How to "make friends" with your belly (and make him happy)

A beautiful, flat stomach that does not cause skeptical smiles and discontent is the dream of any woman. Strangely enough, but making this part of the body so attractive is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance.

What are the only epithets not "reward" the belly! He is fat and soft, and full, and flabby, and even swollen, painful ... Perhaps, most women are complexed precisely because of this. For example, 77% of French people consider their belly to be ugly. About the Russians statistics are silent, but the fact that many of them share this opinion, undoubtedly. So why not make up with your belly, do not pamper it, and at the same time make some effort to make it look better and finally start to please the eye? The more we pamper this part of the body, the easier it is for us to live.

Unfortunately, we usually neglect the most elementary, for which we have to pay dearly. If we eat poorly, the stomach swims with fat, and the older we are, the easier it accumulates. When we refuse even the minimum physical exertion, the abdomen becomes mild, and after pregnancy refuses to "keep" the form. As if to spite "the owner", he starts to grow and work badly, because of what digestion is broken.

Listen to your "second brain"

"The abdomen is so closely connected with the nervous system that it can be considered a" second brain, "says French doctor Denis Lamboley.

Scientific studies have shown that in our abdomen there are one hundred million neurons - much more than in the spinal cord. In addition, it contains neurotransmitters, which provide a connection with the nervous system. Because the stomach immediately responds to stress, nervous tension, anxiety ... and sometimes in a very sharp and painful form, "Lamboley continues.

Take care of it

We suffer from bloating, colic, abdominal pain, digestive problems - so our belly reminds us and gives a distress signal. How can you help him cope with these problems? First of all, you need to calculate your diet so that it contains foods rich in nutrients. To get rid of bloating and problems with digestion will also help some tricks. Still need to control their emotions and try to be less nervous. And moderate exercise will prove useful. Believe, the stomach will not resist before your efforts to "please" it and it will gradually become exactly what you want it to be.

5 principles of healthy eating from Dr. Lilian Le Goff

Питайтесь разнообразно

Our body must necessarily receive, and fats, and carbohydrates, and minerals, and protein. Therefore, in our diet should be present a variety of products. To avoid repetition, try to make an approximate menu for a week. At the same time you will open new culinary horizons.

Buy "seasonal"

Do not pursue exoticism. The best are assimilated vegetables and fruits that grow in their native and habitual areas for you and eaten during the season of their ripening. They contain the maximum amount of vitamins, which inevitably are lost during long-term storage and transportation. In addition, vegetables and fruits brought from distant countries are collected when they have not yet reached the desired condition and, accordingly, did not collect useful nutrients. The ripening in the way of the state does not correct.

Cook yourself

Avoid semi-finished products. Very often they add flavor enhancers that are not useful for our body, flavoring agents and preservatives. Ready-to-eat meals often have low nutritional value and are poor in useful substances. These shortcomings have to be compensated by the addition of artificial vitamins, minerals, etc. Quite often, the dishes cooked industrially are too fatty, too salty or sweet. It is best to buy fresh and nutrient-rich products of biological farming or long-term growing technology and then cook them at home.


Beautifully decorated dishes, festive table setting, quality products prepared according to time-tested recipes - this will be enough to enjoy the process and enjoy the meal.

Choose a quality

Ripe and juicy tomatoes do not need to be poured with oil or salted, and no one will come to mind sprinkling sugar with a fragrant strawberry. If the products are natural and quality, we are saturated faster and, therefore, we eat less. Thus, we kill several rabbits at once: we indulge our stomach, grow thin without long and severe diets and forget about depression. Especially noticeable effect if you adhere to such principles for a long time. You will notice how every day you are less and less hungry for eating something fat or sweet, and the belly is "blown off" and is losing fat right before your eyes.

It is better to eat - it's easy!

Vegetable fibers. They are rich in legumes and whole grains, fruits and vegetables, which should be consumed at every meal. These foods are rich in plant fiber, or fibers that stimulate the digestive glands and the motility of the gastrointestinal tract. They contribute to the normalization of the intestinal microflora. In addition, low-calorie fruit will fill the stomach and save you from overeating, and hence your stomach - from excess fat.

