Career decree is not a hindrance

The desire to go to work appears in almost every young mother a few months after the birth of the child. Affects the fatigue of the mother's worries, and the desire to change the situation, and the fear of losing their professional skills. As early as 10 years ago, such zeal to work could cause reproaches from others, today you will not surprise anyone with an early, albeit conditional, exit from the decree. Nevertheless, not many women, for all their desires, imagine how you can combine the education of a very young child with a career. And everything is not so difficult. remote work during pregnancy

The earlier, the easier

However strange it may sound, really, the sooner you return to work after childbirth, the better. 1) First, it's easier to integrate into the workflow, the skills are not lost yet, the links are not lost, and nothing has changed in business yet. 2) Secondly, the smaller the child, the more time he sleeps, leaving the mother time for work. It is much harder and almost impossible to return to work when the child starts walking. And even then the child can not without daytime sleep. If you just thought that your child is sleeping very badly, and you do not have such quiet hours - do not despair ahead of time. Anyone, even the most troubled child, perfectly sleeps in the fresh air. At least until the age when it becomes interesting to him to consider and study everything. 3) Third, you and the child will get used to a certain regime of the day. This is especially important when the baby is growing up, and requires constant attention. If he is accustomed to the fact that at certain times his mother works, and you can not distract her, it will be easier for you.
Speech does not go, of course, about going to work directly from the hospital, even if the child allows. Leave yourself enough time to get acquainted with your baby closer, set for him the regime of the day and learn about the peculiarities of his character. In any case, your work day you have to customize for the baby.

Mom's professional skills

During the decree, many women are less confident in their professional worthiness. Even such a joke goes around the net: that after the decree, only the name of Grandpa Luntik remains in memory. Do not underestimate yourself. Yes, something you will forget for sure, lose some skills, but at the same time acquire new ones, no less important for a career. Do not believe me? Let's see. work for moms and skills Stress resistance. Restored or not restored nerve cells in women - a question for biologists. One thing is clear: young mothers are so seasoned in terms of stress that the nerves become almost steel. How much we were nervous during pregnancy and in the first months of a child's life! How much worried about the health and development of the baby, that now any working problems seem utter trivial. And keep cool in difficult situations in business is necessary! Only here not every man is capable of this. Work in multitasking mode. Entertain the baby and at the same time water the flowers, feed the baby and eat with your left hand, swing and lull the child and at the same time correspond with the girlfriend with sms-kami - for a young mother there is nothing impossible. She is steeper than Julius Caesar! With the return to work, the ability to quickly switch from one task to another is very useful to you. Of course, the tasks there will be different, but the meaning of the debris and deadlines is practically the same. Development of intuition. No one can compare with this with moms! Only they are able to wake up at night a second before the baby wakes up. Only they know how to properly do a newborn massage and exercise, although they never learned it. Only they always know exactly why the baby is crying and what the child is doing at the moment in the next room. Almost all mothers note that with the birth of a child, they have learned to hear their inner voice. What is not great quality for a businesswoman? Responsibility for the financial performance of the company - Nothing against the responsibility for the life of the child. Even if you were considered mild and irresponsible before motherhood, now everything has changed. Caring for a child requires full awareness of the results of each act. Transfer this quality to work and believe me, the employer will appreciate you. Organizational abilities. Remember, the first trip with a 3-month-old child to a grandmother for 300 km seemed to you once unbearable task. But you did it! Organized and transportation, and feeding on the road, and all amenities for the baby. And what is it worth to organize a family holiday with the distribution of tasks to her husband, mother, mother-in-law and leisure planning for the baby! At work all the same, only the main characters are different.

Where to find a job?

It's great if you agreed with your employer in advance about the mode of work at the time of the decree. Then you do not have to change the scope of activities. Otherwise, freelancing is our everything. It is much more convenient to work from home without leaving your baby for a long time. In addition, with this variant of work, you have the opportunity to plan your own work day yourself. freelance for pregnant women and mothers In extreme cases, you can work late at night, when the child is already fast asleep. As for the specific type of employment, here are a few options:
  1. Sales are the simplest option. But only if you have a commercial vein. Salary directly depends on the volume of sales, so simply to implement a plan to initiate 10 calls a day is not enough. It is necessary to know perfectly the products sold, to be able to convey its advantage to the buyer and convince him that this is exactly what he lacked for complete happiness. By the way, today few people sell at a personal meeting, all transactions are made by phone, e-mail or in social networks, so it's not a problem to do it from home. And if you also dealt with sales before the decree, then, most likely, you have the customer base - in this case, efforts generally are reduced to a minimum - just from time to time remind customers about themselves.
  2. Tourism managers are increasingly working remotely - a feature of the tourism industry. In addition to direct sales of tours, duties often include the formation of tourist routes and the solution of various organizational issues with documents, visas and conditions of the host country. Especially travel agencies are interested in employees with knowledge of English, it is necessary for communication with representatives of foreign hotels, excursion bureaus and other partner companies.
  3. Telephone surveys are ordered, mainly, by marketing and research companies. Or a business that is interested in receiving feedback from its customers. As a rule, the employer himself provides a database of contacts and specific questions that need to be asked. In principle, nothing complicated, but you need to make sure that when you call, the subscriber does not hear the piercing cry of the child in the background.
  4. It is impossible to become a designer during the decree. But if before the birth of a child you at least indirectly did something like this, this is a big plus. Creative thinking, taste and ability to work in graphic editors can bring a good income, especially since customers can be found quite simply - with the help of special resources for freelancers. There those who can write articles, create and promote websites can find work.
  5. Promotion on the Internet - in the continuation of the previous paragraph - is necessary for any company. You can find a lesson for liking and opportunities. Can not live without social networks? Engage in the development of corporate pages on these resources. Can you quickly perform a monotonous job? You can use this quality when posting information on bulletin boards. To write advertising materials and make mock-ups of advertising dispatches - too quite good variants.
Remote work is not the only option for a young mother. Today, more and more women do not go to the decree at all, and return to the office just 1-2 months after giving birth. In this case, you can not do without a babysitter, whose role can be performed, for example, by a grandmother. And you'll have to think about how to preserve lactation. It's easier if the office is not far from the house, but even so, most likely, you will have to decant to provide the baby with enough milk.