Intimate life after birth: what do men feel?

Anxiety about how pregnancy and birth will affect an intimate life, is experienced by any woman. If the birth was complicated by an episiotomy or a cesarean section was required, there is more unrest. How much they are justified, we learn from a specialist.

Does intimate life change after episiotomy (crotch section) or cesarean section? How does the presence of stitches and scars affect the sensations of men and women during sexual intercourse? These questions are of concern to many young mothers. Obstetricians-gynecologists and sexologists say: most often all fears turn out to be groundless. But still after the birth it is worth remembering how everything happened the very first time, and be patient. The intimate life will definitely improve, but it will take some time. With what problems in the resumption of close relationships may encounter partners, if a woman suffered an episiotomy or a cesarean section?

Do not worry in vain

Childbirth is always a serious test for the female body, and obstetric intervention, which is an episiotomy (cut of the perineum), can complicate recovery after childbirth and return to a full sexual life. But, as practice shows, many women's "zamorochki" about the resumption of intimate relations after the birth of a child are purely psychological in nature. Excitement about episiotomy - of their number.

Usually a woman worries about how this manipulation will affect the duration of sexual abstinence and whether the scar, which is formed on the perineum, will affect the sensations during intimate relationships.

We hasten to reassure: with an episiotomy, a very small cut of the perineum, 1.5-2 cm long, is made. When sewing it, self-absorbing filaments are used, which means that you do not need to remove the seams. Moreover, often on the crotch superimposed cosmetic suture, which becomes invisible after 2-3 weeks. The scar, which forms on the site of the incision, also heals quickly. After healing, the woman does not feel it - neither by touch nor by intimacy. Also does not feel it during stimulation or during intercourse and partner. As you can see, neither the type of obstetric intervention nor the number of stitches applied to the quality of intimate relationships after birth does not affect.

Sexologists claim that tactile sensations and friction of the genitals during intercourse are only one of the conditions for achieving orgasm, and far from the most important thing. there are still visual images and fantasies, which at this moment visit the partner. Quite different circumstances

Significance has very different circumstances, for example, the state of the vagina after natural delivery and the rate of closure of the cervix.

Uterus after childbirth is reduced gradually, respectively, and the cervix closes not immediately. While she remains ajar, any infection that enters the vagina may end up in the uterine cavity and cause an inflammatory process. This is one of the reasons why doctors recommend that during 6-8 weeks after childbirth refrain from intimate relationships. And for the same reason before the resumption of sexual life, a young mother must visit a gynecologist. If everything is in order, you can proceed to the first careful experiments.

And then the man can find out that the tactile sensations during the sexual intercourse have changed. It is not so quickly reaches full satisfaction. Do not worry: these are temporary inconveniences. The fact is that the size of the vagina is not a constant value. Changes begin after a woman begins to live sexually. The more active it is, the greater the size of the vagina, and this is good. Partners no longer experience difficulties, which contributes to mutual satisfaction. After delivery, the situation becomes different, as the muscles of the pelvic floor and the walls of the vagina overstretch and the size of the vagina greatly increases. In a different way, and can not be, because the head of the child must pass through the vagina. But to consider that this situation will remain for the rest of his life, a big mistake: immediately after birth, the muscles of the pelvic floor and the walls of the vagina begin to contract. How quickly and to what extent the muscles can contract, entirely depends on the elasticity of the tissues.

dry mode Many women after giving birth complain about the dryness of the vagina. This, by the way, can cause unpleasant sensations in intimacy. Solve this problem will help special gel-lubricants, which should moisturize the vagina. Choose a product without flavors: they can trigger an allergic reaction. Physical Education!

The speed of recovery after childbirth is affected by a lot of circumstances: how was this process, the number of births, the size of the child, but most importantly - how vaginal tissues were elastic before birth. Their condition, in particular, worsen sexually transmitted infections, candidiasis and colpitis. And also - excess weight (the more the fat layer, the less elastic the tissues) and the lack of physical exertion.

