6 rules for the purchase of children's clothing

In a children's clothing store it's hard to stay away from shopping: all things are so cute! But often we buy a mountain of clothes for all occasions, and after opening the closet, we understand that there is nothing to put it on ... How to choose clothes for the baby so that it is comfortable, long served and at the same time did not beat the parent pocket? 1. Functionality

Give preference to functional and comfortable clothes. The young princess in a lush skirt and a small mod in torn jeans and a shirt with a butterfly - this is, undoubtedly, very nice. But such outfits more than anything else, prevent children from happily crawling on all fours or sitting down on a pot without your help. No matter how you like, do not buy ten superstyle kits to finally make sure: for every day there is nothing more comfortable than ordinary leggings or knitted trousers with a T-shirt.

2. Easy to put on

Buy jumper with a round, V-neck or with a clasp on the shoulder. Turtleneck or a T-shirt with a collar will protect the baby from the wind in the cold season, but it will not be so easy to put it on the child (and even more so, to do it yourself). Many children can not stand when sweaters and sweaters with a narrow throat tighten on their heads. In order to save time, also pay attention to the fasteners: choose clothing with zippers and buttons: keep the baby in place while you zap up it all the buttons will not be easy.

3. Practicality

Choose products without fasteners. If the crumb still wears diapers, buy pants on an elastic band so as not to waste precious time on buttoning up or fastening hooks. The belt, too, is of no use at the moment. And instead of buttons, give preference to fasteners on the buttons, just make sure that they are reliable and do not unfasten when the kid is actively moving, for example, climbing onto the sofa. There is nothing worse than clothes, unbuttoned at the slightest movement!

4. Naturalness

During the purchase, do not forget that you will need to monitor the cleanliness and condition of these small fragile outfits. Choose things of non-marred shades, and best of all - with a motley pattern on which there will be no noticeable slightest speck. Give up too thin fabrics that require manual washing, or dresses with frills, which will have to be ironed for a long time. And, of course, once again it is worth recalling that children's clothing should be chosen only from natural materials.

5. Availability

The most practical version of shoes: boots with a fastener with Velcro. No laces - to put such sneakers on a brisk kid, you will spend a lot of time. And when the kid goes to the kindergarten, a special thank you for this and you caregivers. However, while the baby spends most of the time on the walk in a stroller, try to avoid Velcro fasteners too: when it's too boring to sit, the best entertainment is to play by throwing off your shoes!

6. Compatibility

Seeing in the store a beautiful T-shirt, blouse or panties with a print, immediately think about what the child will wear it. Most of the children's brands produce things "collections", united by a certain style, colors and patterns. At the same time very often things from different collections by color are not combined at all. In order not to get a lot of things in the wardrobe of the child that can not be combined with each other, it is better to limit oneself to buying several items that fit each other from one collection, rather than to collect one "most-most" from different ones.

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