Less refined products. To avoid harm from pesticides, buy natural, or bio, products. The most useful are considered baked bread, unpolished rice. But do not abuse the fiber - with its excess, the activity of the intestinal bacteria that split the undigested food remains increases. As a result, we have an increased formation of gases, and hence bloating, which we do not need.

If protein, then vegetable We usually use proteins for the most part of animal origin. They give too much saturated fat, which paves the way for excess weight, diseases of the cardiovascular system and other troubles. Therefore, it is so important to reduce the consumption of animals and increase the number of plant proteins. The latter can be combined either with products of animal origin, or with vegetarian dishes - legumes and whole grains. They are rich in fibers, starch, vitamins and minerals, bioactive substances. Often including vegetable squirrels in our menu, we avoid sudden attacks of hunger, we saturate faster and at the same time not fattening, but also improve digestion. In addition, we spend less on food, which allows us to regularly consume bioproducts even of animal origin without significant losses for the family budget.

7 tips from Dr. Laurence Salomon, how to avoid bloating

First, we will understand the reasons for such an unpleasant phenomenon as bloating. This happens if a large number of gases form in the stomach. Why is this happening? When we swallow food, into the stomach and then into the intestines gets air. If we still talk, the air gets much more. "Extra" air is partially regurgitated, partially enters the intestine and either leaves through the anus or is absorbed by the intestine.

Promote greater formation of gases and carbonated drinks, and foods rich in fiber - cabbage, apples, black bread. The cause of bloating after eating can also be excessive consumption of muffins and sweets: they are rich in easily digestible carbohydrates, causing a fermentation reaction, that is, increased gas production.

Therefore, Dr. Laurence Salomon strongly advises:

  1. Do not rush while eating. Trying to eat right, we pay attention to what we eat, but it is worth considering how we eat. Take the food without hurrying, doing 5-10 minute breaks between dishes. You can not swallow food in a hurry, literally on the run. It is necessary to sit down, relax and treat the reception of food as one more opportunity to take a break from the worries. Thoughtfully absorbing breakfast, lunch and dinner, we quickly become saturated, as we carefully listen to our taste and other sensations.
  2. Chew! Thoroughly chew what you eat. At the same time, you mechanically grind food, that is, help to better assimilate it. In addition, this process stimulates the release of enzymes involved in digestion.
  3. Do not abuse raw foods. They stimulate gas formation in the intestine. Salads from boiled vegetables are useful - green beans, beets ... The choice is huge! Make sure that there are both raw and boiled vegetables in the daily menu.
  4. Lightly brown the bread on the grill. As we have already said, this product enhances the processes of fermentation in the intestine, which is fraught with increased gas production and bloating. A bit of toasted bread is easier to digest, because the low humidity, which decreases when heated, reduces the secretion of salivary enzymes. This allows you to use even slightly hardened bread.
  5. Correctly choose and cook beans. The easiest way to digest lentils. The most difficult for digestion are chickpeas and red beans with a thick shell. Bean is better once a day in the amount of 2 or 3 tablespoons - no more. Do not forget: most beans need to be soaked for a long time and a long time to cook.
  6. Choose cheese from raw milk. The digestive system digests such cheeses much better.
  7. To improve digestion, drink immediately after eating herbal tea. Dairy products do not eat more than 2 times a day, and you should choose natural products. Milk desserts and yoghurts can be made by yourself. It is also useful for sheep, soy, as well as milk from oats or rice. Make a choice in favor of olive, rapeseed, walnut, and fatty fish, which contain very useful unsaturated fatty acids. They will help to keep a slim figure. Accordingly, it is necessary to reduce the consumption of butter and eat it only fresh, but do not fry on it. It is allowed only a piece the size of a small nut spread on the morning on bread or add it to vegetables.
The ideal set of products for "taming" the stomach

To achieve the effect of a "flat stomach", enrich your diet with the following foods and dishes.

