Gray hair and reasons why gray hair appears

Sedina is considered to be a testament to the past years and a testament to wisdom. However, very many people are not happy with gray hair and try to get rid of it in every possible way, believing that without gray hair, the lived years will be noticeable less, and wisdom, if it exists, will still not go anywhere. Although, for example, lovers of unraveling dreams interpret the appearance of gray hair in completely different ways, because different dream books do not always offer the same interpretation of the appearance of gray hair. It is interesting that if a person sees a gray hair on his head in a dream, then this should be regarded as evidence of respectability and prosperity. But it may very well be that the dreaming gray hair portends a costly acquisition, which will be completely unnecessary. But if the gray hair is adorned in the dream by a head of someone from friends or relatives, this indicates a change in the life of this friend, and these changes may not be external, but internal (for example, a person could change his views, and anything and in any direction). why do gray hair Also, the dream books foreshadow a successful deal or promotion, if a gray-haired man has dreamed (although, luck only expects one whose head in a dream has turned gray). In addition, to see a gray man in a dream means to get very valuable advice or useful information in the near future. But if you have to comb your long gray hair in a dream, then most likely, some dreams and plans will not come true. As for the gray beard, there can not even be any demons and ribs - in fact, one should expect honor, gratitude, recognition. It is much worse if the gray eyebrows are shot - not otherwise, as unnecessary troubles and unnecessary anxieties. And if you dream a separate gray strand, then, most likely, very soon you will have to solve some difficult problem. Very inopportune to see in a dream a young face framed in a completely gray hair - this indicates that somewhere around roam some troubles and problems, so you need to be more attentive and more careful ... But no matter how gray hair is treated by different dream books, most women still regard this dream much simpler and more prosaic: it's time to dye your hair.

Some studies of the causes of gray hair

Traditionally, it has always been believed that gray hair appears either as a result of age-related changes, or as a result of stress. However, a recent study conducted in the company Unilever researcher David Gann, forced to reconsider these traditional views, as a result of observations revealed that the main role (although not the only one) in the fact that women turn gray belongs to hereditary factors. In the study conducted by the company Unilever (one of the leaders in the world food and household chemicals markets), single-sex female twins took part, who lived in completely different conditions, but grew gray at about the same time, which allowed scientists to assume that the cause should be considered the genetic status of a person . Some trichologist doctors are of the opinion that the mechanism of the appearance of gray hair in men is exactly the same, although detailed studies with the participation of male representatives have not yet been conducted (at least, the results of such studies have not been reported). A similar study was conducted by British scientists from the Dana Fabber Cancer Institute, and the results of their work coincided with the results obtained in Unilever. The study involved odnoyaytsovye and raznoyaytsovye twin women from Denmark from the age of 59 to 81 years (only 200 pairs), who lived in different places and led a completely different lifestyle. Despite the different lifestyle, including different income, different marital status, different jobs, different habits and preferences, the sisters started to sit at the same age and with the same intensity, which made it possible once again to assume that the main reason for the appearance of gray hair Genetics.

Also, studies were conducted that examined the effects of stress on the appearance of gray hair. Such studies were carried out at the Tokyo Medical and Dental University, the author of the study was dermatologist Amy Nishimura, who provided the broad scientific community with a detailed report, from which it follows that not just stress affects the appearance of gray hair, but also the so-called genotoxic stress, in which the gene component is very high (stress situation for genes). The study also proved that genotoxic stress causes DNA damage, which leads to the appearance of gray hair. Amy Nishimura, together with other scientists from Kanazawa University (Kanazawa Electric Railway Ty) were able to find out that the hair condition, including hair growth, and their color, is closely related to the melanocyte stem cells, and this dependence was revealed: the less melanocytic stem cells near the base of each hair, the more intense the gray hair will be. Also during the experiments it was proved that the DNA of melanocytic stem cells, among other things, can be damaged by both chemical substances and radiation exposure, and as a result of such damages the hair ceases to stain in its natural color.
Attention! According to statistics, smokers are graying much faster (up to five times) than non-smokers, which can also be explained by exposure to harmful chemicals that are contained in tobacco smoke.
His opinion about the appearance of gray hair was expressed by Dr. David Fisher, who leads the Department of Dermatology at Harvard Medical University. Dr. Fisher said that the traditional negative attitude to gray hair is unfair and unjustified, because as a result of some studies, it appeared quite reasonable assumptions that hair in the process of graying rid the body of damaged cells, not allowing them to share further. Thus, according to the scientist, gray hair, which appears at a certain age, should be considered quite a positive phenomenon. In New York, studies were conducted that provided strong evidence that the appearance of gray hair is very important to the internal state of a person, including his restlessness or calm. It is proved that stress really affects the entire body, all its organs and systems, including the appearance of gray hair: stress hormones, which are produced in stressful situations in large quantities, are capable of damaging or even destroying stem cells responsible for color hair. As for the way of life and its influence on hair color, including on gray hair, scientists note that early gray hair and lifestyle are absolutely unrelated. Experts believe that the wrong (unhealthy) way of life can adversely affect the general condition of the hair and on their loss, especially on baldness in the region of the crown, but it can not cause gray hair. However, in the opinion of the same experts, the cause of early gray hair can be a bad ecological situation, which is confirmed by the research work of Japanese scientists who proved the impact of environmental pollution on the state of DNA of melanocytic stem cells. It is interesting that American researchers came to the conclusion that gray is a very positive indicator for men, as many studies have confirmed that it is the appearance of gray hair that is associated with the activation of antioxidative processes in the body, which slows down the overall aging processes of the body.
Interesting! According to most scientists, a healthy person can begin to grow gray at about the age of 50.

