What should be in the chest of drawers to your return from

I wrote about how to organize a space in an apartment for a newborn in an article earlier. Now I want to dwell on what should be reserved in the bedroom for your arrival home with the baby. How will you prepare for your return from the hospital?

Diapers and diapers

  1. Firstly, of course, disposable diapers should be placed in the chest of the nursery chest. Usually for newborns buy the first size. As for the manufacturer, here each mother has her own preferences. Perhaps, it is worth buying several small packages of different brands - for testing. After use, you will be able to decide which ones are right for your baby. If, due to the high cost or preferences of natural materials, you are inclined to reusable diapers, study the question in advance.
  2. Secondly, the baby should have enough diaper. In my experience, there should be both disposable, and thin calico, and warm flannel. One-off is needed to put a child on them in time to change diapers. The kid can urinate or poke at the moment when you took off the dirty diaper, but did not have time to put on a new one. Of course, you can also use cloth diapers for this purpose, but disposable ones do not allow moisture to pass through. So, the surface on which you swaddle the child, will not get dirty, or you will not have to wash excess diapers. However, one should not underestimate the use of tissue diapers. They are needed to podstelit (for example, in the bath) or to cover or wipe the baby.
  3. Third, wet wipes to care for the baby. They will wipe your ass while changing diapers.

For gentle priests

Many moms rush to buy up all the cream-oil-powder, which only gets in their field of vision. In fact, it does not need much. Lubricate the baby ass with every change of diapers is not worth it. Why does the child need excess chemistry? To resort to a drug in a tube is necessary only in case of occurrence of reddenings. To get shampoos and gels for a bath for the newborn also makes no sense. Wash your head is limited to wetting the hair with your hand, and after seeing the tender skin of the baby, you do not want to add anything to boiled water for bathing except for the herbal decoctions. In the end, it turns out that you only need to buy a cream under the diaper. I would still advise, if possible, to buy milk for the body: it has a much lighter texture, it is very quickly absorbed. Afraid that the priest will sweat (especially in the summer), and you can not do without powder? If there is no such problem in the maternity home, do not rush to buy it. Most likely, it will not be useful. In extreme cases, at any time you can send a dad or grandmother to the store.

For swimming

Of course, you need a bath. There are no specific recommendations here, they are all the same plus or minus the same. If you are going to bathe your baby in herbs, do not forget to take a special collection in the pharmacy. Not available in the store? It does not matter, the usual natural chamomile tea in bags. Also, buy a couple of new towels. On them it is better not to save: let the fabric be soft and fluffy. Even if the towels after washing seem to you harsh for the delicate skin of the baby, they will be useful to wrap them in a child after water procedures.

What to buy at the pharmacy?

You will certainly need a remedy for processing the still uninhabited navel. In the hospital you will be prompted which is better to buy. We were recommended an antiseptic in the Octenisept spray. This is a very multifunctional thing: they can also process the rented scales, and lubricate the pimple on the forehead. Further. You will certainly benefit from a drug of colic - Espumizan or Infakol, dill vodichka. Of course, this tool will not be needed right away: usually gazikies start to torment the kids after three weeks. In addition, you can be optimistic and believe that this misfortune will bypass you. But keep in mind: colic about their appearance is not warned, and if they first come unexpectedly in the middle of the night, and there is no 24-hour pharmacy near your house, you risk regretting your hindsight. You can still buy a child's spoon - actually. From it you will give droplets from the gazik to the baby. Also useful tea for lactation. My experience shows that in this case the road does not mean effective at all. It is probably worth trying a few to choose the best one for you. Start with what is cheaper.
For more details on what should necessarily be in the maternity kit, see here.

Dress and hide

Many clothes to buy do not make sense: the child will quickly grow from the smallest size. However, clothes should be enough. Please note, if you are expecting a boy, probably for the first time you will dress him up many times a day. Even the smallest diaper will not fit snugly to the legs, because after each "piss" the baby is likely to be wet. And, of course, think about what the baby will walk. You will need a overalls and a pair of warm blankets. By the way, one blanket will need to be at home. To him - two sets of bed linen.

Other trivia

You will certainly need ordinary dry napkins - disposable handkerchiefs. They can also get the baby wet with milk soiled with milk, and use it for self-made pads in a bra. By the way, in the store do not forget to put in the basket lining for nursing moms. As in the case of tea for lactation, do not need to snap the most expensive. Excellent with their functions and cope with cheaper options. Further - personally, I used ordinary wet wipes. They, for example, I wipe the mobile phone after every walk. They will also be superfluous if you suddenly turn off the water for a couple of hours in an apartment. You can not approach a child with dirty hands. Buy also a package of sterile bandage - just in case, cotton wool (regular and "discs"), cotton buds. The latter are useful, say, for processing the navel. But pediatricians do not advise them in small ears. Also, buy two thermometers: to measure the temperature in the room and the temperature of the water (for bathing). Do not forget the powder for washing baby clothes and baby soap. On how to choose a thermometer read this article.