What to do if the child chokes

Every action of a small child is almost impossible to track. And so the situation when the baby something choked or choked, very often happen, because small children very often pull small items in the mouth. In some cases, intervention by the parents is not required - the child will self cough, and in some cases, participation from the side is still needed.

If such a situation arises, try to keep calm with an urgent call for an ambulance. While waiting for her, try to help yourself to the child, but you must act immediately in such a situation.

How to determine that the baby choked

Every parent should know that if a child is able to call for help and cry, it means that his respiratory ways are not blocked, and the body can cope with the problem on its own. It is not necessary to shake the child by the feet and assiduously pound the child. Cough that occurs in such situations is the best assistant, and you just watch the situation and calm the child. To worry and provide urgent help to a child is necessary when manifesting such signs:

  • The child does not wash the cry and breathe normally, his voice disappears completely or becomes hoarse;
  • The baby's eyes are completely open, and in them a complete panic;
  • The child opens his mouth wide, salivation increases;
  • The skin begins to turn red at first, and then it turns blue;
  • If the situation is particularly critical, the child may lose consciousness;
  • Older children begin to grasp the throat with handles.

All these signs indicate that the foreign object has got into the respiratory tract of the baby and blocked them, as a result, the air does not normally flow. It is necessary to call an ambulance and begin to provide first aid on your own.

Helping children up to a year

Usually children, whose age is less than a year, choking during feeding - large pieces of food, milk, water. The most common reason for this is the wrong posture. How to help the baby?

  • It is necessary to raise the kid's pens up. Few people have heard about this method, and at first glance it will seem to many to be ineffective and very simple. But this position ensures the expansion of the respiratory tract and establishes respiratory processes.
  • If this does not help, then it is necessary to put your child on your stomach on your hand and put five pats between the child's shoulder blades.
  • If the baby is choked with small pieces of food or a small thing, you need to take the child by two legs and raise or, by pressing the root of the tongue, provoke vomiting, this is often enough and no additional manipulation is required.

If the baby breathes normally, but coughs while doing this, then it shows that the pieces of food are stuck in the gohrtani, and not in the respiratory tract. Usually due to coughing, vomiting, a foreign body goes outside independently.

It is much more serious if food or a foreign object is stuck in the respiratory tract of the baby. In this case, improperly rendered or untimely assistance can cause suffocation or death. The main symptoms of such stucking are that the child can not cry and scream, he draws in his stomach and waves with his hands. To free the airways, there are ways:

  • If the baby chokes with milk or water, he begins to cough badly, then you need to turn his back to him, with one hand hug, parallel with the same hand pressing on the stomach, tilt the child forward and pat on the back.
  • If the baby choked on saliva, water or milk, but the previous method did not help him, he should be put on the back so that the head was located below the trunk. We place the index and middle fingers under the baby's chest. We press five times, making sure that the sternum straightens up after each pressing. It should be alternated pushing pats on the back until the arrival of an ambulance.
  • If there is a stuck foreign body, then we put the child face down on his hand. The head should be lower than the thorax. Another hand starts to clap between the baby's blades. Another option is to take the baby by the legs and lower it head first. We also begin to clap between his shoulder blades. Believe after every clap, if the respiratory tract is free of obstruction. If you can not remove the foreign object, then turn the baby on the back. Put on the sternum baby 2 fingers and 5 times press, pressing the sternum 1-2 cm deep, and let it straighten after each pressing. If the baby loses consciousness at some moment, then do an indirect heart massage and artificial respiration.

Important! All pats and clicks should not be sharp and strong, otherwise it can provoke a detachment of internal organs for up to a year.

Helping a kid over a year old

The main thing is not to panic. Children who are much more understood for over a year, therefore excessive nervousness and concern will only exacerbate the psychological state of the child at this difficult time for him. Here the main principles of assistance are the same as for children under one year. If foreign objects or pieces of food are stuck in the larynx, then it is necessary to lift the child by two legs or cause vomiting. Although usually the baby is able to clear his throat himself.

If the manipulations mentioned in the section above do not help, we put the child up face on a flat surface and turn the head slightly to the side. Now, you should press the lower part of the sternum and the upper abdomen several times in the upward direction. Thanks to such manipulations it is possible to push out a stuck object from the respiratory tract. Another option - to implement on the back of 5 spanking.

Become or sit behind the baby and put his hand on his chest diagonally. Tilt the child slightly forward so that he can lean on your hand. With your free hand, carry out 5 separate and solid slaps on the back of the baby, between the shoulder blades. If food is stuck, candy or other foreign body, then Helmich's method is good for children over the age of the year. It consists in the following:

  • It is necessary to stand behind the baby;
  • Grapple the waist around the waist;
  • Squeeze the hand of one hand into a fist and place it between the navel and the child's ribs with the thumb inward;
  • Bracing the second hand with his fist;
  • Elbows bred in the sides and push from below upward on the baby's belly.

Carry out manipulations until the moment when a piece of food or a foreign body does not jump out of the airway of the child. The method is not used for children up to a year.

If the baby has stopped breathing

The reason that the baby stops breathing, there is a spasm in the throat, which occurs in most cases due to the stressful state of the child. Breathing can be restored as follows:

  • We put the baby on its side on the floor;
  • Take his head back a little;
  • Chin lift.

If such manipulations did not help, then it is urgent to start performing artificial respiration. It is done like this:

  • We put the child on a flat surface on his back;
  • We throw the child's head back and open his mouth;
  • Look, that in the mouth of the baby there is no foreign body;
  • We take a deep breath;
  • He covers his mouth with the nose and mouth of the baby, and exhales the collected air;
  • So do 2 times. If a child's chest rises on a sigh, it means that you are doing the right breathing correctly. If the breast does not rise, it means that there is a foreign body in the throat that blocks breathing, and it is necessary to start again to provide first aid to remove it;
  • After that, place one hand on the chest of the baby between the nipples, with the other hand cover it and make pressing sharp movements. Pressures should be fast and strong, the baby's chest should be pressed in by 5 cm. Before each push, the baby's breast should return to its original position.
  • 15 alternate alternations with inhalation of air.

If everything went well, you do not need to give up the help of an ambulance. Maybe a foreign object has injured the airways and you need the help of a specialist.