Statistics on the appearance of gray hair

Perhaps, among the most authoritative researchers in the field of hair health, including the appearance of gray hair, are called the largest cosmetic companies that develop, manufacture and sell a variety of hair care products, including hair dye products at home , because the accuracy of the data obtained will determine the sales volumes and, as a consequence, the revenues of companies. causes of graying Company L'Oreal (more precisely, its research department) has carried out serious studies to find out as accurately as possible how many people need hair dye, and how much hair dye that is capable of painting gray hair will never be needed. As a result of the research it was found out that approximately 10% of people do not grow gray at all, and their hair color practically does not change during all life. Also during the research, some myths about gray hair were discovered and debunked. For example, some time ago it was generally accepted that in 50 years half of people have not less than 50% of gray hair. As a result of careful study and analysis of the facts it turned out that half-gray hair in 50 years is a feature of no more than 25% of people. Very interesting was the observation that in different countries people are graying unequally, that is why gray-haired people in different countries have different numbers. In the studies conducted by the company's research team L'Oreal, involved 4,000 people (both women and men) who lived in twenty different countries around the world (with different climates, different ecology, different food and other traditions). The age and ethnicity of these people were also different. As a result, it turned out that gray hair in at least a small number were in very many people after 40 years, and gray hair, which covered not less than 27% of the head, was observed in 74% of people whose age ranged from 45 to 65 years. It was also noted that in people whose age ranged from 56 to 60 years, gray hair (in any number) was found in 86%, and in 90% of people who crossed the age of 60, gray hair occupied from 40% of the scalp and more .