Seaweed. They are sold as dry (in the form of flakes or leaves), and fresh. Algae in any form are rich in proteins and trace elements, facilitate the passage of food through the intestine.

Polba. This ancestor of wheat is absorbed more easily than other cereals. You can buy bread with the addition of polba, polbu in the form of flakes, flour or grains for cooking.

Wheat flour T-80. This semifinished flour is digested better than the usual white, rather refined flour.

Lentils. It is inexpensive, easy to prepare, rich in proteins and it has few carbohydrates.

Puree from white almonds. Made from crushed almonds, it replaces butter, it can be completely spread on bread. It reduces the acidity of the stomach and contains useful unsaturated fatty acids and vegetable proteins.

Soy sauces. They contribute to the normalization of the intestinal microflora. Buy bio, so that the fermentation by which this product is obtained is natural. They can be used for seasonings and marinades.

Gray unrefined salt. Compared with the usual white salt, it has more trace elements, so it needs less. Do not be afraid to mix it with spices or herbs to improve the taste, but know the measure.

Whole (unprocessed) sugar. In contrast, the refined sugar contains potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and calcium. And since it is very fragrant, you put it in a smaller amount. So it helps to reduce the consumption of sugar and other sweets, the hobby of which leads to fatty creases on the stomach, to a minimum.

Green and red tea. These are very strong antioxidants. Green tea also has a diuretic effect. They can be drunk daily.

Apple vinegar. It alkalesces the body, disinfects the intestines. Choose vinegar, aged in oak barrels. Alas, the product prepared by an industrial method loses the listed useful properties.

Gymnastics, breathing and herbal medicine

And, finally, to keep the stomach "within" help moderate physical activity, proper breathing, relaxation, massage and herbal medicine.

Easy gymnastics

If you spend on these exercises every day at least 7 minutes the effect will not keep you waiting.

  1. Lay down on the floor, put your right foot on top of the left, put your left hand to the temple, put it on the floor - it's necessary for support. Raise the trunk so that the left elbow touches the right knee. Repeat 15 times. Then the hands change. The right one clings to the temple, the left one lies on the floor. The body rises so that the right elbow touches the left knee. Also 15 repetitions.
  2. This exercise strengthens the straight and oblique muscles of the abdominal press and takes a maximum of 3 minutes.
  3. Lie down, rise slightly, lean on your elbows and straighten your legs. When in this position, raise and lower your legs. 2 approaches 10 times.
  4. Lie on the floor, hands on the back of the head, legs bent at the knees, feet touch the floor. Tear your shoulders off the floor and, without lifting your feet from the floor, lift up slightly. 2 approaches 15 times each.
  5. This 2-minute exercise is useful for strengthening the straight muscles of the press.
Proper breathing, walking and snacks

The transverse muscles of the abdomen can be strengthened by performing simple breathing exercises. Put your hands on your stomach, take a slow breath, while as much as possible inflate the stomach, then breathe out deeply, drawing in your stomach. And so 5 times. Effective will be numerous repetitions throughout the day.

Walking helps maintain the body in tone. The movement helps to regulate digestion. Go at least 30 minutes a day and use any opportunity to make a long walk.

If, due to stress, you are constantly drawn to something to chew, carry with them nuts, a fresh apple or other fruit or dried fruit and a small bottle of water. Can you feel the tension? Distract for 3 minutes and sip a glass of water or sip water from the bottle. Immediately feel better.

Express Massage

Preheat a little vegetable oil in your hands (macadamia, sweet almonds, real lavender essential oil, any body massage oil). Then gently, clockwise, massage the abdomen. After that, pull the skin on your stomach and roll it between your fingers. Pain and skin reddened? So it's good! Continue. Thus, you fight with small fat deposits - this massage helps to break up the fat accumulated in the folds.

Special Fiberglass

To prevent cramps and bloating, it is enough after eating to eat a piece of sugar, on which one drop of essential oil of peppermint or basil.

Fighting with an irresistible desire to at least something to chew in between main meals helps to inhale several drops of cinnamon essential oil applied to handkerchiefs.

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