when instead of buying a full dinner, young people change pies and buns on the changes between classes, only exacerbating the discomfort that delivers digestion to all. The main trouble that usually accompanies it is diarrhea, fraught with dehydration of the body. Avoid the possible dehydration and quickly * normalize the work of the intestines will help the preparation Imodium. For 30 years now, with similar problems, they have been accepted in more than 100 countries around the world. The popularity of this effective remedy is explained by the fact that it quickly and gently copes with the disorder, slowing down the accelerated rhythm of the intestine. Due to this, diarrhea stops. The tablet for resorption does not need to be washed down with water, so no one will notice how you take the medicine. The tablet melts in the language in just a few seconds, and diarrhea can stop for an hour. To fix the result will help a special diet. Eat more foods rich in potassium (for example, bananas and fruit juices), as in the disorder of the intestine the body quickly loses this particular microelement. In addition, increase the consumption of water, strong tea and broths - this will help restore the water balance and at the same time reduce the burden on the gastrointestinal tract.

And how you want after work weekdays and a busy school day to treat yourself to something delicious! Ice cream, cake, fast food, late dinners do not pass without a trace. And immediately there is a weight in the abdomen, bloating, and if you overdo it with food, then nausea. Restore the motor activity of the stomach and thereby normalize digestion will help the drug Motilium®. It is available both in conventional tablets and in resorption tablets with a pleasant mint flavor. They dissolve in the language in a few moments, so you do not need to drink them with water. With this tool, you quickly get rid of discomfort.

Sometimes there are just the opposite problems - constipation. The reasons are the same: excesses in food, snacks on the run, dry food and too fast change of the regime of the day. His contribution also makes nervous tension. For a day you have to redo a lot of things, and when this does not work, we begin to get nervous. The Microlax drug will solve the delicate problem. It is available in a convenient format of disposable enemas. It can be recommended to pregnant women and nursing mothers, and children from the first days of life. Result wait after 5-15 minutes. The problem will be solved quickly and gently.

Entering the working days, it is worth remembering three effective means that will help quickly * normalize the work of the intestine.

There are contraindications. Before using, be sure to read the instructions.

* According to the instructions for use of the drug