Choose a swimsuit for the shape type

How to choose a swimsuit by the shape type

Choose a swimsuit for the shape typeThe time for holidays began and an essential attribute of our suitcase is a swimsuit (well, if you, of course, did not miss the snow). But first you need to purchase this very swimsuit (if you have not done it yet) or change it (to avoid compassionate glances of those who managed to do it). And this painful procedure seems to the nonobservants of parameters 90-60-90 a nightmare. Special thanks to the designers. But! In a swimsuit you can look stunning with any parameters. The main thing is to know some secrets.

Swimsuit can be a good friend for you, which will hide shortcomings and emphasize dignity. First, determine to which type your figure belongs and happiness is close.

To determine this type of figure, we will use horticultural terms (and who just thought of them!).

So, let's start with women who have both a flat stomach and hips slender, but they have to complain to something, namely, on broad shoulders. This type of figure is called a carrot. For these girls there are a lot of options: for example, a swimsuit with a V-neck. It is better to avoid widely spaced straps and any details on the shoulders. An indoor swimsuit, by the way, is also your option, but "closed" does not mean with slits for eyes. Hiding the problem area, you must certainly put on display their dignity. In this case, the ideal is a closed swimsuit with an open back. This same type of figure suits swimsuits with bandages, clamps, which are fixed around the neck, visually reducing the shoulders.

Another type of figure, called a "pear", differs wide hips. Two-color swimsuits will help here. Particularly advantageous look bikini, where the bodice is a bright coloring, and the melting is monotonous, better dark, color. The scheme is simple: the wider the hips, the more nuclear color should be the bodice. It will play the role of a distracting maneuver. There is another trick. As a rule, the "pear" has the shoulders already, than the thighs. To balance the silhouette, we recommend a swimsuit with a horizontal pattern on the bodice and widely spaced straps. And do not forget about the supermodern trend - the bodice on the circular fasteners.

Happens and the priest is elastic and the hips seem to be normal, and all the attack in the form of rollers and chicken legs is collected at the waist. Such a figure gardeners are called "apples". Salvation for such a "fruit" is the trendy swimsuit "tankini" this season. This ingenious thing is a combination of traditional trunks with a T-shirt. And no one in the head will come to doubt the presence of your waist.

And finally, just a banana. These girls can be envied, because they are allowed to wear almost everything! And the super-active bikini in polka dots, and swimsuits with gold and silver impregnations, and ethnicity. Since nature has endowed itself with an ideal figure, one must use this to the fullest. With such a figure you can wear oh-oh-very low melting, which is very relevant this season. And for the bravest there are two more options: micro-kines (the most open swimsuit, sewn from narrow strips of fabric) and monokini (only swimming trunks and no top).

And if you just a little bit, the best choice for you will be a closed swimsuit of dark muffled tones. And not khaki colors, to merge with coastal bushes, but fashionable this summer a rich blue color. Drawing, pulling the silhouette, too, will help save the situation: abstraction, geometric shapes - everything is keenly fashionable!

In general, decide which type your figure belongs to, draw your belly, straighten your shoulders and go to the beach with a light grace. Success is guaranteed!