Several main reasons for the appearance of gray hair

As is known, hair color depends on the content of two pigments in them, which are called eumelanin and pheomelanin and have the common name "melanin". The more eumelanin, the darker the hair (for example, in black hair, pheomelanin is not at all, or it is very small, but the eumelanin is very much). causes of graying If the eumelanin is not produced enough in hair, then the hair acquires a fair tint: if the pheomelanin is produced a lot, then the hair has a rusty hue, and if it is not enough, the hair color has a colder shade. Red hair is found in people whose pheomelanin is produced in very large quantities, but there is practically no eumelanin. Blondes, that is, people with very fair hair, eumelanin is almost absent, and pheomelanin is produced little. But when pheomelanin and eumelanin are produced in almost the same quantity, but the hair becomes ashen. And if melanin is not produced at all, and neither feomelanin nor eumelanin? If the body stops producing melanin, the pigmentation of the hair (and not just the hair) is broken and gray hair appears. Since melanin is present in the retina of the eyes and in the skin, a decrease in the amount of this substance or its absence leads to the so-called "fading" of the eyes, and to the acquisition by the skin of a very pale, "lifeless" hue. As for the hair, the absence of melanin leads not only to a change in the color of the hair and to the appearance of gray hair, but also to a change in the structure of the hair. What causes lead to an end to the production of melanin in the body? And can you somehow resist these reasons? And although the scientists have already found out that the main thing in the appearance of gray hair is not age, I would like to more thoroughly and consistently consider all the causes of gray hair and find out whether it is possible to somehow fight against such causes. Reason number 1 - Genetic features. It is proved that the most important reason for the appearance of gray hair is a genetic predisposition. Approximately half the time of appearance of gray hair is due to hereditary predisposition. As a rule, if the older generations in the family began to grow gray at a certain age, then all the succeeding generations are waiting for the same thing. What to do. Unfortunately, it is hardly possible to resist gene features today. So you have to either get used to the gray hair color, or always use special paints that can color the gray hair. Reason number 2 - Insufficient intake of vitamin B in the body12. The fact is that it is vitamin B12 it is necessary for the body to fully synthesize the protein, as well as to accumulate the necessary amount of protein in the tissues of the body. As for the hair, it is the proteins that provide the health of the hair, their growth and impeccable appearance. In addition, it is proteins that help melanin, which, as is known, determines the color of the hair, was retained in the hair follicle. Lack of vitamin B12 very quickly affects not only the condition of the hair, but also on early gray hair, but also on the condition of the nails (nail plates). What to do. Vitamin B12 can be obtained as a part of vitamin complexes, but it is possible to regulate the intake of this vitamin in the body with the help of proper nutrition: it is known that the source of the necessary vitamin B12 there may be some foods, including liver, beef, poultry, eggs, dairy products and milk, fish. Reason number 3 - Stress (acute or chronic). Any stress can cause the appearance of gray hair - some time ago it was stress that was considered the main cause of this phenomenon. However, stress has now given way to genetic causes, although it is known that shock, severe emotional shock, psychological trauma may well lead to partial or even complete graying. It is known that to combat stress and its consequences, the body spends a lot of different resources, including vitamins, so stress causes a lot of extremely harmful for the body phenomena. What to do. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to completely avoid stresses, but we should try to avoid them in any way, or at least try to make the consequences of stress less destructive. It is very important to provide the body with a normal rest and sufficient amount of sleep, the necessary physical activity, rational nutrition, as well as to abandon harmful habits that significantly weaken the body. Reason number 4 - Frequent hair coloring. With the development of the cosmetic industry and with the increase in the number of chemical agents for dyeing hair (and nowadays natural hair coloring agents are being used less and less), it has been suggested that some substances that are necessarily present in the hair dye may well affect the appearance of gray hair. To such substances that are capable of provoking the appearance of gray hair, today include paraphenylenediamine (on the package with the paint can be indicated the abbreviated name of PPD) and acetylcyltetramethyl-tetralin (abbreviated AETT). If these substances appear in the hair dye composition, then the appearance of gray hair is high, and head skin problems are quite possible. What to do. To avoid any trouble caused by the use of chemical dyes, you should always carefully study all the labels on the package, use the dye strictly in accordance with the instructions, use only the products of well-known manufacturers, buy hair dye only in specialized stores or supermarket departments, do not dye your hair more often , than once a month. Reason number 5 - Hormonal dysfunction in women. In the course of many years of observation it was possible to find out that in women gray hair can appear as a result of hormonal dysfunction of sex hormones. What to do. If there is a suspicion that the hormonal system is not right, you should immediately contact a gynecologist-endocrinologist who, after necessary research, will be able to give appropriate recommendations. Unfortunately, hormonal dysfunction can adversely affect not only the hair color, but also on many body systems, so it is very dangerous to postpone a visit to a doctor and neglect his recommendations. Reason number 6 - Diseases of the thyroid gland. One of the reasons for the appearance of gray hair in both women and men can be thyroid disease. As a rule, early gray hair becomes one of the symptoms of an endocrinological disease, as a result of which the process of producing hormones affecting the pigmentation of the hair and the structure of the hair has been disrupted. What to do. Any problems in the hormonal area is a very serious issue that requires an immediate call to an endocrinologist and the most thorough treatment after necessary research and analysis. Reason number 7 - The impact of cold. It's no secret that in the cold season, especially when the temperature drops below zero, walking without a head is very harmful. The absence of a cap or scarf may well cause not only colds, but also problems with hair, as exposure to cold causes a number of disorders in the body, including disturbances of blood microcirculation in the scalp. What to do. Never neglect the need to dress in the weather and always protect the head (and hence hair) from the effects of low temperatures. This will help keep the hair healthy and beautiful. Reason No. 8 - Damage to hair with high temperatures. Experts argue that premature graying can appear even if the hair is constantly affected by high temperatures, that is, the constant use of hair curlers, ironing to smooth curls and even hair dryers, since the constant exposure to high temperatures can disrupt the exchange processes in the scalp, than to cause damage to the hair follicles. What to do. Specialists advise using any thermal hair tools only if necessary and do not use them daily. When using any thermal devices for hair, do not forget about the need for additional care for hair and scalp. Reason number 9 - washing the head with too hot water (convincing evidence, this reason does not yet have). Sometimes you can hear the opinion that gray hair can appear due to the fact that the head is constantly washed with too hot water. And although there is no evidence of this theory, it is undeniable that using too hot water to wash the head can really negatively affect the condition of the scalp and the condition of the hair. What to do. Regardless of whether hot water affects the appearance of gray hair, it must be remembered that too hot water really affects the hair and the scalp, as well as the work of the endocrine, hormonal and central nervous systems. Water for washing your head should be warm, but in no case hot.


Well, as experience shows, sooner or later most people will still get acquainted with what gray hair is. Someone will take it for granted, someone will be upset, and someone will consider it almost a tragedy ... But are we doing everything possible so that our hair is not silvered ahead of time? Of course, no one can fight the hereditary predisposition, but everyone can monitor their health. And it does not take much: a healthy sleep, a healthy diet, healthy physical activity, healthy rest, healthy habits - and that's it, health, including the health of the hair. By the way, gray hair can easily become an element of style, so you still need to think carefully before hurrying to color the gray strands.