How can i carry an infant

Carriage of babies in vehicles

Needless to say, compared with an adult, the body of the infant is brittle enough to withstand heavy loads. Therefore, for a baby, too much sudden and unexpected braking can become fatal, not to mention an accident. What is the best way to protect crumbs from unforeseen consequences?

To transport the child, you should use special devices - car seats or car seats. They cost not cheap, but we strongly recommend that you do not save on the safety of the child. It's better to part with money than to lose health and life!

What rules should be observed when transporting a baby?

What rules should be observed when transporting a baby

  1. The transport device must be securely fixed in the passenger compartment with regular seat belts or with special brackets - ISOFIX systems. Why fixings are necessary? The load in an accident even at a speed of 30 km / h increases by 25-30 times. In this situation, keeping the baby in its arms is unrealistic. The cradle for carrying a child, included in the complete set of most modern strollers, too, will not be able to provide an adequate level of safety.
  2. In addition to securing the cradle, it is necessary to fix the baby inside the car seat. In all models that are designed for infants, five-point seat belts are used. Because one of the straps passes between the legs, select the clothes for the toddler, which is suitable for travel. Also, car seats often provide additional pads in the head and neck of the child. Do not neglect these accessories - the more space inside the cradle is filled with soft material, the more the impact will be mitigated in the event of an accident.
  3. When transporting infants, two types of car seats are used - 0 and 0+. Car seats of type 0 are often called autos - because of the similarity to the cradle of a conventional stroller. They are designed for children up to 10 kg (corresponding to the age of 6-9 months), and in them the child can only lie. Therefore, many parents choose a more universal option - car seat 0+. It will last approximately 1 year, it is designed for children up to 13 kg. In contrast to avtolyubki, it provides several options for the position of the back - from lying to sitting.
  4. As a rule, the auto-latch is fastened along the rear seat. Car seat can be installed on any seat, incl. and forward - the rules of the road do not prohibit this. But it is best to sit the baby behind the driver - this is the most reliable and safe option. Necessarily - back to the movement! The fact is that in children up to 1 year, cervical vertebrae are poorly developed. With a sudden braking of the car, the head tilts forward, so the risk of breaking the neck of a baby is much higher than that of an adult. And putting the child back in the opposite direction, we reduce this risk to a minimum, because At an accident the head continues to move forward by inertia.

Instead of an afterword

The price of car seat 0 + of good quality starts from 100 $. - for 1 year of operation the amount for the majority of families is rather large. It is not surprising that parents often prefer universal versions of these devices, designed for a greater range of weight and age of the baby. But saving our own money, we prefer to forget that the safety of universal car seats is much lower than that of main car seats.

Also the author on own experience has collided with one more underwater stone of universality. It turned out that the car seat 0 + / 1, acquired at random without "fitting", absolutely did not take into account the features of the anatomy of the baby.

Even at the lowest position of the backrest, the infant in the car seat actually sat, and did not recline. Therefore, it began to be used de facto from around 7 months ago, when the child learned to sit confidently, and not from the first day of life, as was declared in the manufacturer's instructions.