The art of living long and happy: 7 simple rules of

Do not just survive to gray hair, and keep working capacity, well-being and clear mind even in old age - that's the goal that stands today for the word "longevity." How can we extend the active years of life?

Rule one: do not overeat. Moderation in food supports the activity of cells and their renewal, while excess calories increase the burden on the body, provokes excess weight and obesity. Eat 5 times a day in small portions - this allows you to keep the blood sugar level at a constant level, as well as not overload the digestive organs.

Rule two: each age - its own menu. If you are 30, lean on the liver and nuts (sources of iron and B vitamins), after 40 eat more cheese (he will supply you with calcium, which is "washed out" with age), after 50 limit the consumption of meat (now it is better not to eat it more often 2 times a week), replacing it with seafood and low-fat dairy products. The most "heavy" foods for the body, which at any age should be minimized, and it is better to exclude altogether, are sources of "simple" sugars and hidden fats, primarily confectionery products and "fast food". Replace "useless" carbohydrates with complex - wholemeal bread, cereals, as well as fruits and vegetables rich in fiber (it is important for normal intestinal motility).

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Rule three: deal with the matter. Work contributes to youthfulness, the French say. The one who does not work, but spends time in four walls, looks older. Favorite business will avoid depression and the state of "chronic insults," which often become the first signs of psychological aging and make a person more susceptible to diseases, including malignant tumors. As sociologists have found, it is best to help keep the youth of the profession related to creativity and human communication (artist, musician, psychologist) better than others.

Rule four: move more. In the process of physical activity, a number of hormones important for the body are actively released, including somatotropin, the production of which decreases with age. Even ten minutes of sports a day (for example, active walking) prolong life.

Rule five: have sex. Love is the best anti-aging agent. Twice a week having sex, you get a charge of vivacity in the form of hormones of joy endorphins, developed during sexual intercourse. It has been proven that endorphins help strengthen the immune system.

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Rule six: sleep in the cool. The optimum temperature for sleep is 17-18 ° C. It is in this situation that a person is immersed in the deepest possible sleep, which restores strengths well. While inadequate sleep and chronic lack of sleep contribute to the development of a variety of diseases, from the nervous to the cardiovascular.

Rule seven: train the brain. Read more, learn by heart verses, solve crosswords, learn foreign languages, count in your mind, and on a calculator. Forcing the brain to work, we slow down the process of its age-related degradation and simultaneously activate the activity of the cardiovascular system.