Dietary cola causes diabetes and obesity

Researchers argue that diet drinks, in whose composition sweeteners are present, increase the risk of obesity and diabetes. With their regular use in the body, glucose intolerance may develop.

Today, millions of people in pursuit of a slender figure prefer low-calorie foods and beverages that do not contain sugar. Instead, they contain various sugar substitutes. As part of a recent study, scientists have studied the effect on the human body of artificial sweeteners such as saccharin, sucralose and aspartame. The latter is by far the most common sweetener, as it is used in all sorts of dietary sodas, lemonades and other beverages.

After experimenting in mice, they found that as a result of the constant use of these three sweeteners, the ability of sugar to be processed in mice significantly decreased. This is known as glucose intolerance, which is often the cause for the development of obesity and diabetes.

Then the researchers conducted a study in humans. 400 people took part in it. The results were the same. Some people with regular use of diet drinks containing artificial sweeteners, the body began to cope worse with processing sugar. But most importantly, noticeable worsening occurred after 4 days of eating diet drinks. Such deterioration was observed in every 4 subjects.

According to Dr. Katharina Kos, a diabetes expert from the University of Exeter, the results of the study are extremely important for understanding the nature of diabetes and developing more effective methods for its treatment, but more global studies are required, after all, much of the work has been done on mice.

At the moment, experts in the field of diseases such as diabetes and obesity, nutritionists and scientists from around the world do not have a common opinion about artificial sweeteners and their possible harm from their use.

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