5 reasons for early wrinkles

0 Beauty and sports 5 reasons for early wrinkles We take measures It is sad to realize, but the average age in which the skin begins to gradually lose its elasticity is 25 years. It is during this period that the first wrinkles appear, which,

17 moments of spring: our spring beauty plan

Spring: the "permafrost" is replaced by the time of warmth and prosperity. And we with you - time of active updating and elimination of consequences of temperature differences, beriberi and absence of sunlight. We put in order the entire body, from

Operation "happy new year!"

The New Year is perhaps the most important holiday in the Russian calendar. Not without reason, to celebrate it "on a broad foot," we are allocated almost a whole week. New Year's Eve immediately approaches, and the holiday practically knocks on the

What to wear for the new year?

Very soon we will be overtaken by pleasant festive efforts, parties with colleagues, family dinners, meetings with friends and cozy gatherings at the cafe. And it is at this time you want to look especially good, to convey the festive mood in your

Vegetable oils for youthful skin

If you recall folk tales, legends, legends and other folk art, it becomes absolutely clear that people at all times have faithfully believed in the power and might of their native land and native nature. Living and dead water, magic juveniles,

Cake for breakfast will help to lose weight

A pleasant news for those who do not imagine their lives without carbohydrates and sweets: the results of a new study conducted in the Israeli medical center Wolfson, argue that breakfast, rich in carbohydrates and proteins, contributes to weight

Suntan, self-tanning

Several ways to get tanned On the eve of the summer, we are not resting the golden tan Jay Lo and Jessica Alba. But if you think that they got it, basking in the sun, then you are deeply mistaken. Sunbathing is harmful - this truth is quite obvious

What is the headache?

Headache seems to us a trifle compared to serious diseases. After quickly drinking it with an analgesic, we immediately forget about it. However, the headache can tell a lot if you listen to it. The headache has been tormenting a person ever since

Errors of etiquette when losing weight

Who among us at least once in your life did not seek to lose weight? And did you know that 88% of girls in pursuit of a beautiful body commit very gross errors of etiquette? A beautiful figure is, of course, very important. However, in addition to

Intimate plastic

For secret use Ten years ago, talking about the most intimate was not very common. But it's not a secret to anyone that well-being in the sexual sphere determines our health and psycho-emotional state. That's why today women are increasingly in
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