That's why doctors strongly advise you to watch yourself and play sports while you are preparing for pregnancy. Useful will be fitness, swimming, walking. During the gestation of a baby, it is recommended that physical exercises be practiced, and if there are no contraindications and the doctor does not object - yoga and swimming in the pool. When the muscles of the pelvic floor and the walls of the vagina are strong enough and elastic, the woman can easily tolerate pregnancy-related stresses, it gives birth easier, and after the birth the vagina returns to practically the same size as before pregnancy.

The conclusion suggests itself. If the spouse or sexual partner hints that the sensations are lost and he does not get the same satisfaction, it is worth starting to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor. It will not be a big problem: schools and various courses that are purposefully engaged in such training are now numerous.

Help to cope with this kind of difficulty can and intimate gymnastics, which includes several dozens of exercises. To understand whether there are any contraindications and which loads are allowed to you after the birth, visit the gynecologist. His recommendations will depend on whether there is an omission of the walls of the vagina. Only the doctor can evaluate this parameter.

Average figures According to Australian scientists, regular sex life was restored 78% in 3 months after birth, in 94% in half a year, 97% in a year and 98% in 1.5 years. At the same time, 86% of women reported experiencing pain during the first sexual intercourse after childbirth. But, according to the researchers, this circumstance is influenced mainly by the way the births took place. After operation

At cesarean section there are no such appreciable changes in a vagina, as at natural sorts. Muscles experienced stress only during pregnancy, and therefore stretched much less, respectively, and the size of the vagina is slightly closer to those that were before delivery. This is a huge plus when we talk about intimate relationships, because muscles are more rapidly contracted and during sexual intercourse the man is unlikely to experience any inconvenience. In addition, after surgical delivery, if there were no postoperative complications and the cesarean section was planned, the cervix quickly closes. Hence, such an operation for the period of sexual abstinence does not affect. The recommendations remain the same as during delivery through the natural birth canal: 6-8 weeks of rest.

As for the changes in the figure, they do not depend on the method of delivery, but on the physical fitness of the lady. During pregnancy, the anterior abdominal wall is strongly stretched in all women. It's just that in untrained young mothers, the muscles become flabby because of this, and the slim and fit, who were physically active, quickly come back to normal. The scar, which remains on the skin after caesarean section, does not affect the elasticity of the skin and tissues. There is no reason to fear that the scar will be visible and the man will no longer feel the same attraction to his beloved. Now doctors have in mind similar circumstances and during the operation make a very small incision and superimpose a cosmetic suture that is virtually invisible. And the cut is done low enough that he was under panties and was invisible even when a woman puts on a bikini. Healed suture in appearance resembles a thin thread and often, when the postpartum period ends and disappears characteristic for pregnant pigmentation, artfully "disguised" in the crease of the abdomen. But, on the other hand, after cesarean section painful sensations during affinity can be kept long enough. This is confirmed by the data of Australian studies, according to which women who underwent a cesarean section were twice as likely to give births that had natural childbirth, during the postnatal period they experience pain during or after sexual intercourse.

Let's start from scratch

The way in which an intimate life develops after birth will largely depend on the psychological mood and relationships within the couple. After natural delivery, it is more difficult for a woman to resume her sexual life, because she has experienced strong enough fights, suffered pain and is now unwittingly afraid to try it again. So here a lot depends on the man. He should be sympathetic to the fears of his lover and take into account that after the break the first experiments may not bring the partner much pleasure.

Feelings during the resumption of sexual relations are similar to those that a woman experiences at the time of losing her virginity. Because a man should not hurry. Remember, as it was the first time, try to start everything from the very beginning: spend more time preliminarily caressing and stimulating and act slowly, without jerks. When the glands are active, convergence is easier. The general advice is this: listen to your own body, it always tells you what and how to do. And do not hesitate to discuss the problems with your partner.

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