8 answers to questions about eye care

The eyes are the most expressive part of our face. And the skin around the eyes is the most delicate and vulnerable zone, which often gives out age. That our eyes always remain clear and radiate youth and beauty, they need to be properly taken care of and favorably emphasized. How exactly - cosmetologists and make-up artists will tell. Q: At what age should I use anti-age eye care?

The head physician of the clinic "Telo's Beauty on the Donskoy", cosmetologist Elena Baranova states that it is possible to resort to anti-aging care from the age of 25 years. After all, the paraorbital zone is the area that the aging process affects first of all. On the one hand, the eyelids and the skin around the eyes are more susceptible to aging due to the lack of moisturizing glands, a small amount of adipose tissue and muscle fibers, as well as the rich facial expressions and destructive effects of ultraviolet light. On the other - with age, the vitamins and trace elements necessary for the skin are lost. Replenish the "loss" and saturate it with antioxidants just called for funds for the area around the eyes. "Salvation Army" usually consists of: anti-aging components (retinol, collagen), moisturizers (hyaluronic acid, Asai fruit), antioxidants (vitamins C and E, raspberry seed oil). The truth is - alas! - it is unlikely that they will be able to completely rid us of wrinkles. But to delay their appearance and reduce the manifestation is just on the strength.

Question: How to apply eye cream?

On the skin around the eyes, the cream is applied with light touches, slightly tapping movements of the pads of the fingers, which helps the cream to completely absorb into the skin. Begin with the upper eyelid, from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner. In the lower eyelids, move from the outer corner to the inner corner. Procedure, do an hour before bedtime.

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Question: What procedures for the eyes are most effective?

Undoubtedly, the older we become, the faster the process of withering the skin. For her rejuvenation of exclusively cosmetic means is not enough. Armed with modern salon techniques, we are in a hurry to help beauticians. One of the most effective procedures with a lasting effect, Elena considers a combination of biorevitalization (subcutaneous administration of drugs with a high content of hyaluronic acid) with polishing the skin with a fractional Fraxel laser. This mix thickens the skin around the eyes, increases its elasticity and reduces the blue circles under the eyes (the vessels in this area become almost invisible).

Question: Why do swelling and dark circles appear under the eyes?

"Edema under the eyes is often associated with a violation of the kidneys, so this is the first thing that we must exclude," - says Irina Ivanova, dermatocosmetologist at the clinic "Doktorplastik." Also, incoming puffiness can be genetically conditioned. A household cause of "bags" under the eyes often becomes a plentiful drink and an "overdose" of the cream just before bedtime. Keep in mind that it is useful for the eyes to sleep on a high pillow (or maybe not on one). The greater the angle of the head, the better the outflow of fluid and the less puffiness in the morning. But the most unfortunate sleep position is on the stomach: blood and lymph stagnate, the face swells up.

"Dark circles are caused by thinning of the skin and the widening of the veins," explains Elena Baranova. "It's the venous blood that makes the bluish shade of the lower eyelid." Dark circles can appear after air travel, with pressure drops, after stress. A simple and effective remedy for "shadows" under the eyes is a dream. Even better, if you sleep at an air temperature of no higher than 19 degrees. This improves blood circulation, and dark circles become less pronounced. And all the cosmetic procedures that help to cope with this problem are aimed at strengthening the skin of the lower eyelid and improving microcirculation (lymphatic and circulatory). In the eyes, this function is performed by vitamin K, licorice, calendula, Pontic needles. With the same purpose, Elena advises putting ice cubes under your eyes. This ritual helps to quickly achieve a visible effect and is ideal for morning care.

Question: How to mask "bruises" under the eyes?

For the "battle with the shadow" Yuri Stolyarov, the official make-up artist Maybelline NY in Russia suggests playing in contrast. Pink-lilac (blue) bruises better conceal the yellow corrector, and gray-earthy circles under the eyes will qualitatively hide the pink-peach "masker." Also, make sure that the corrector is applied exclusively locally - only to problem areas.

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Question: What are the main rules of eye makeup?

According to Yuri, the most important thing is that the eye makeup should always correspond to the occasion. Do not make smoky eyes in the morning or make a bright color accent, combining it with bright lips, without obvious stylistic reasons. The color of the eyes is also always more advantageous to emphasize the shadows from the contrast, rather than a similar, gamma of shades. And this rule works even with the most natural make-up.

Question: What subtleties exist in the makeup of the eye?

The most basic attribute, without which there is not a single eye make-up, is, undoubtedly, mascara. Keep in mind: that the mascara is laid flat, without lumps, eyelashes should be completely clean and dry. A larger amount of eyelashes can be achieved if a thin layer of crumbly mineral powder is applied to them before using the carcass. And that they always remained bent upwards, just "a priori" use twisting tweezers. Do you want to expand your eyes visually? Apply shadows of a lighter tone to the eyelids from the inside corners of the eyes and darker ones - from the outside. A little trick: to make the shadows more dense, take the brush, and for the transparency effect - the applicator. To extend the life of the make-up of the eyes (so that it does not crumble or roll down), up to 12 hours, the bases under the shadows are capable.

On a note. To emphasize the depth of blue eyes, blue, smoky-gray, chocolate, copper shades are capable. To add expressiveness to the eyes of green will help the colors from mauve to plum. Black eyes will become more mysterious due to celestial blue, dark gray, brown and dark yellow. Gray eyes are chameleons. Blue them make a copper-red, and green - lavender and aquamarine.

Question: How to remove makeup from the eyes?

Hygiene is the guarantee of the health of our eyes. Therefore, every evening, be sure to remove makeup. This is the rule from which there can be no exceptions. Do the ritual correctly, so as not to stretch the skin of the eyelids and not cause irritation. Wet the cotton pad with a cleanser (micellar water, two-phase rinse, lotion). Lightly press the disc against the eye for 10 seconds (use your disc for each eye). Slide from top to bottom (do not rub). Then, with gentle movements from the bottom up, remove the remains of the carcass. Fold the disc in half and clean the skin under the eyes, moving from the inner corners of the eyes to the outside.

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