Hormones of feelings and emotions

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It is no exaggeration to say that many of our feelings and emotions directly depend on the work of hormones. Here are some of the most important "workers" of the psycho-emotional "office" of a person:

Neyrogormone oxytocin - Responsible for tenderness, loyalty and reliability. Has a strong influence on the formation of maternal instinct in women. The more this hormone, the stronger the mother loves her child. The production of oxytocin is stimulated by bananas and avocados.

thyroxine - это гормон раздражительности. Если его слишком много, то у человека наблюдается взвинченность, нервное состояние. thyroxine помогает справиться со стрессом. Если вы чувствуете, что дико раздражены, то лучше всего заняться спортом или сексом.

dopamine - этот гормон помогает быстро адаптироваться в новой среде, стимулирует к новым действиям и поступкам. Люди, в организме которых наблюдается нехватка дофамина, характеризуются нерешительностью и неуверенностью в себе. dopamine можно простимулировать витаминами с магнием и цинком.

Adrenaline - A hormone makes a person dangerous and aggressive. People, in the body of which adrenaline is poorly produced, often pass before life's difficulties. The level of adrenaline increases regular physical activity, sex, and, as was recently established by scientists, black tea. Lower - soothing infusions based on medicinal herbs.

Noradrenaline - Responsible for a good mood, positive perception of reality. If the body has a low content of norepinephrine, then a person is guaranteed depression and depression. The situation can be corrected by taking vitamins containing iron, copper, manganese, selenium and zinc.

Dopamine - The hormone controls the ability to learn, supports the desire for new achievements, helps to achieve the goal, giving the person confidence. Dopamine has one "but": it also fixes an addiction to alcohol and drugs in the body if a person has a predisposition.

Endorphins - hormones inspire a person with a state of tranquility and serenity. Responsible for long-term love.