Family traditions in choosing the name of the future child

How to name a child?One of the traditions in the family can be the choice of a name for the child, which you can start in your family. The tradition of giving names to children according to one particular conviction, which is characteristic of the very close relatives, can help unite the family, bring harmony and idyll into the family. But is such an idea good? Read the article, and share your opinion.

Fortunately, in our state there are no such strict rules regarding the choice of a name for a future child. In fact, parents can choose any name for their dear child. But the less so, there are some families who put themselves in the framework, limiting their choice of family traditions.

For example, there are families in which it is customary to give a name to a son such as his father's father's name. If the grandfather (your husband's father) has the name Vladimir, then you must also call your son Vladimir. And when your son has a boy, he must give the name of his father (your husband). It turns out that in the family all sons will be called by two names, that is all will be either Vladimir Alexandrovich or Alexander Vladimirovich. On the one hand, it is very good for parents, as they do not have to choose a name for the future baby. But on the other hand, this tradition deprives them of the right to choose.

In separate families it is taken as a rule to choose similar names for their children: Olya and Kolya Anya and Vanya, Sasha and Masha, etc. It may be that the names for the future children are chosen on the principle that they start with the same letter, such as Nikolay, Nina, Nazar, Natalia, Hope, it is possible for everyone to have the same initials.

choose a name for the childThere is one more common tradition that allows you to choose the names of the same origin, for example, only Jewish ones (biblical ones like Maria, Elizabeth, Jacob, Michael) or only Slavic names (Lyudmila, Vera, Bogdan, Yaroslav). And there are, choose names that have similar meanings, for example, with the significance of the word "victorious, victorious": Victoria, Veronica, Victor, Nikolai, Nikita.

Traditions to give names to children are invented by parents completely, but before you want to invent your own, reflect on how this will be treated by children when they grow up. Let this be your first criterion.

Have you followed the choice of a name for your child, some family traditions?